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  1. I’m about to make a new headliner for my C-series. I love seeing all these pics to see how other people or suppliers did it. Those look like the same ABS I bought with the GM style leather texture on one side and smooth on the other, then vinyl trim sewn around the edges. I guess the quilted patchwork look is how ma mopar did it back in the day with the vinyl wrapped cardboard huh? Super clean job Styles. Did you guys insulate behind your panels? Good luck Tanda and post up some pics of the process if you can!
  2. Haha Merle that’s awesome. You’re almost as bad as me with all the computer junk I have in my rig I don’t have a gps or a radio. The radio might be pointless unless I get a competition level setup or swap to less silly mufflers. The GPS is somewhere between an aberration that doesn’t belong and a badge of honor that your old truck gets driven farther than you can push it home. What’s that edgar winter or deep purple or something? You’re jammin in there!
  3. Got my plastic this morning. Two sheets of 1/8” ABS. Hopefully I won’t need two tries to get the big panel made. I’m excited to work with this stuff it is really tough and durable. Anybody else drive their rig in the rain? It’s probably past time to find a circlip to hook up the passenger wiper linkage.
  4. I have ordered custom billet adapters before can’t remember the maker’s name but they were reasonably priced. It was a small shop run by an ex drag racer iirc. Mail order maybe phone or web.
  5. I jacked up the truck and double checked the universal joint snap rings- all good. I ordered two sheets of 4’x8’x1/8” abs plastic from the local supply house. No time to pick it up before they closed today so I’ll have to get it tomorrow. I hope the learning curve isn’t too steep working with it. I’m trying to plan ahead so I’m going to wire the headliner for a dome light. Mine is sort of still there but in really rough sad condition. I want to find a cool old one and stick LEDs in it or run an 1156 if I can find one with a socket and switch already installed. I’m thinking the driver’s A pillar would be the spot to send wires down to a dash switch and maybe someday door switches and courtesy lights above the footwells. Don’t wanna get too fancy though. I’ve been procrastinating for a couple months on the lizardskin install. Now it’s gotta happen so the roof will be insulated before I bury it under the headliner. I also got a B&M megashifter to replace their ‘star shifter’ that’s in the truck now. It seems like a lot of trouble for not much gain but I spent a lot of time building a snappy shifting transmission and I want to be able to ‘slap’ down from 3 to 1 and back up again. The star shifter is a detent style on downshifts and its easy to miss 2nd and go down to 1. It can go to ratchet mode and slap up from 1 for strip (stoplight) racing but can’t ratchet from 3(drive) to 2 which is what I want to come out of a corner hard or whatever. The cable linkage is the same, the shifter console and T handle are the same, but the mounting points are different. I figure I’ll get it done after removing the interior when I spray the insulation. Should be able to just drill and tap the 3/16” shifter console plate 1/4-20. Not too bad of a job.
  6. Thanks so much my brain is churnin’ with good ideas. I hope mine come out half as clean as yours Merle
  7. If I have it right they are vinyl wrapped cardboard and snap up in place, then the rear surround and over door panels snap in to the sheetmetal and cover the gaps? questions: Which direction does the main headliner panel curve? A rainbow from side to side, or front to back? Can’t be both right? Looks like maybe front to back then the over window panels just clip in on the bottom edge then wedge up and set/reinforce the headliner curve? Does it push into the clips over the windshield then snap into the back and sides at the same time? Held in by tension or clips thru holes or both? Are the A pillar covers part of the main headliner or separate?
  8. Filled her up and went round the block- got all 3 gears & reverse! Heard one scary clunk- the tailgate only had one hook in and from the wrong side and fell down 😂 The latch holes are not so tight on the old girl- it’s why I swapped to carabiners years ago.
  9. You do gain the parking pawl on any later (post 65?) 727. A parking brake is a great idea and kind of a safety necessity but on my automatic trans vehicles the parking brake cables usually seize from not being used before they need adjustment.
  10. Thanks Los After looking more carefully I think the kick panels are good as-is. They just need paint to match the rest. I’ll see how I like them after I get the two kinds of lizardskin sprayed there along with the tunnel, firewall, & top. I’m going to try and make the headliner kind of snap up in place. I got some DAP weldwood landau contact adhesive along with a cheap 1.8 tip siphon gun to spray it. Just waiting on more fabric in the mail. I’m looking hard at the fiberglass reinforced plastic they have at lowes for shower stalls or whatever.
  11. The truck was down 3.5 weeks. Not exactly top fuel team turnaround time but I think my gas probably didn’t all turn to varnish yet!
  12. Got a little help today which was really nice. The trans just fits under the truck lifted as high as my jackstands go, then it has to get slid on the jack while it’s under there. It fits up through the exhaust farther back then can get slid up into position. Then it sat on the exhaust for a second to get some boards between it and the jack for a couple more inches max lift. It mated up pretty easily to the bell then spinning it around was a pain in the butt while I started the flexplate to torque converter bolts, then again to torque them. Speedo cable, kickdown, properly indexed shift cable, and starter with a new blanket on it all went on without a fight. The old small pinion yoke needed some love from a propane torch before the impact started unscrewing it, then I forgot to put a pan under it when I knocked the old pinion yoke free. Only lost a pint or so of gear oil. Torqued the new one on with a dab of red loctite- made much easier with the crush sleeve eliminator kit in there instead of a crush sleeve. I still have to fill the trans with ATF before I set her down but I have high hopes it will all work! Happy father’s day fellas
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