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  1. windshield help

  2. windshield help

    I have a 1941 plymouth p-12 special delux and was trying to order the windshield trim. What I took out had a stainless trim on it. Does that come with the new trim or do I reuse my original? Dave
  3. wet blasting

    Thanks everyone, think I will try another method. Dave
  4. wet blasting

    Has anyone done wet blasting using a pressure washer? I have a pressure washer and was thinking of wet blasting my 41 plymouth. All comments are appreciated. Dave
  5. dashboard help please

    Try this
  6. dashboard help please

    Thanks folks, I had some success, dash is totally apart now. Does anyone know if the little clips that hold the chrome pieces on are available? Anyone know if there is someone who rebuilds the guage cluster? Dave
  7. dashboard help please

    Thanks, that helps. On my 41 chevy pickup I found a place that rebuilt the guage cluster, is there an outfit that rebuilds mopar guage clusters?
  8. dashboard help please

    Checked it out but they do not answer my questions. Dave
  9. dashboard help please

    1941 p12 special delux. I am dismantling the dash and ran into a few snags. How does the windshield wiper switch come out of the dash? How does the light switch come out of the dash? I am also taking all of the chrome strips off and want to know if anyone has a special method of taking the little clips off? Clips shown. Does anyone know if there is someone rebuilding the instrument cluster? Dave image:7403
  10. I am trying to remove the rear most interior light and don't see any attaching screws, is it just pressed on? I did not get heavy handed, do I need to? Is there any fixture to hold the headliner bows inplace? Dave
  11. more engine ID help

    Thankyou so much! I told the guy I was not interested. Dave
  12. more engine ID help

    Can anyone tell from the picture if it is a 23 or 25" engine?
  13. more engine ID help

    I got some pictures from the guy I am dealing with. Engine # starts with DW. Could it be a marine or industrial application. Does anyone know an engine dealer in Alexandria minnesota or does anyone live there or near there? Where would an updraft be used? Dave
  14. engine id help

    I am looking at an engine on craiga list and the guy said the engine serial # starts with DW, have done some research and can find nothing. Any help here? Does anyone have a way to tell if is a scam? Dave
  15. 41 4door on rotissere

    I built a rotissere to put my 41 plymouth 4door on. I got the plans on line. A friend questioned if it was enough support only using the 2 front and 2 rear frame mounts. My 41 is mostly rust free and very sound. The rotissere has a base support that connects front and rear. What do you think? Dave