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    Classic cars, youngtimers and sports cars.
    Now also into American prewar cars.
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    1933 Dodge Six Convertible Coupe
    1933 Dodge Six Roadster
    1937 Plymouth P4 Deluxe Convertible
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    Born in 1964, happy married for 25 years, 3 sons, cardealer since +30 years.
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    passionated motorist & mechanic
  1. Oz Production Figures 1949-1952

    Hi all, I have an early 1933 Dodge Six with TJ Richards body, I want to prepare to compete in the 2019 Peking to Paris rally, the world's most demanding transcontinental motor challenge - 7610 miles across the globe. Does anybody know the production numbers on this model? All information is wellcome. E.g. 17" wheels vs 16" on US versions? We're looking to make a RHD to LHD conversion and to put a T5 gearbox in it. Can anybody tell me if this export version has a standard Dodge chassis? I'm told some are on Plymouth chassis apperently. The windshield frame is much lower than a US version. Is this typical TJR? Are there pictures of similar roadsters? My windshield is in bad condition and I think they have messed around with the wiper installation. Thanks!
  2. Flathead 6 for 1933 Dodge to drive Peking to Paris

    Thanks Andy. Any idea where I can find a good block and steeringbox? Regards, Patrick
  3. Flathead 6 for 1933 Dodge to drive Peking to Paris

    Hi Bryan, thanks for the advise! The rules don't allow any motor, it has to be the same type of engine. Improving it is allowed in order to 'race' about 7 to 9 hours a day. I'm looking for torque and HP at low rpm. My biggest problem is where to find a good engine. Doesn't need to be overhauled as we want to do it ourselves.
  4. Hi, I have a 1933 Dodge six roadster with a lightweight T.J. Richards body with the intention to drive and finish the 2019 Peking to Paris endurance rally. The actual engine is worn and underpowered for this job, so I'm looking for a later, more powerful and reliable flathead 6. As with this T.J.R. body, there is place enough to put in the 25" long block without big modifications. Is there a big difference in power and in technical setup between a 230 and 251, apart from the cu inches? Can somebody tell me where I can find a good post war long block? Here in Europe I can only find T214 engines and very few results on Ebay Thanks in advance, Kind regards, Patrick.
  5. Peking to Paris 1939 Dodge Coupe

    Hi, I start to prepare my 1933 Dodge 6 roadster for the 2019 Peking to Paris rally. Could you sent me the full article please? This 265 flathead six is the best option to put into my Dodge I suppose? Regards Patrick
  6. 1937 Plymouth P4 Carb problem

    I have found a "1933-1938 Plymouth Carter Carburetor *Remanufactured, Our Part No. 12-117N" at Carburetor center https://www.carburetorcenter.com/ Will arrive next week. Looking forward to it. Thanks to all for the help and information. Regards, Patrick
  7. 1937 Plymouth P4 Carb problem

    Anybody an idea where I could find a Carter 439s or 420s? Apparently a good alternative.
  8. 1937 Plymouth P4 Carb problem

    Hi Rich, these pictures were before the rebuilt with the right carb repairset I got from Bernbaum. We fully cleaned it before. Corosion made it porous. Apperently no good carb even when new.
  9. 1937 Plymouth P4 Carb problem

    I bought it this way.
  10. 1937 Plymouth P4 Carb problem

    The corrosion on the upper part made the material porous so it leaks on several places.
  11. 1937 Plymouth P4 Carb problem

    Who can help me please with a good carburetor for my just bought 1937 Plymouth P4? A carb repairset (C6F5 - from Bernbaum) did not help and they don't have another. Here in Europe nobody can help me. Thanks in advance, Patrick