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  1. Need transmission info

    The military was equidistant from 1951 to end of production in M37 and variants. They went to an NP420 TRANS in 1954.
  2. Need transmission info

    Early Synchro Trans with PTO. Replaced by NP420 in 1954
  3. Please Help!! Ply 230 Flathead Crank Problems!!

    On the T-245 230 engines, the casting number is different and sequential on the main bearing caps. (I marked them anyways with number stamps)
  4. Engine Rebuilding Gotchas...

    Do not mix up valves and tappets. If you aren't replacing them, put them back in the same location they came out of.
  5. First post on the forum, but have been researching my current project. My 230 spun a bearing and I am doing a full build on it. Managed to find a replacement crank that was std/std and some replacement rods. Getting the block stripped to go to the machine shop. I am thinking i am very lucky. My tube came out in 1 piece in about 3 minutes.