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  1. I installed the oil pan and the timing chain cover plate using a thin layer of Ultra Copper from Permatex. Very easy to use and forgiving as the setup takes a bit so you have time to do something large like the oil pan. I used the cork gaskets (uncut) from DCM for the oil pan and paper gaskets I got from Auto Zone for the timing. As you can see in the picture I have also cleaned up the distributor, why do people paint over dirt?, and made new spark plug wires with wire from Tom's engine barn. Making progress...
  2. Newbie 1955 c3b

    Very nice looking! The color combo is great.
  3. Red paint code for 48 B1B

    To get a close match to the 1953 Dodge Truck Red I went with a 1969 Chrysler Barracuda "Scorch Red", paint code R6. The painter used Metalux brand reference number 25955. I am really happy with the result as it is a very rich looking red. Here is a picture of the hood.
  4. Newly cleaned and painted engine

    Thanks everyone. It is a 23 inch.
  5. Finally got the old red paint and grim off my engine and repainted to silver using POR-15 engine enamel. Painted the valve covers and timing chain cover black and am painting the oil pan black as well to provide some contrast. Happy with the POR-15 product but we will see what happens once the engine is running again. Next big job, strip and paint the frame...
  6. Photo’s of my Truck

    Very nice looking inside and out!
  7. Assembling front end sheetmetal..

    Try this link http://vintagemoparts.com/product.php?id_product=24
  8. Bell housing question

    Thanks for the replies. Always interesting to try and figure out markings - kinda feels like those National Treasure movies and trying to figure out the clues.
  9. So I failed to take a picture of this before I took the felt off the dust cover on my 53 B4C and now am trying to remember how to put it back together - I know dumb move. I believe the dust cover goes as shown in the picture with the raised edge facing the engine. As for the felt I believe the straight piece goes between the cover and the bell housing while the curved piece goes between the cover and the engine. I have looked in the manual and searched but no luck finding a picture of how to install. Thanks for any help. Tom
  10. So the bell housing on my 53 B4C was painted red at some point. I have now stripped off the paint (and dirt) and replaced it with aluminum POR15. While doing this I came across what looks like a dial pointing to dots. The dial is adjustable. Anyone know what this is for or indicates? The transmission is a 4 speed. Also when I removed the paint from the timing chain cover plate, the words Floating Power are stamped into the plate. I think this is an interesting detail. Tom
  11. Took off the oil pan and timing chain cover plate (special thanks to rekbender for instructions to remove this) and am pretty happy with the condition of the internals. As you can see from the pictures whoever was in here before used a lot of goop along with the gaskets. So I put this question out to the group: to goop or not to goop? Thanks, Tom
  12. Here is a picture of the two panels. Hopefully this will show you all the bolt locations and help you locate them for removal.
  13. 12 volt conversion wiring diagram

    John, I am with Ron on this one. Chasing down electrical gremlins can be like Alice going down the rabbit hole. There just aren't that many wires in these trucks so changing them out is not as big a deal as with many vehicles. I got cloth wires from Tom's engine barn and really like the quality. They are coated so dust is not an issue. The fuel gauge needs a voltage reducer and those can be had from many sources, got mine from Amazon via Eckler's. Here is a link to some helpful information - http://dodgepilothouseclub.org/know/wiring_harness/wiring.htm Good luck! Tom
  14. Chain case cover plate gasket

    Great write up and pictures. Thanks, this will be very helpful!
  15. When I got the gasket set for the timing cover it includes a gasket for the chain case cover plate for my 53 Dodge 218. I am wondering, do I have to remove the timing chain to remove the chain case cover plate? Any tips on replacing this gasket? This service manual doesn't talk about how to remove this cover plate although it was helpful in removing the timing cover itself. Thanks for any help and experience!