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    Fayetteville N.C.
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    P15 business coupe
    '36 Ford pkup

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    have a passion for old cars that I inherited from my Dad...I'm a Viet Nam Vet 67U20
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    old cars

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  1. dudley32

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Just saw this one today on a local craigslist...
  2. dudley32

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    another one I like...
  3. dudley32

    How do I post pics

    sent p.m.
  4. dudley32

    Mini Bikes Anyone??

    Bet it'll do a wheelie with some one on the back!!
  5. dudley32

    P-15 Business Coupe

    Finally got the trunk back open...had to pull the front wheel and hook up a battery charger to the starter...trunk has a popper...I disconnected the battery (in the trunk) and shut the lid...I immediately knew what I'd done lol... BTW car has had floors replaced from firewall to trunk lid...springs are relocated about 2 inches inboard...would take a pretty wide tire...not that I'm interested...
  6. dudley32

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    found on the net...
  7. dudley32

    P-15 Business Coupe

  8. dudley32

    P-15 Business Coupe

    I really appreciate all the kind words. I thought I'd found a good car and now you guys have confirmed it...I'll add more pictures as I work on some things...thanks again for making me welcome here.
  9. dudley32

    P-15 Business Coupe

    Not sure what gear ratio I have...seems a little high...not for burn-outs...probably a good road gear...also it's not an 8 3/4, but I haven't crawled under it yet to take a look Looks like 245/60/15's on front on 7's and 275/60/15 out back with maybe 8's...it has been mini-tubbed Thanks...the guy I got it from said the six pack was worth some real change...I talked to the guy one night drove two hours and bought it the next morning...He had some really nice cars, numbers matching stuff. Enjoyed talking with him.
  10. dudley32

    P-15 Business Coupe

    Side shot...I intend to change the wheels and put the side stainless back on...also needs the trunk repainted where clear coat is peeling...sun damage from sitting...
  11. dudley32

    P-15 Business Coupe

    Thanks Guys...it was a craigslist car...all Mopar (340 sixpack, 4 speed)...out of a '71 duster...nice little lopey cam... front suspension is Mustang with tubular A arms...
  12. dudley32

    P-15 Business Coupe

    I've been working on old cars for years...I wanted something I could drive now and work on later instead of the other way around..
  13. dudley32

    P-15 Business Coupe

    An older street rod built about 12 years ago. It needs some attention, but it's drivable, which I like...

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