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  1. Well I looked and the ends they sent me are only 2 different types, left and right even though they had 4 part numbers. Dave
  2. I just received my tie rod ends from Andys, I ordered the 4 different part numbers they show. That being said I asked if there were 4 different ends, they said no, only 2, right and left. They shipped them in the same box and at this time, until I take a close look I do not know if there are 4 different ends. Dave
  3. homer41

    E-brake band relining

    Today was a good day! I went down to a friends machine shop and asked one of the machinests what he used for brake riveting, he showed me what he used, a centering drill ground down and cut short. He gave me an old one and I took it and put it in my drill press and took my right angle grinder with super thin cutoff wheel and ground the cutting surface flat. Tested it on a piece of lining and got the correct depth then ground off the remaining length of the center, tested again and works great. Thanks for all of your suggestions and help. Dave
  4. homer41

    E-brake band relining

    Rivets came with the lining, I am open to doing this the best most efficient way, I was looking for a countersink that cut a basically square bottom hole instead on an angled hole, does one exist? If the adhesive is the best I will lean in that direction. Dave
  5. homer41

    E-brake band relining

    I am relining my E-brake band and have some questions. The new lining is not drilled and countersunk. Is halfway through the thickness enough countersink? I was thinking of clamping the new lining to the band and drilling it, then taking it apart to countersink it. Does this sound like a reasonable plan ? Should the rivets be a snug fit or should they have a slight bit of play to allow flexing? Any thoughts about a countersink tool for this job? Dave
  6. homer41

    transmission linkage

    I am going to remove parts of the power shift that remain on my transmission, does anyone have pictures of the transmission linkage without the powershift? 1941 plymouth 3 speed. Dave
  7. homer41

    tie rods

  8. homer41

    tie rods

    I have a bend in the (long) passenger side tie rod, a friend said some old cars had a bend in them. I think it is just bent and not supposed to be that way, who is correct? 1941 plymouth P-12. Dave
  9. homer41

    exhaust damper

    I will look at it today but it is not horizontal. Dave
  10. homer41

    exhaust damper

    If I decide to not rebuild it should I just cut the plate off the shaft because it is not horizontal? Dave
  11. homer41

    exhaust damper

    I am putting a 1953 218 in my 41 and it is now in the machine shop. I have the intake/exhaust manifolds apart and the damper is frozen. I see Andy Bernbaum has a repair kit for it, do you think it is worth rebuilding or just leave it out? Dave
  12. homer41

    Rear spring covers

    I just pulled the covers off of my 41 plymouth to check on their condition, where covered they look perfect. I am not going to reinstall them, they are not in great shape but if someone wants them you pay the shipping and they are yours. Dave
  13. homer41

    pressure plate question

    Thanks for the help guys! Dave
  14. homer41

    pressure plate question

    I have pulled the trans out of my 41 plymouth and found the pressure plate to be extremely corroded. I know I can get the clutch relined, is it easier to get the pressure plate rebuilt or replaced? The corrosion seems to be limited to the face only. Dave
  15. homer41

    part supplier references

    I need rebuild parts and would like referances. I will need front suspension bushings rear spring rubber bushings, frame to body mounts, motor mounts, possibly parts to rebuild the transmission. I looked before but now don-t remember the suppliers who will have these parts. Dave

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