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  1. tanda62

    Frame, dirty, clean, painted

    After cleaning many years of muck off the front axle and giving it a paint job, it is back on the truck. Amazing how much dirt and old grease can get into the various nooks and crannies of the axle.
  2. tanda62

    Frame, dirty, clean, painted

    Got the motor, clutch and transmission installed. Took a bit of fidgeting to get the transmission to go in but with a final push on the clutch pedal and gentle shove in the rear it went in. I have to say reading about others experiences sure has helped me with this rebuild - thanks to the many who contribute!
  3. tanda62

    Recommended repair/shop manuals

    I got a shop manual and parts manual for my 53 B4C from vintagemoparts.com in a PDF form. This way I can print out the pages I need for a particular job and have them right there while I do the work. Nice to have these on the computer so the pages are always clean when I work with them.
  4. tanda62

    Frame, dirty, clean, painted

    That is funny! No, the motor is just sitting on a stand in between the frame rails till I am ready to install - seemed the best place to store it while I work on some other things first.
  5. tanda62

    Frame, dirty, clean, painted

    Making progress with my B4C. Installed the rear springs and axle today. One more step closer to a running truck!
  6. tanda62

    Reproduction Drag Link

    I don't remember the cost but it did come with ends. Check their website for the latest price.
  7. tanda62

    Reproduction Drag Link

    While I haven't installed it yet, I got an adjustable drag link from DCM. It looks like a good part and I like the fact it is adjustable.
  8. The corner has been turned as I have gotten my 53 B4C frame cleaned and painted. My friend decided to have a car sandblasted and offered to have my frame done at his shop at the same time. The mobile sandblaster actually used a dustless system with glass and it made the metal actually sparkle. After cleaning I found a cross member had some hidden rust damage so it was removed, patched and will be bolted back on. I then painted por-15 and am really happy with the results. When I get it back to my garage I can actually start putting parts back on instead of taking them off! Here are some pics of the frame from dirty to clean to painted. (by the way for you sharp eyed people, some repair work was done on the frame in the past as the driver's side running board supports had the rivets removed and replace with bolts - they will be put back on later along with the cab supports and cross members you see missing in the pictures)
  9. Not sure if this would work for your year but my 4 speed in my 53 B4C is the same as used in the M37 military truck. The casting number is C88221. Here are pics of the transmission and the bell housing I am using with my 218.
  10. tanda62

    Fantasy to Reality

    Really cool projects! My truck came by way of my father in law - nice to keep things in the family.
  11. tanda62

    Building your own wood bed

    Really nice looking and useful descriptions. Gonna be a while til I get to that point in my rebuild but I will search and find this thread as reference - thanks!
  12. I installed the oil pan and the timing chain cover plate using a thin layer of Ultra Copper from Permatex. Very easy to use and forgiving as the setup takes a bit so you have time to do something large like the oil pan. I used the cork gaskets (uncut) from DCM for the oil pan and paper gaskets I got from Auto Zone for the timing. As you can see in the picture I have also cleaned up the distributor, why do people paint over dirt?, and made new spark plug wires with wire from Tom's engine barn. Making progress...
  13. tanda62

    Newbie 1955 c3b

    Very nice looking! The color combo is great.
  14. tanda62

    Red paint code for 48 B1B

    To get a close match to the 1953 Dodge Truck Red I went with a 1969 Chrysler Barracuda "Scorch Red", paint code R6. The painter used Metalux brand reference number 25955. I am really happy with the result as it is a very rich looking red. Here is a picture of the hood.
  15. tanda62

    Newly cleaned and painted engine

    Thanks everyone. It is a 23 inch.