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  1. Well, its certainly not something I would do, even if money wasn't a factor... but... to each their own. I just bought a 56 Belvedere with a 350/350 setup (which will be quickly yanked and replaced with the Mother Brand)
  2. I went to start the car (48 Special Deluxe)today and no luck, just a "click". I tested the relay and there is power from there to the starter. I pulled the starter and it appears the pinion is stuck in the "forward" position. According to my manual "as the starting motor pedal (switch) is depressed, the starting motor pinion and clutch are moved toward the flywheel ring gear." Seems that my starter is stuck in the engaged position, what causes this and is it repairable? No parts houses locally have a replacement for me. Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated, thanks!
  3. I work in Outside Sales for a plumbing supply company. We provide high purity and chemical resistant pipe to a variety of industries. My territory deals specifically with mechanical contractors who install our piping, tanks, pumps, filters, and systems. Typically we are working in the Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, Solar, and Water Treatment industries. I travel the San Francisco Bay Area providing technical assistance to our customers. Before that, I was a volunteer firefighter in Northern California. That station is now closed, guess we cant even afford Firefighters who work for free!
  4. Good advice, maybe Im overthunkin' it! I'll try a secondary temp measurement and see what I come up with. Thanks again!
  5. The gauge reads 170 #ut I'll have to verify, the Rad shop has been around since 54 and assured me he'll baby it. I'll try less water and see what happens, but I think I'll replace the dist. tube anyways. The hood was up. Im hoping its not ahead gasket, oils clean, and runs like a champ otherwise. Thanks for all the advice!
  6. So Ive replace the thermostat (180) and water pump and my 48 Plymouth is overheating. After about 15 mins. of warm up Im getting steam from, what appears to be, the overflow tube. I have checked for vac. leaks and timing and everything seems to be correct. I was running straight water at the time but didnt expect this after just 15 minutes. Im taking the radiator down for a flush and flow test tomorrow. Im worried they'll want to just re-core it, another $2-300 I've heard. Also wondering if I should pull the water distribution tube while the radiator is out and replace it. I did flush the system and everythings clear, which may be cause for concern if its so clogged it just flows clear water? Any tips or recommendations are appreciated!
  7. Thanks for the response guys, I also enjoyed all the R&R comments! By next week I should have her fully tuned and ready to go, another survivor back on the road...
  8. Well, it seems the fan belt has got me! Went to replace it today and there isnt enough clearance between the balancer and the frame to remove it. I suppose I could jack the motor up, but am I missing something?! After almost 2 years of tinkering away, Im about ready to take the 48 coupe on its first voyage outside the neighborhood. I've replaced the entire brake and fuel system, amongst other things. Im laughing at myself for being stuck here! =)
  9. so goes the old adage "if it sounds too good to be true it probably is!" or "if it aint broke dont fix it!" Think I'll just have Oreilly order the correct plugs!
  10. I just replaced my fuel pump on my 48 plymouth. I got mine from Kanters but you could try Andy Bernbaum as well, good luck!
  11. Good enough for the girls I go out with!
  12. Oreilly didnt even have a listing for my 48 plymouth, 218! I gave them the autolite A7 and champion J8 #'s, the E3 is the only one they could cross reference. Just wondering if anyone tried em, or I can wait since they said they could order them.
  13. I was wondering if anyone has heard of these. My local parts store had nothing on any of the plug models I gave them. The "E3" (model E3.12) is the only thing that crosses over. Should these be gapped the same as a standard plug? They're 6 bucks a pop! Maybe I'll wait and order them
  14. Heres some pics off my Sharp manifold, a homemade job as I bought it. Im going to re-fab when Im ready, hope it helps!
  15. I've got a Sharp dual carb setup w/ homemade linkage, its pretty basic and looks like it would be simple to fab. I'll snap some pictures tonight and post them for you
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