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  1. I saw this story on my personal AP wire feed. I thought it might interest some members of the group. For some reason, they buried a 1957 Belvedere in Tulsa and then dug it up in 2007. Now it is restored. There are 20+ photos to the left of the article
  2. Glad you got it fixed. What a relief!
  3. Nice. Thank you both.
  4. @greg g: that was an awesome description. You make it sound so easy. Thanks.
  5. @TimFX that is a nice looking car. Congratulations and welcome to the forum. The people here are great. P.S. more photos please
  6. @Greg F: what did you do to solve this issue?
  7. @Bingster: nice fab work
  8. Awesome @plyroadking, that is easier to understand than the service manual. My son replaced the cable for me, but I told him I'd adjust the brake
  9. It also doubles as an explosion whistle port..... @plyroadking: that is right Special
  10. Any update after 9 months?
  11. I like that desoto taxi
  12. Dang, our car doesn't have a windshield washer bottle. I'm doomed! lol
  13. I wish I had a garage with space, but the driveway is good too. Neighbors stop by and talk. You sure you aren't in Oz?
  14. I had to read that several times, but it finally made sense. The plexiglass prevents surface tension from allowing you to overfill the cylinder. Neat idea.