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  1. madmutt


    Rock Auto are also good for parts but you do need to search for them by part number or search for the parts on later cars that you know are interchangeable. I cannot find many parts by looking under 1939 Dodge but have found the required gaskets by looking for a 1947 Plymouth! As you probably know the number should be on the left hand side of the block on the upper front. The good thing about Rock Auto is you can set your currency as GBP so you know how much things will cost and they include the customs duties and shipping. www.rockauto.com Another thing worth getting is a parts list for your car as it has all the part numbers along with the Dodge 1938 - 1954 Part Interchange Guide by F D Harper as it tells you what parts are interchangeable. I have found both of these invaluable. Good luck in trying to cure all the oil leaks...they all do that! Best wishes, Simon
  2. Adam, My Stromberg’s were made in England. Simon
  3. Hi guys, Mates of mine run dual 97s on 202 ci four bangers without problems. Yes the Mopar fuel pump runs around 6psi so have fitted a fuel pressure regular to bring it down to 2.5 psi. I have checked with the Stromberg advice guy and he recommended the fuel regulator which improved things a lot. One of the misteries is why the vacumn pipe was disconnected. The car ran fine without it before fitting the dual carbs. I wish I had reconnected the vacumn on the old set up to see what happened. Any guys had any problems with their dissys? many thanks, Simon
  4. Hi guys, I have fitted the 218 on my D11 with dual 97s and haven’t been able to get the engine running properly since. The main problem is that the engine bogs down and sometimes dies at about 1/3 throttle. It is worse under load and if you open it up suddenly. A mate who knows his way around flatties has been helping me. When I bought the car it didn’t have the vacumn pipe from the dissy connected. Connecting the vacuum pipe to the carb port made things much worse with the engine missfiring all over the place! We thought we sorted that out by putting back the missing washers in the vacumn mechanism in the dissy (between spring and vacumn pipe). It now idles okay, and the timing is advancing when both the vacumn and mechanical advance kick in at part throttle. We just don’t if we are dealing with a carb problem or a dissy problem. We have taken the dissy apart and checked it out. We have fitted a fuel regulator and fuel pressure is 2.5 psi. We have down jetting the main jets to 43s and the power valve to 67s. The carbs were brand new. We took it out for a run on Thursday after we changed the jets and set the timing up and we only made it a few hundred yards! We thought it was fouling plugs but they are new and we cleaned them to make sure! We have now run out of ideas! Any advice would be gratefully received before I shut it away at the back of the shed and star working on my '23 Model T! Many thanks, Simon
  5. madmutt

    Hi from England

    Hi Damon, I am definitely not your mate Steve! I am also a VHRA member. I thought I was the only member with a Dodge but guess not! Hope to see you at some VHRA events. Simon
  6. madmutt

    1939 Dodge D11 speedo

    These cogs sit inside those numbered drums. Yes I found that frame assembly this morning too so great minds think alike. I think I am more likely to go for the NOS frame assembly because we have not been able to work out why the cog disintegrated in the first place and that there may be another problem we haven't diagnosed. Many thanks for your advice. Simon
  7. madmutt

    1939 Dodge D11 speedo

    Thanks for the info Rich. I have looked at pictures of the frame assembly and I am not sure we are talking about the same cogs. I have attached a pic of the broken cog that has caused the problem. It is not the one on the frame assembly but the one that attaches to the drum with the numbers in the odometer. There is one of these cogs for each drum. Wiggo, do you think your watch repairers could make a new one of these? Guys, I appreciate the info and advice.
  8. madmutt

    1939 Dodge D11 speedo

    Thanks very much. I will give them a buzz. Would love to see your 41 Plymouth. Simon
  9. madmutt

    1939 Dodge D11 speedo

    Wow Wiggo what are the chances!! So good to see a similar car and owner close by! Its the tiny cogs in the odometer. Its the first one that has broken which takes the drive from the speedo cable and transmits it to the other cogs and then to the speedo. I think it is different from the others cos my mate who was helping me was going to use one of the higher number cogs to replace it. I hope I am making myself clear? It has broken into very tiny pieces so not sure if enough to get a pattern for a new one. However, worth a try. Many thanks, Simon
  10. madmutt

    1939 Dodge D11 speedo

    Hi guys, The speedo on my D11 has broken. On taking it apart one of the tiny little cogs which turn over the tacho have disintegrated which means the whole thing no longer works. I am on the look out for a another speedo or someone in the UK that can repair these things! I know it is a long shot living in the UK but no harm in asking! Any suggestions or advice gratefully received. Many thanks, Simon

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