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  1. So today I dug out a bunch of rust and popped bondo and sealed it up with a lick of paint. The body work is going to go slowly but for the grille and dodge tail gate letters I'm thinking cream or off white soonish.
  2. I have a beefy stick of aluminum holding up a t-5 trans. I don't remember what if anything is left of the stock crossmember- it could be trimmed or removed. I suspect I might be in the clear, but I very much appreciate the tip and I'll see what's under there better soon! There is sometimes a banging noise when turning because the shackle is comically deteriorated and can now apparently bottom out... it should be much better after the new shackles go in, and I have 4 new shocks to slap on too.
  3. Roberts had em! Thanks.
  4. Howdy! I did my rear suspension with the cheap jeep shackles but the front needs to be the taller stock length silent sideways Us. If memory serves the bottom driver's side bushing is a lefty? Whatever it needs to be they seem to be expensive so I only want to buy them once! Where is a reputable place that stocks the correct items? Also, any tips on removal/installation? They look pretty tucked in under there, not accessable like the rears. I have an air impact and a breaker bar with a pipe on it but only jackstands no lift. Anybody that has pics with the cab removed or anything would be a big help too! Thanks!
  5. What about under the bed, tucked into the frame behind the rear? Mine has a fuel cell there or else there'd be plenty of room
  6. Sounds like a sleeve and a polishing are in order. My last engine build took a couple mock-ups before final assembly. It sucks but at least you'll know it's right
  7. Vapor Lock is when the fuel in the line boils and pushes a big bubble of steam into the line that won't allow liquid fuel through. This often happens parking after a drive- no more fresh gas is cooling off the line and then it will be hard to start. Alcohol makes it worse. My truck is 12 volt so when my mechanical pump went south a cheap quiet electric fuel pump got put on. Easy reversable modification.
  8. Oh and I apologize- I see now portuguese would have worked better! Sorry
  9. Howdy Your math is better than my spanish! I have increased fuel lines from 5/16 inch to 3/8 inch on high rpm bored stroked motors, but I'm not sure if I ever sustained high rpms enough to really need it. I don't see how a 2-3 shift would reveal a fuel problem? If there is a restriction in the fuel system I would expect to see it going lean at extended high rpm as the pump fails to keep the float bowl full. Can you do an A-B-A test- A- fuel filter installed (problem?) B- line ran straight to the carb, no filter (no problem?) A- put filter back on (problem returned?) Good luck!
  10. Yikes! Looks like a can of worms in an awesome way. I have a speedo app on my iphone which is a similar idea- it just doesn't run my odo and only cost $1.99. I have done stereo systems and keyless entry on hotrods before but never on one that gets as much water in the cab as this one! Ha! I have to make or find a new gasket for the cowl fresh air vent. I'm going to find out more about what kind of end the t5 takes, and hopefully be able to bring that info with my c-series speedo cable someplace. The local napa is also the local racers machine shop so I'll start there! Thanks!
  11. I never even thought of that! Thanks
  12. I have a t5 five speed transmission behind the 230 six in my '54 3/4 ton pickup. Has anybody scienced out a speedo cable that would fit or can be made to fit to run our stock dodge speedometer? Hopefully from some on the shelf stock part I'm looking to get close with a bunch of variables from stock- different tire height, 3.55 rear gear. If I can at least get it hooked up that'd be a good start! thanks!
  13. Claro que no. Se puede poner un filter de bastante talle antes o dispues del bomba. De vez en cuando a mi me gusta poner uno antes y despues! La unica manera que puede functionar mal es si hay un restriction en la linea o si su filter no es bastante grande
  14. I always like to run off of a small gas can of known good gas to eliminate that variable (bad gas, varnish, dirt in the lines). I'll also usually squirt some oil in the spark plug holes and work it around.
  15. Ok so I tried the gentle brute force method- wood block and floor jack. It definitely improved the alignment and the force required to close it! thanks