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  1. 12 volt conversion and the fluid drive

    Wired up the car to 12v, but when i came across the transmission wiring, it overwhelmed me, so i left it for the last task of wiring. Haven't been able to get it wired correctly to shift normally.
  2. 12 volt conversion and the fluid drive

    Yes sir its the "gyro matic"
  3. 12 volt conversion and the fluid drive

    Did anyone actually draw out a schematic diagram of how to wire up these fluid drive tranny? Im still driving the fluid drive in my 51 coronet... please excuse me for reviving an old thread... any pictures/schematic/parts list would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time gentleman
  4. New Tachometer

    Heres a dumb question gentleman.... has anyone found or drawn a schematic diagram of how to wire up these tachs? Specially on a mini HEI.... any direct links to the repops? Or to the guys that want to get rid of them ? thanks for your time and knowledge
  5. Stovebolt T5 Trans Adapter

    Where about in California... what you looking to get out of it?
  6. Six volt resisters in a 12 volt system

    Gentlemen, would doing this to the fluid drive trans, also work? Adding a resistor(s) to the tranny, make it shift(work) as it use to? Thanks for you time and knowledge
  7. Stovebolt T5 Trans Adapter

    Yes sir, its intended for my car. And yes its a fluid drive. R10 are NOT common out here in California. Ive been searching your profile and surfing all 300something pages worth of knowledge....
  8. Stovebolt T5 Trans Adapter

    Gentlemen excuse me for reviving a 4-5 yr old thread, but the links that were added on here are no longer available.. when i hit the link it goes to a blank page. Im looking into doing the t5 swap on my 51 coronet... thanks for your time.
  9. The State Of Urban Freeway Driving

    Being from o.c California, I travel the 5,91,605,710 freeways in my 51 coronet flathead. And my buddy also in his 49 Plymouth. Bone stock. Little by little we've been getting more "umph" out of the Lhead. Cruising at 65mph slow lane sharing . Some people don't care much and swerve around, others mean mug us. But nothing that the bird can't translate better to show that I don't care.
  10. Modern distributor used in the flatheads?

    Hello gentlemen my name is Jose. I'm new to the forum. After reading and surfing the forum so much as a non member, it didn't allow me to surf anymore. I have 51 corenet, just received my Langdons HEI distributor. And after reading the pros and cons. The pros convinced me to get it, but I don't want to have that slight chance of failing on me. So my question is, has anyone actually VIDEO taped the "How to" of the distributor swap ?The car is my daily driver bread winner. Can't afford to take the bus... Thank you for your time and wisdom....