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  1. tanda62

    Heater Model 75

    So along with having to replace my radiator, my heater core is shot as well. Both leak extensively and while a replacement radiator can be had finding a heater core has proven to been more difficult. My heater is a Model 75 Truck Master and the core measures 7 3/4 by 7 by 2 1/2 inches. With tanks it measures 8 1/2 by 7 3/4 by 2 1/2 inches My local radiator place can replace the core and weld the tanks back on but the cost would be very steep. Anyone have a idea of a replacement core source or maybe another core/heater that can fit in the original housing? Thanks for any help.
  2. tanda62

    Rear Pinion

    I just changed the rear pinion seal (it was leaking) and would like to add my voice to the chorus of hope I never have to do that again! Getting out the old seal was a pain. Don't know if it was original but it had felt and leather in the seal. Glad that is done and hopefully no more leaks. BTW thanks to the many who have discussed doing this job in the past as a search yielded quite a bit of good and helpful information. Tom
  3. tanda62

    Transmission Bearing Grease Type

    For gear oil use SAE90. I got mine from Tractor supply (Traveler brand) as the local auto parts shops don't seem to carry it. Same oil for the rear diff.
  4. tanda62

    NiCopp Brake Lines

    I used 1/4 inch line from the junction box to the wheel cylinders along with the three rubber hoses needed - two up front and one in the rear. I used 5/16 line from the master cylinder to the junction box. The fittings on the 1/4 line are all 7/16 - 20 standard brake fittings. The front wheel cylinders screw right into the rubber hoses. A 7/16 fitting then goes from the hose to the junction box. The rears go from the junction box to the rubber hose and then split off on the rear end at a "Y" fitting but when you get to the rear wheel cylinders you need adapters the 7/16 -20 fittings can screw in to. These adapters use a copper washer when screwed into the wheel cylinder. I don't remember the size but they are the same as the rubber hoses and I took the wheel cylinder to NAPA and got the right fitting. As far as wheel cylinders themselves I got mine from DCM classics and while I haven't driven with them yet they did hold up when I pressure bleed the system. I also got the new rubber hoses from DCM. Be very careful bending the NiCopp as it will kink easily. The hand benders work well to gradually put a bend in but you need to be patient and understand it will take some time to get them bent the way you want. Hope this helps and good luck! Tom
  5. tanda62

    gas tank installed

    Brent, as JBNeal said the tank for a 53 is unique so this a replacement from Tanks,Inc who say it can be installed with minor modifications...um yea Not.
  6. tanda62

    gas tank installed

    Thanks Merle for the explanation, now it makes sense.
  7. tanda62

    gas tank installed

    here is the picture - sometimes computers are fun...
  8. tanda62

    gas tank installed

    I have a question about the springs and it may seem silly but I just can't wrap my mind around how they should be installed. There is a bolt, nut, spring, a spacer and washers ( took the picture from another post). What do you tighten all of this down too? If you compress the spring to tighten to the spacer length then how does it move for the flex? I know I am missing something but can someone explain how much to tighten the bolts to the nuts using the springs - sorry for being so thick about this...
  9. tanda62

    gas tank installed

    Thanks for the comments. The steel is 16 gauge and when you put a significant amount of pressure (like really push and put my whole 200lb frame behind it) on the end of the bracket it deflects less than 1/8 of an inch. I wonder how much other peoples tanks deflect and is the deflection I have too much...thanks for another other thoughts! BTW here is the way this tank was mounted by the previous owner YIKES!
  10. Got my gas tank installed on the 53 finally. Lots of calculations to make sure the fill hole lined up in the right spot and the tank is clear of the driveshaft.
  11. tanda62

    Newly cleaned and painted engine

    Got my alternator and fan mounted - another step closer!
  12. tanda62

    Removal of rear springs

    Check out the videos from 48Dodger. There is one addressing taking this apart. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9KYZPKxJJaOE-D3-2IRTMg
  13. tanda62

    NiCopp Brake Lines

    To deal with the heat issue I am going to wrap the down pipe of the exhaust in heat wrap just I used to do on my motorcycles. This will reduce the heat from the pipe. I am also going to put the NiCopp fuel line in rubber fuel line hose - I also plan on doing that to the brake line you see in the picture. Finally, I may put a small strip of curved heat shield along the bottom of the frame curving up to shield the lines. All of this should reduce the heat these lines are subjected too even if it does seem like a lot of extra work. I did not like the way the fuel line was run originally - on top and outside of the frame and then in front of the cross member under the radiator. It just seemed like the line would be subject to damage - the one I took off the truck had several pin holes in it.
  14. Just finished my NiCopp brake lines for the 53. Decided to route the passenger side differently - instead of going in front of the engine I went across the frame behind the transmission and then up. The NiCopp lines are pretty easy to work with but you MUST use the right size bending tools or it will kink, especially the 5/16 size. Next job will be the fuel line which I plan to route the same way I did the passenger brake line. Another step closer...
  15. tanda62

    Recomendation for Brake Shoes

    I got mine from DCM and like the look and quality. https://dcmclassics.com/

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