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  1. Casper, were there any mopar flathead sixes available? Dave
  2. My current project, 41 plymouth 4dr p12
  3. My 41 art deco cheby pickup.
  4. My 47 art deco cheby pickup, the rest to follow.
  5. I have found a 218 T-142 dodge truck engine and was wanting to know if this would be a direct bolt in replacement in my 41 plymouth sedan. Will it bolt up directly to my transmission/bellhousing?
  6. Thanks, would it be a reasonable option to use the fluid drive trans in the plymouth? How would things work out with that option?
  7. I am sure this has been done before but how much of a job is it? I have located a Chrysler spitfire, look here--- https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/pts/6131592059.html Can anyone id the trans from the pictures? Could I or would I have to use that trans? Dave
  8. Thanks
  9. Would an m37 engine be a bolt in for a 41 plymouth? Dave
  10. Will try.
  11. From what I recall it seems to go from stop to stop with no spring action. I will put a real critical eye on it today and give the results. Well I checked again, no spring resistance so I'm guessing I have internal issues I will find when I disassemble. Dave
  12. I started looking at my 41 today and have transmission questions. Mine had a powershift, and it is disconnected is it the same except for the powershift provisions. I disconnected the rod that moves when you pull back on the shifter. That lever just flops around with no apparent movement inside, should it feel like it it moves components inside? The other linkage feels like it is shifting gears inside. I hope this makes sense. Dave
  13. I am trying to remove the grille bars without breaking the clips. Anybody have advice on removal? Dave
  14. Seems very solid. The only rust through I have found is a spot in the trunk. Dave
  15. It was insurance, all trim was complete and I wanted it to stay that way during a 5:40 drive. It worked! Dave