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  1. I know this has most likely been beat to death! I have tried a search with not much success, any certain words to search for? I have seen Egge, Kanter and Clegg, any other I should or should not look at? Any help would be appreciated. By the way, 1953 P-24 Plymouth 318 stock rebuild to go in my 41. Dave
  2. connection on back of engine??

    Very interesting! I will have to research this to cure my curiosity. Thanks! Dave
  3. I took my engine to the machine shop today. While we were looking at the block I talked about taking the plug that is at the rear of the main oil galley out when we noticed an o- ring groove cut into the area around this plug on the face where the bellhousing would face up to, there is another one of these o-ring grooved ports on the other side which is ported back toward the oil pan except it is plugged. I am guessing this must have been used for an oil supply and return for some form of auxillary equipment that was bolted to the rear of the engine in place of the bellhousing. Any thoughts on what this was for? By the way it a p-24 plymouth, 1953 engine. Dave
  4. 265 Engine Color opinions

    What color would have been used in 1941? Dave
  5. carter b&b ID

  6. carter b&b ID

    On the site I looked at it showed these for 53 plymouth D6R1, D6H1 and H2 D6P1 and 2. D6U1. D6N1 and 2. Dave
  7. carter b&b ID

    I am looking for a carb for my 53 Plymouth 218, I have looked at the information of what is compatable and it seems there are quite a few. My question is, is there a table or some info as to what are the differences in these carbs, I'm sure there are some minor things that make the difference. Any help? Dave
  8. 2 engine questions

    Well Andy the results are in, you are correct, the plymouth block has the passage for internal bypass but its head is for external bypass. On the other hand the dodge block is for external bypass and its head is for internal bypass. Don't even ask, I did not get them mixed up, they are painted differently. This may explain why the Plymouth looked freshly overhauled, I will bet it leaked like a sieve. Thanks for the water pump 101 class, I have learned a lot about these engines and hope to learn much more. I got a real education restoring my 2 chevy pickups and I am now in a different classroom. Thanks so much! My plan now is to use the Plymouth block with the dodge head with internal bypass waterpump. Dave
  9. 2 engine questions

    I believe you are correct, there seems to be a mixed bag of parts on these engines. Tomorrow I will do more investigation to see if I can figure out for sure what I can do. Thanks for your help! Dave
  10. water tube question

    Andy, my plymouth block looks like above and my dodge head looks like above. Dave
  11. 2 engine questions

    Good to hear on the carb issue, what did you end up using on your engine. Thanks for your help! Dave
  12. 2 engine questions

    Head gaskets are long gone. I do not know why the plymouth block and head don't match. The dodge head has this bump you refer to but not the plymouth. Is there any date Id. on heads? Can you tell by casting numbers? Tomorrow I am going to put the dodge head on the plymouth and see what lines up up. Maybe the dodge is a newer head. And, yes I have both engines totally torn down. The 201 is still in the car and when I am ready I will switch them. Talked to a guy at a carb shop today and he said the carter b&b off the 201 would be fine on the 218, is that correct? Sent him an email to see if they flow test them.. Dave
  13. 2 engine questions

    Andyd, I really do not know what is going on! Today I looked at both pumps and both blocks, the plymouth block has an extra passage that goes from the water pump up to the head, BUT the head has no port for it and is not totally covered by the head. Does the head gasket cover this hole completely? I would lay a gasket on it and check but they went out with the trash a week ago. The older pump does not have this open port but its gasket has an opening for it. What gives? Dave
  14. 2 engine questions

    Great replys guys, thanks! On the timing gear and sprockets I will replace them! If I understand correctly I can use the same style pump that I took off the 53 but will have to make changes if I go to the old style on the newer engine. Thanks
  15. 2 engine questions

    I have the manual for the 41 but I ordered one for a 53 which should be here soon. The water pump off of the 53, I do not think it has any bolt holes on top of it, just a solid tube coming out the top to go to the heater. Dave