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  1. 41 4door on rotissere

    I built a rotissere to put my 41 plymouth 4door on. I got the plans on line. A friend questioned if it was enough support only using the 2 front and 2 rear frame mounts. My 41 is mostly rust free and very sound. The rotissere has a base support that connects front and rear. What do you think? Dave
  2. where to look for cracks

    I may start looking for a replacement block to rebuild, where are these flathead 6s prone to cracking from freezing, are there any typical areas to look? Anything else to look at beside seeing if it will turn? Dave
  3. ignition/electrical help

    My reason for wanting to rebuild is I can not see spending all the hours rebuildng everything else on the car and not knowing that the engine is in as good of shape as the rest. I would hate to do a full restoration and then have engine issues. That is just me, I can be a bit anal at times. When I started on my 47 streetrod i told my sister I was not painting it or anything, her reply was you can't do anything half assed. Dave
  4. ignition/electrical help

    Put # 6 cylinder at tdc then pulled dist cap, rotor is pointing at #6 so it is in the ball park. No start. Compression on #2 is 40. #1 is less than 40. Shot some oil in all cylinders, still no start. I still think I am looking at replace or rebuild. Dave
  5. ignition/electrical help

    It sparks fine but no idea of the timing, the only fuel going to it is what I put in, tank is empty. I will put some oil in the cylinders and try again.
  6. ignition/electrical help

    Pulled side covers, 2 stuck valves, little work with small prybar and stuck no more, spun engine, no sticking, added fuel and spark, crank but no run. Should I use starting fluid or gas? The only gas I had was 90 octane, should I try with 87? Should I oil the cylinders again? Dave
  7. ignition/electrical help

    Thanks, I forgot to look, can you see both valves through plug holes? Dave
  8. ignition/electrical help

    Good news bad news! I cleaned everything up, taped up bare wires, new points. It now fires. Now the bad, it does not run, I tried some gas, then some starting fluid, no joy! Did a compression check, 40 0. 45 0. 65. 30. Thinking I could possibly have 2 valves sticking open?? What Would a reasonable compression # be? Dave
  9. ignition/electrical help

    No joy, I went at it again, I traced the wiring from the ignition switch to the firewall. I need to explain the wires are cut at the firewall and are very crumbly, the insulation is. I am pretty sure I have it correct. I hooked up my 6 volt battery charger to power the ignition, I tested the charger with a 6v headlight and it worked fine. Put gas in and no start. Pulled plugs spin again, no spark. Pulled dist cap, cleaned points and checked gap, I get a spark when ignition is on and I open points. All back together, crank, no spark. How can I test the coil? Any other thoughts? Dave
  10. ignition/electrical help

    Just what I wanted to hear, thankyou. This car has not been run in 9 years according to the previous owner. I put fresah oil in it, spun starter not engaged, engaged starter and spun engine with no plugs. Installed plugs and spun. Now I will get 6 volts to the coil, put some gas to it and see if it fires. If it fires I will move it outside hook up an external fuel supply and go for an extended run. Thanks again, I will let you know how it goes. Dave
  11. ignition/electrical help

    I am trying to start my 41 201. The issue is energizing the spark. I have it turning over with a remote 12 volt battery. Where is the 6volt connection to the coil? Is it from inside the cab, from the ignition switch to the back of the coil? I planned on just putting 6volt to the coil but did not know where. After looking at the schematic it appears to be on the back of the coil, is it in the cab? Dave
  12. 201 engine rebuild

    This my 41 where I bought it and then at my place with the front clip off. Dave
  13. 201 engine rebuild

    Sounds good, may I will try and run it then do a compresion test. Dave
  14. 201 engine rebuild

    At this moment (subject to change) I am thinking I will rebuild my 1940 201 for my 41 plymouth. Right now I was thinking should I try to get it running or not? I could possibly test how the trans is working, see if the carb has issues, but should rebuild it anyway. The previous owner said it has not run for 9 years and I guess if I am going to spend all the time to restore the body I should make sure the engine is top notch. When I have it apart should I mill a bit off the head and block? The engine turns over freely at this time. Is there a down side to running it before rebuilding it. Can anyone recommend a good rebuilding guide or manual? Dave
  15. Went to a 100 car estate sale today.

    Casper, were there any mopar flathead sixes available? Dave