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  1. I got this RAT in my dining-room that I fed spare Dodge truck parts to. Now he won't leave.
  2. BRAG ALERT,,BRAG ALERT,,;I could run 3 pumps simultaneously, constantly regulating pump speed on the fly, all the while adding a Quart of oil, airing all 4,  and adding a gallon of windshield cleaner, all while squeegeeing front and rear glass spot-free!  Remember when a pretty chick would pull in and the competition between us to get to her first! She'd get the lather treatment and the slow sqeegy, Multipass window treatment, then a wink if she dug it!North County Shell Station was on Jennings Rd. near Northland Mall and the Moter/ Gulf station on Lewis & Clark just near the North Drive-Inn. Early 70's.

    I would kill for a Russell's Gooey- butter about now! Sorry if none of this makes sense, but good therapy for me.

  3. kendall

    What paint to use on wheel rims?

    A great compromise between aerosol bombs and powdercoating is this stuff I get from my local auto body supply. Before you spray, you insert a provided tool into the bottom of the can. A hardener is then released into the paint and a super hard finish is the result. They mix any color of your choosing. I pay $23 a can at Finishmasters. Expensive but no reducers, hardeners, strainers, formulas, etc. and goes on smooth and opaque to the bottom of the can. Great for cab interior work too.
  4. kendall

    Gas tank options

    I have a free tank from a 47 that's banged up on the bottom but never leaked if you're interested. It may be rusted from being out in the elements for about a year. I could check and snap photos. I believe it is shorter than yours but I believe a sheet metal spacer is available to allow the use of the truck's existing mounting holes. I'm in Jacksonville, Florida.
  5. kendall

    3 point seatbelt in '47'

    Now to get my passengers to wear them. Instead of pointing to the instruction card in the seatback like your typical airline steward, I have them pop the glovebox and let the Captain have at them!
  6. I discovered there is only one place to install the belt hanger without rubbing and perfectly vertical as the mfr. required and that was in space. I did not want to weld so I fabbed these aluminum brackets. The 3/8" plate fastens to the doorframe w/ 5/16" hardened bolts. The 1/2" bar runs to the window surround, converting some shear to compression. I'll paint the exposed aluminum green to match in the future.
  7. If your cardboard kick panels are ratty and warped like mine were, a solution is to leave them off and expose some of the factory stamping for an industrial look. It also squeezes a little more 'virtual' space out of a naturally narrow cab. I thought creating pockets within and displaying/storing vintage maps would be cool. Some of the vertical painted sheetmetal was added to correspond/align with the two stamped recesses below it. I think this concept will work better if some or all of your floor is exposed. Ever buy a house and peel back the carpet to find beautiful 1-1/2" oak plank below? That's what I felt when I removed the previous owner's carpet from this truck. No way was I not going to expose the beautiful bones of these trucks by recovering it.
  8. kendall

    Familiar territory

    I filled the many holes in the firewall so I can't inspect for differences in pre and postwar trucks but I'm wondering if there are differences in seat pedestals, hatch dimensions, bracket locations or other clues to decipher whether the cab is pre or postwar. I have the Shop manual for 47 and every corresponding piece of the truck matches the manual. Also the engine # says the 230 c.i.d.@102 h.p. is the motor that came with the truck new. Maybe just the dash is prewar. The welds sure look factory but then again, an ape with a cigarette welds better than me.I just inspected the dash welds again and they are not as good as I originally thought. Plus I found some welding flash not noticed before. Must be a prewar dash in a postwar cab.
  9. kendall

    Familiar territory

    Just searched PowerWagon dasheboards from war production (43,44, & 45) thinking that the waterfall was continued up to1946 to give the 'factory n.o.s. theory some credence. But it looks like even the 43 'PW's have the flat panel below the short waterfall. Also if they were continually building dashboards during the war, they wouldn't have any prewar dashes to unload in the public's trucks. So Merle is probably correct,.............................Although I will NEVER admit I've fallen in love with a "FRANKENDODGE!"
  10. kendall

    Familiar territory

    It's titled a 47 and the welds holding the dash to the cab look factory but the truck lived a long existence well before I met it so I'm left wondering on its history. I have found orange paint traces in some welds so maybe a gov. truck? If it were a 46, one would think the dash was factory installed with new/old stock. I do prefer the full waterfall's deco appearance. Thanks for the positive comments.
  11. kendall

    Familiar territory

    An interior shot for Tom. I'm pretty sure I have the the only Dodge with Gumby serenading a starfish riding on my frame rail. Crappy shot if you click on it tho, inside my garage.
  12. kendall

    Familiar territory

    I took a camera video as I was driving the other day and the cool/scariest thing about the interior is watching the front universal joint spinning below your ankle thru the glass floor. I'll be sure not to forget that zerk fitting! I'll upload the video when I figure out the process on a Mac.
  13. Home Depot run X 5 per week! My typical evening. Loving the longer days. Seem familiar?
  14. kendall

    1967 Dodge Dart GT

    'take' it , not 'make' it!
  15. kendall

    1967 Dodge Dart GT

    If her marriage would somehow "sour", she may beg you to make it, along with the poor guy's drum set, bass boat, and Harley. Hmmmmm.

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