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  1. Nice tricks. Thanks for sharing
  2. Cool
  3. send me a picture of your ash tray i may have one .

    1. wayfarerstranger
    2. medium_jon


      Awesome. Thanks. I'm getting my Toyota Prius serviced, but I'll send a photo or two later today. 

    3. wayfarerstranger
  4. That is a great looking engine && transport rack ain't bad either
  5. Don't we all! Hang in there @Bingster I'm finishing up my wife's kitchen and the car projects have been put on hold -- I feel your pain. Congratulations on the new grandchild -- what number is this?
  6. Man that sound awesome Tim. How much would you and he (Don???) be charging for that service? I suspect the experience is worth more than I paid for the car!!!
  7. Very funny guys. Our friend's Mopar might be dying and here we are cracking jokes in his time of need. I always preferred to laugh at funerals. So, keep up the good work.
  8. @thebeebe5, that photo with all the transmission parts frightens me. My nightmare would be being presented with that table and being told that I couldn't leave until it is all back together and working. Ha
  9. @fortymopar, it is good to have friends with nice workshops
  10. That is really awesome @oldguy48. I'd love to see that car up close -- like in my driveway
  11. Awesome Tim! @Plymouthy Adams
  12. @homer41 I hope it goes well or went well
  13. Awesome workshop there @fortymopar . I'd be happy just to have that floor somewhere.
  14. @Mike36: When I opened it, it already had the grease versus the heavy gear oil. I did some research which said that yes, those tend to leak the oil, and that 'corn head grease' (or something like that was a better choice), so that that is what I added. I wish I knew more about my car's history. I bought it in February of 2017 from a person that bought it from an estate. My previous owner hadn't done much besides complete the exterior trim work and changed the steering tie rods. Supposedly the estate owner had done the body restoration.