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  1. Thanks Mike will look in to it
  2. Thanks for that Andy, I will look in to it
  3. He would like me to stick with a new Stromberg or Carter as he likes the cars to be as they were when new, but I would like something a bit different but he will set up what ever I find. I have seen a picture of a dodge where the manifold took 2 single carbs and it looked great but can't find anything about it
  4. People were trying to help with the problem trying to sort it which is great that they are happy to help but we know the problem and need help finding a new carb
  5. With what its cost a new carb is by far he best way to go, the guy that works on the car works just on 40's and 50's cars and ww2 army vehicles and everything leads to the carb and the mate that rebuilt the carb said its not the best carb so maybe hit and miss
  6. It didn't run go it just ran and it still does but its not running very well at all, we have spent hours going through everything and it all leads to the carb so its time for a new carb. Just asking what people are running and where to find them
  7. Thanks for the advice everything but I'm not asking about why the carb isn't working, we know its the carb at fault and we need a new one. The advice I'm after is to find out what carbs will fit my car and where abouts it the best place to go and get one seen pictures of Dodges with a manifold that takes 2 single carbs and they look great so wondered if anyone know anything about them cheers
  8. Yes as a friend rebuilt it but said it was worn
  9. Brand new tank and fuel line
  10. Hi Mike, the mechanic is am honest guy that I trust 100%, another friend re built thr curb and said it wasen't great. Howard then got the car running as hadn't been started for about 30 years, he said it needed to be tuned but couldn't get it running right which all leads to the carb. Couple of people told me the stromberg carbs on these can be a bit of a pain. So want to replace as the engine seem good. The carb in a Stromberg 380 383 BXVD-3
  11. Hi, the Stromberg carb on my 1949 Dodge Coronet Club Coupe with a 230 straight six was rebuilt and for a couple of hours did run ok, but is now playing up the guy working on my car has said it all points to the carb and its pretty worn inside. New carb is needed but need some advice on what carbs and manifolds I can use on the engine and where I could maybe get them from. Thanks for any help
  12. Andy

    1949 Dodge Coronet Coupe

    Thats excellent information thanks, I'm spending alot of the weekend looking as need the parts asap
  13. Andy

    1949 Dodge Coronet Coupe

    Thank you Casper50
  14. Andy

    1949 Dodge Coronet Coupe

    Hi, thanks for the information, I did find items on Amazon US and didn't think of trying the UK site so will have a look. But have found finding part number a little tricky

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