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    Proud Dad to three daughters and one son
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    Du Quoin, IL.**1947 P-15 More-Door**
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    fan of local sports teams, fixing old cars and trucks.

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  1. steveplym

    Dual carb linkage

    Check out this thread. http://p15-d24.com/topic/32694-dual-carb-linkage-kit/ I used a kit from Pierce manifolds. With a quick search I see they still have kits available. Pics of my setup are in the thread above. https://www.piercemanifolds.com/category_s/223.htm
  2. steveplym

    Detroit POC Event

    Which weekend is it? Probably too much going on to get away, but I can always entertain the idea of going. 😂 If nothing else, the Friday night parking lot party is worth the trip!
  3. steveplym

    Rustoleum Troubles

    Yep pretty sure that was me. I painted a fulton sunvisor with satin black, when I walked out of the garage I figured I'd be stripping that visor back down and repainting, as it was covered in orange peel. next morning it was satin black and no imperfections. Suprised me.
  4. steveplym

    Rustoleum Troubles

    I used the Satin Black and sprayed it with success. It lays on thick and orange peely, but once it dries overnight, it lays down nicely. Haven't sprayed the gloss colors, so not sure how you would get it right.
  5. steveplym

    Re painting letters on hub caps

    Yes I used this same trick to paint the bumper letters on my dodge last year, except I used a cheap razor blade knife, some good masking tape, and some rustoleum spray paint.
  6. steveplym

    Getting ready to dive in over my head

    Rear springs were pretty easy to install actually. Air tools are very helpful for this activity. Now the front suspension replacement isn't terrible, but takes a bit more patience. You will be taking apart stuff that most likely hasn't been touched for 70 years.
  7. steveplym

    Project 48 build thread

    Car looks great! I really love that interior, can't go wrong with Cardinal red. I hear the same stuff about the 350 in my dodge, but funny thing is if I leave the hood shut no one says a word. You have any plans to travel with it this summer?
  8. steveplym


    Actually the material WLS makes these headliners out of are top quality, and do not get wrinkled really easy. The small wrinkles I had I noticed a few days of sitting the car out in the sun took care of them. Now if we are talking about a vinyl headliner that may be a different story. I'm not sure I'd have the courage to do one of those. If you can get a helper as well that will make the job much easier. When you are at the back window stapling away trying to get everything tight, it's good to have a guy at the front to tell you if you've pulled too far.
  9. steveplym

    The Picture Game

    Any of the above. In the pool would be interesting though, but not recommended.
  10. steveplym

    The Picture Game

    How about your car next to a swimming pool?
  11. steveplym

    The Picture Game

    How's this?
  12. steveplym


    Everything is bigger on the D-24.
  13. steveplym

    It is officially on the trailer

    My garage kind of has the same view from the rear.
  14. steveplym

    Revisiting Borg Warner Overdrive Lubes

    This is the stuff I use in my R-10. I ordered some from Fifth Ave and this is what they sent me. So from now on I just go to my local Napa and order it.
  15. I won't be able to make it to the WPC meet this year, but I'm pulling for you or Mark to take the P-15 specific Lois and Chuck Jensen award home, and keep the forum streak of P-15's alive for 2016. I was lucky enough to win the award last year in Springfield. Really enjoyed my time with you all last year. Wishing you guys safe travels and a lot of fun!

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