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  1. Build Thread for our 47 Dodge Truck

    Just want to give a fast update on our builds......... We found and got the s10 to use the chassis for our brown cab which it might end up being a rat rod. Since it has the look already. The green one is going to stay as original as possible on the brown ones chassis since the green ones sheet metal is flawless with no dents and very very little surface rust where the paint had chipped. Yes it sounds like alot of work but my husband doesnt like wasting time doing nothing. Which is why we found the 2nd truck so fast. He likes to stay busy. God has been on our side blessing us with these builds. We also decided to put a 440 engine in the brown cab since we found a source for Dodge engines that is local to where we live. Like I said God is blessing us on making it easy for us finding these parts. More updates will come as we find time to post them since im working and he is busy dealing with our kids and working on the trucks.
  2. Build Thread for our 47 Dodge Truck

    I also got a engine stand, cherry picker and a snapon 1/4 inch drive impact as well all for the car.
  3. Build Thread for our 47 Dodge Truck

    These are 2 1 inch impacts that i also got with the comprrssor.
  4. Build Thread for our 47 Dodge Truck

  5. Build Thread for our 47 Dodge Truck

    Thats a 120 gallon shop air compressor 3 phase. Basicly still new.
  6. Build Thread for our 47 Dodge Truck

    It was just a thought and with further research welve found out that the dakota is a good choice of frame but the best would be a s10(1980's) frame since they are quite narrow as well. As for now im going to store the original frame in my back yard for the mean time. The cab and the rest of the body is securely tucked away in the garage. I had to make room in the garage and first thing i did to accomplish that was to get rid of the monte carlo in a very good trade.(my best trade as of yet) ive included pics of the trade since i was advised that i would need bigger tools.
  7. Build Thread for our 47 Dodge Truck

    since our last post on here i decided to wait on the bigger tools but only so that when we do buy them, it would be of good quality. i figured buy cheap....buy often. anyways i was still able to take off both front and rear axles and all that's left is the motor. as for the front axle I've got it already attached to the other truck....but i forgot to mention i took them off without removal of the tires/rims. how i managed that one is another story. so ATM all that's left is drive line, drive line bracket, replace fuel lines and radiator hoses. and connect all the throttle lines and make sure all the wiring is in order before we attempt to try and start it up.....please if anyone has any suggestions on what should be done before we start it, feel free to share your thoughts on the matter..... i am having trouble putting on the clutch pedal onto the shaft. can anyone help me with this? on this truck the look we are going for is a 4x4 dually truck. the bed i have a special design that i'm going to do on it that has never been done before as far as i know but im going to keep it to myself for the mean time. sorry i just don't want anyone to beat me to it just yet. now on the green truck, does anyone know or has done a chassis swap on one of these type of trucks? we are planning on doing a chassis swap on it but need a little help on what would be the best frame to do this with. the image that we are going for is a truck with a over sized body on a smaller frame. that's even if there's a difference on cab dimensions between a half ton and a ton 1/2. we found a truck that we might get to put the green cab onto. but we are unsure if the cab will fit and if we will have to do a lot of fabricating if we use a 92 Chevy 1500. no matter if it wouldn't look over sized on it reason for getting the Chevy is that it is already c-notched with a brand new air bag system on it and also with a good running drive train. all that would be left is to put the cab onto it and the gauges. Thank you for any and all suggestions it will be greatly appreciated.
  8. Build Thread for our 47 Dodge Truck

    I guess ill be needing the same type of tools then. Time to go shopping..... Maybe I should spend a little extra for better quality tools. Like tools with life time warranty for these bigger trucks because things seem to break faster with these bigger trucks.
  9. Build Thread for our 47 Dodge Truck

    I guess we are going shopping for some new tools...
  10. Build Thread for our 47 Dodge Truck

    Well here is a quickupdate..... My husband has started to tear down our green truck. The cab is ready to be taken off the frame. He has also removed the radiator and front clip. He has also removed the rear axle and steering components.
  11. Build Thread for our 47 Dodge Truck

    after getting these trucks ive found it hard to take off the lug nuts off the rear axle(the ones holding the outer rim). looks like im going to need to buy a bigger impact wrench but before i do that i wanna ask everyone whether theres an easier way? ive done tried with a breaker bar with pole for leverage and broke 2 adapters. also ive tried all the different lubes on hand drenched it over night to even a few days but still didnt budge. last thing thatbi tried was to heat them up a little in hopes that it would work, now im sore from all the straining. i hope someone has a better idea so ill check back in after a few days i need to just relax and recoup.....
  12. Build Thread for our 47 Dodge Truck

    oh historical vehicle license plate is just a specialized plate that people can get thru the dmv. nothing special about the truck only that its our 46 dodge 2 ton truck anyways ive got a few questions concerning the oil canister, does it matter which line goes to the side of it or the bottom? cause on better inspection of the lines it seems that one of the trucks has it one way, and the other has it reversed(if the canister was there to begin with). came to this conclusion by the way the lines were bent, or are there different canisters with different positioning of the connectors?
  13. Build Thread for our 47 Dodge Truck

    thanks wayfarer and boy am i glad that you and many others on here, has way too much spare time on your guys' hands.......thank you again and all the others that contribute to others build treads
  14. Build Thread for our 47 Dodge Truck

    Umm this is the first we have heard those names is it a website person or store
  15. Build Thread for our 47 Dodge Truck

    Here all loaded up ready to take her home. Also one of the things that we didn't mention about Beauty (green trucks name) is that it is a historical vehicle. As you can see in the picture.