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  1. Here is a picture of the two panels. Hopefully this will show you all the bolt locations and help you locate them for removal.
  2. 12 volt conversion wiring diagram

    John, I am with Ron on this one. Chasing down electrical gremlins can be like Alice going down the rabbit hole. There just aren't that many wires in these trucks so changing them out is not as big a deal as with many vehicles. I got cloth wires from Tom's engine barn and really like the quality. They are coated so dust is not an issue. The fuel gauge needs a voltage reducer and those can be had from many sources, got mine from Amazon via Eckler's. Here is a link to some helpful information - http://dodgepilothouseclub.org/know/wiring_harness/wiring.htm Good luck! Tom
  3. Chain case cover plate gasket

    Great write up and pictures. Thanks, this will be very helpful!
  4. When I got the gasket set for the timing cover it includes a gasket for the chain case cover plate for my 53 Dodge 218. I am wondering, do I have to remove the timing chain to remove the chain case cover plate? Any tips on replacing this gasket? This service manual doesn't talk about how to remove this cover plate although it was helpful in removing the timing cover itself. Thanks for any help and experience!
  5. Merrry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!!
  6. If you use windows you can open the picture in Paint, resize and save as a gif. Then you should have a file small enough to post.
  7. Not sure about other states but in Florida the state does not accept restored plates or plates with excessive rust. However, acceptance is based on the judgment of the official reviewing your plate. Check the laws in your state before you invest in a plate. Just an FYI.
  8. Need transmission info

    The four speed pictured here for my 53 B4C is casting number C88221. It apparently is also the transmission used in M37 military trucks of the same period (at least it uses the same gaskets). Hope this helps and happy hunting.
  9. The Engine is out

    Thanks for the information. I ordered all new shackles from DCM. I have been really happy with the parts I have gotten from them already. This truck was originally my father in laws and will eventually pass on to the kids (they are adults but not really into fixing and working on old things). I want to make it as maintenance free and safe to drive as I can while still retaining the spirit of the original truck.
  10. The Engine is out

    No worries. I like the mixing of silver and black as well. I did that on my transmission and plan to do it on the bell housing and engine. Good to see others to get ideas. On another note I was wondering why both my rear spring shackles were right hand thread and got my answer taking the front shackles off. They were both left hand thread. Also found some cracks so I have ordered all new shackles. When I put them back I will install the left hand on the driver's side and right hand on the passenger. Funny what you find when working on a previously "restored" vehicle...
  11. Got the engine off the mounts and now I can remove the ugly red paint someone put on it and get it silver again! But first the front axle and springs are coming off to be cleaned and painted. Already did the rear and the transmission. Then clean and paint the frame. Getting closer to reassemble time!!
  12. This might help. The long spring connects to the Frame crossmember behind the transmission.
  13. Here are pics from my 53 before I took it all apart.
  14. Rearend drain plug tool

    I should have thought about Amazon - they have everything it seems. My local hardware stores did not have any tools 5/16 square which is why I ended up modifying the plumbing tool.