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  1. https://dcmclassics.com/brake-parts/384-br-261-48-wheel-cylinders-half-size.html Used these on my truck and like them.
  2. So I am piggy backing on the setup from 1949 B-1-C and used the same parts for my 1953 B-4-C. The floor had be cut previously but at least the metal was still left so a simple bend and weld job got the hole back to around the correct shape. A little bit of foam and eventually some floor matting should help cut down on the dust coming from below. Also got a vented gas cap from NAPA with a nice warning message to remove slowly fuel spray may cause injury. 😮 Thanks for the idea 1949 B-1-C! Tom
  3. tanda62

    Newly cleaned and painted engine

    I had someone else sand blast the frame - a friend needed a couple of cars blasted so we went into together and shared the cost. It was a portable unit and really did the trick. It did take quite a bit of tipping and banging on the frame to get the sand out when done. Today was put on the Cab day and several of my nice neighbors came over and we lifted it up and over the stick shift and into place. Went well and the many hands (10) made it a lot easier!
  4. tanda62

    Newly cleaned and painted engine

    I sandblasted my frame and used por-15 and it has bonded well with the metal. No peeling or flaking. On the engine I used por-15 engine enamel and so far it has proved to be good. Just my experience.
  5. tanda62

    Newly cleaned and painted engine

    Cleaned the carb using a rebuild kit from the Carburetor Doctor and now it is mounted with the air cleaner - another step closer. Hopefully the cab will go back on this weekend.
  6. tanda62

    What is this bracket?

    Yes, since I ran the brake line and fuel lines along the cross member in front of the gas tank and then up the passenger side frame rail I wrapped the down pipe to reduce the amount of heat in that area. I used to wrap the pipes on my motorcycles and saw a big drop in the heat they put off so same principle here. You might not notice the nicopp lines as they are also covered in rubber fuel line hose to protect them even more.
  7. tanda62

    What is this bracket?

    Without pictures of the area I had forgotten about the cable going on the flywheel bracket. Now thanks to you I can put the cable where it belongs.
  8. tanda62

    What is this bracket?

    Got the exhaust system installed and made some pieces to hang the emergency brake and exhaust down pipe off the bracket from the bell housing. Now to rebuild the carb.
  9. tanda62

    New member

    Welcome to the forum! I was once part of a base inspection team many moons ago for Mt. Home AFB - just a tad cold. This is a great place to get good information with very helpful people. Looking forward to seeing pictures! Tom
  10. tanda62

    What is this bracket?

    Looks like as with several other things I have found some pieces are missing. I like the idea of it supporting the emergency brake cable and branching off to the down pipe on the exhaust. Have to do some figuring and make some parts to have it hold both. Thanks to all for the help! Tom
  11. tanda62

    What is this bracket?

    For the emergency brake?
  12. You know when you are taking things apart and think you have taken all the pictures you need? Ya, well I didn't. I am trying to figure out what this bracket (arrow is pointing to it) hanging off the bell housing on my 53 B4C is for and so far have come up empty. The emergency brake doesn't seem to go to it but maybe I am forgetting a piece. Thanks for any help, Tom
  13. tanda62

    Heat riser anti rattle material

    Here is my solution for the heat riser and the finished product. Good to have the intake and exhaust installed.
  14. tanda62

    Heat riser anti rattle material

    Hmmmm, awesome guess I won't be using that! 🤑 Thanks for the info and I will find a like substitute. Tom

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