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    still farm full time,other intrests
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    1948 dodge, d20 ? have to look again<br />
    4 dr. suicide ,39,000 miles

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    am 59 ,working with grandson 14 on 4dr. 48dodge
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    cars tractors

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  1. neil and ethan

    rubber sill plate removal

    did you try an impact driver, worked on my door hinges, and thanks Don for the info on the plasma cutter. now that I own one it might be good to know
  2. neil and ethan

    Informative video on how fluid drives work.

    I am assuming , there is no real oil cooler in the car application. am I wrong . we were wondering why the bell housing was vented so well. maybe that is why .
  3. art is what it is that air flow , wow , gives me crazy inspiration to stretch the 48 dodge , not that I could do it . makes me think about , my 70 Newport custom , sitting over the hill, massive sheet metal hood . , you could stuff 48 beer in front of the rad , chrome stainless fender trim , marker lights . long beautiful brushed stainless flat trim and die cast grill ./ 60s modern . loop bumper , 4 dr , hard top . the dash was better than the 71 where they went to plastic. than the gooey rubber one on my 70, no cracks yes most of the big Chrysler interiors sucked , very tacky , all the gold thread and trim , but that is what my uncle / buyers wanted . ruined a lot of cars . I am a sick man , but something about crank vent windows I long for , lost in 71 either it is the beautiful clean lines of the late 60s early 70 s . challenger/ charger. 69 charger, or 69 gtx what more do you want. it don't get much better than that or the old curves and beautiful interiors. of the old ones the only thing that bugs me about the old cars is all the horrible things that happened , in the ww2 time frame . just hard to take . maybe not related , but my brain does the association
  4. neil and ethan

    Newly Acquired 1947 Dodge Special Deluxe!

    I am just thinking about all the work you will not have to do. it is amazing
  5. neil and ethan

    Electric cooling fans

    so how much do you guys think that little flat pitch 4 blade stock fan sucks for power at 2800 . or what ever ? I think I have to get to 12 volt before I worry about an electric fan .
  6. neil and ethan

    Saw this on FB. MOPAR option or custom?

    god I am slow, now I get it pointer sisters. took a while.
  7. neil and ethan

    Notches in Pan Gasket?

    that pick is how I trimmed mine. the side pieces had to be cut , to get bolt holes to line up right or wrong , i trimmed the end to 1/8 above the sides. the only instructions in box were about the o ring pieces
  8. neil and ethan

    Notches in Pan Gasket?

    I guess I did not notice any notches in mine ( felpro ) because there were none. maybe Canadian motor is different had to trim all , put o ring in groove in cap , and some silicone . hope for the best.
  9. neil and ethan

    Notches in Pan Gasket?

    in the process of putting a gasket in mine, have not started, good thing the o rings in the kit were a surprise . and no real directions with them looks like the o ring pieces go under the front retainer. I assume you have to remove the left end cap in picture , to put in the 1 .125 inch o ring pieces in . I think I can see a bit of o ring a 1/4 - 1/2 inch left of the left arrow in picture, on my motor. and I had not noticed the notches yet ,, so thanks. looks like 3 bolts and 2 flat head screws to get that alm. oil pan plate off. do you use silicone blue or a sticky black gasket goo to hold the gasket on the block. I was going to stick everything to he pan and try and put it in, maybe not. another thing , I had just thrown the pan back on waiting for the gasket to come. to keep dirt out . and it was not that much fun. either the front counter weight . which was in the down positon , could be the problem . or there is a bolt that comes thru the front cover, that seems to be in the way, think I will remove it , and reinstall after the pan. one more thing , while the rest of my motor looks great, that end cap thing looks like it has been to hell and back . badly corroded. not like the one in the picture
  10. neil and ethan

    Age Demographics Please Take The Poll...

    59 , grain trucks as a kid were 46-48 dodge & Fargo. had a 52 fluid drive 1 ton fuel truck. family always had Chrysler products for cars before my time 51 ply, 57 ply, then 61 ply. (68 polara, dads first new car in his life . he , died in1970 ) 74 Sebring. after that my uncle had a new Newport or new Yorker every second year, early 60s to 80s my first car 1970 Newport custom. 700$. life , family, work , never had time or money, or knowledge enough for the old car thing. till now. the big 48 dodge 4 door. finding it challenging enough , and fun . comfortable with mechanical stuff , body work that is a different story
  11. neil and ethan

    50 Coronet project

    gregarious 13 not to derail your topic, maybe I am totally wrong , but I was wanting to go the other way for now, with a 6 volt to 12 volt converter . saw on amazon , 50 $ 4 wires , looks exactly like your voltage reducer in the pic. leave the car 6 volt, pos grnd. , and to run a radio etc . maybe power seats , buy this converter. for a 12 volt source I could be making some wrong assumptions here, so tell me . the specs on the thing are 5-11 volts in , 12.5 volts out , 10 amp . 200 watt. output . now several questions . will 12 v neg. grnd. radios and speakers work , if I only have insulated ground to my 12 volt source. or does it matter. assuming THIS CONVERTER may not be big enough to run a power seat , or maybe even a stereo . if I put a 12 volt battery in the trunk, for surge, would this converter keep the 12 volt charged . or would it over charge and boil it away,
  12. neil and ethan

    P20 fender welting shape

    has anyone gone without the welt entirely. I am not planning the expensive paint and body work job at this time. just once the rust is repaired, a cheapo flat black paint job,, I was wondering about a paintable caulking to fill the seam., so if in future , still have option to do the full restore. unless it is a greater invitation to rust. there is some pretty good stuff around these days .
  13. neil and ethan

    new guy

    tear down continues, front fenders , off, had to for access repair rust in front of front doors. best thing , as I can access everything now. pan off , there was a little sludge in the bottom 1/8 to 1/4 inch, lucky no surprises . all the body to frame bolts I have got loosened, cleaned , except the 2 at drivers and passengers feet , that go directly into the frame. afraid to twist them off. , driver side could stay ( not planning on removing body) , but the floor is bad or non existent right there on passenger side. with easy access , I am trying to make sure, every bolt will come apart . clean up reinstall . water pump bolts, are really bad. 2 . I have got 2 for sure. the third . I think is coming , or maybe it is twisting off. ??????. letting it soak another night. if it is , now is the time to fix it.. old one worked but , new pump on the way, change thermostat to 180. drivers door could use a shim , to bring it up a bit, hopefully I can get a bottom hinge loose. my wrist needs a rest , from the cordless drill and wire wheel. still lots to do as I avoid , starting the body work.
  14. neil and ethan

    Oil Pan Removal, Engine in Car. '53 Windsor 265.

    I am about at the same point, have the steering off anyway, looks like the pan should just drop out long Canadian engine there is some seepage from gasket at the rear, nothing serious . is a new gasket , easy install. or tricky , do not have one yet. it was rebuilt in late sixties or early 70s, and parked after 73, great oil pressure .just do it I guess , see if the gasket comes off in one piece. find one first , probably the best policy. ones I have seen shopping so far are not for Canadian motor . any brands to look for ?
  15. neil and ethan

    new guy

    your 50 is pretty nice, i can see why you would move on to other things. i have an 67 856 international tractor, all striped down . and i still use it all the time on augers . 800$ worth of ppg paint waiting for it. no time, unless i retire,. can't see it. looking at steering box on the 48 tonight, there might be hope.of getting the slop out. got the arm off . etc i could not for the life of me figure out why a wire would go thru the steering box. took a while , but finally figured it is horn wire.

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