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    Want to learn more about classic mopars, looking for an" apprenticeship ", local garage to have hands on knowledge.
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    1951 dodge coronet coupe

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    Usmc vet keeping my head/mind busy with mopar classics and loving the challenges that come with it.
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    Hvac tech


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    Orange county ca
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  1. Beto0311

    Motor plate

    Thank you for the idea. I didnt think of that... gonna give that idea a shot. Much appreciated boss
  2. Beto0311

    Motor plate

    Doesnt sound like many of yall have overhauled a fluid drive transmission before. Yall are still thinking regular 3 speed...WHICH IS easier and everything does match up with the adapter plate and the whole nine yards... thats not the case with the fluid drive. Its all different under the car. Xmembers are in different locations at different offsets. Etc etc
  3. Beto0311

    Motor plate

    Im using a 49 Plymouth bellhousing, not much difference. Than any other mopar housing, yes its still cast iron. I wouldn't call it shame.. the fluid drive Xmember is riveted in under the master cylinder bracket which is welded on the frame. Whole different can of worm i didnt want to deal with.. plus, The bellhousing mounts are NOT even close to the 49 Plymouth bellhousing (3 speed manual). Mounting holes. Yes i have seen the bushin mounts, i replaced them on the fluid drive transmission.... its very tight space to fab out a "metal floor frame". Looking to have the car ready for mooneyes in December.
  4. Beto0311

    Motor plate

    Found this on google.. just researching my idea. Its a hudson hornet flathead race motor.
  5. Beto0311

    Motor plate

    Its too late for original Xmember mount.. i chopped it off from the middle to allow the 883 to drop into place.. i was thinking of something like this flathead here. Thought somone here might of been through what im going through.
  6. Beto0311

    Motor plate

    I used a standard 3 speed bellhousing. Alot shorter. Thats why the motor is swaying side to side, theres no belthousing mounts.
  7. Beto0311

    Motor plate

    You can see the original Xmember mount for the hydromatic trans is further back than that of a 3 speed. Thats why it had to be cut.
  8. Beto0311

    Motor plate

    Once again. I had the hydromatic trans on my 51 coronet. Its a longer bellhousing, pushing the Xmember back a few inches than the tegular standard 3 speed.. which will work. On a regular 3 speed manual coronet the 883 swap would be have easily done. Thats not the case with the hydromatic trans..
  9. Beto0311

    Motor plate

    "Floating power" i know that.. its not holding all of it.. the motor is swaying side to side with the current motor mount and the new trans Xmember. The original Xmember mount had to be cut to allow the 883 to sit in place. So now its just the "floating power" bracket/mount and the rear 883 trans Xmember mount.. causing the engine to sway side to side
  10. Beto0311

    Motor plate

    Has anyone seen or have used (currently) a motor plate as mount on a high performance fathead 6? 230 dodge. Pictures of template would be greatly appreciated... i inquire about it because i removed the hydromatic trans on my 51, inatlled the a883OD, motor was bore out. So it sways side to side. Since it had the hydromatic trans on it, the current bellhousing doesn't have any support now, the Xmember had to be cut out. So the transmission can fit in.... im leaning towards the motor plate option because it seems "easier"??.... so i figured some one has possibly used it before... thanks in advance to the advice and help.
  11. Any more recent updated info on this build/thread?
  12. Man where were you a weel ago. I already purchased one from ohio.
  13. You know anyone that has a spare 833 transmission with the over drive.. im doing the same swap on my 51 coronet. After my 230 gets rebuilt .30 over... i appreciate any info or leads to help my process . Thanks in advance. Cant wait for the next post
  14. Beto0311

    12 volt conversion and the fluid drive

    Wired up the car to 12v, but when i came across the transmission wiring, it overwhelmed me, so i left it for the last task of wiring. Haven't been able to get it wired correctly to shift normally.
  15. Beto0311

    12 volt conversion and the fluid drive

    Yes sir its the "gyro matic"

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