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  1. Upholstry choices?

    I just finished my interior and used sheet aluminum instead of cardboard on the door-panels, A-pillar covers and the area above the seats to the headliner. The last photo shows a USB port installed before the headliner was lifted in place. I removed the bulges and sags from my cardboard headliner by glueing masonite to the backside where needed. I then fiberglassed the entire perimeter as the screw holes were all ragged out. Then I went to a fabric store and ordered 3 yards of the coolest looking vinyl I could find. I have the hinged windshield which makes for a wetter cab in wet weather. Cardboard was not a good solution for pre '48's.
  2. Langdon Headers

    Coolant flowed out of the freeze plugs immediately, not a drip but a stream, and that was the first I heard that Offenhausers don't hold water. It would have been nice if Offy or the company who sold me the plumbing had given me a heads-up on the need to weld before installing. I was more interested in tuning the carbs and getting my homemade throttle linkage right than pulling my newly installed intake mani. off to fix a leak. I live in Florida which may make heating the manifold unnecessary but I will hook it up when convenient to see if I can cure an occasional stutter I have on acceleration.
  3. Langdon Headers

    I'm hoping Tom welded the two access holes under the offenhauser for you.The factory covers them with freeze plugs and does not inform customers that they do not hold water! I disconnected my water supply until I someday remove my intake for some other reason and weld aluminum plugs in place of the steel ones. A few folks recommended adding leak-stop pellets into the radiator to possibly seal them up but I haven't attempted yet.
  4. Langdon Headers

    I'm hoping George welded those two freeze/access plugs underneath your intake.They are guaranteed to leak and Offy Co. is too unconcerned of those who want to run water thru them to weld them themselves or even warn the buyer to have them welded prior to installation.
  5. Edgy heads being poured now

    I bought one of the last two 230 heads Edgy had about a year ago. $1k + $100 to ship. The bump in the head price may be justified but I'd try to work $100 off the $200 shipping charge.
  6. glass floor in my 47

    The glass shop renegged on the 1/2" thick glass they promised.This is 3/8" and plenty strong to carry the weight my feet and occasional impact. If a very tiny, angry person is 'toopid' enough to stand and stomp on this, then it's his duty to pick himself up from the center of the road and buy me a replacement piece! I live in a town with lots of bridges with steel grate decking. The grate visually disappears at speed. Laminating was cost prohibitive but I'm assuming laminated glass would have to be tempered so as not to compromise the membrane from glass shards when broken. A thought: cheating wife, lock doors, park on roadkill until she confesses.
  7. Reminds me of my distant past . My dad would break down in his cab some where in metro St. Louis and get me out of bed at 2 in the morning. I'd bump that 66 Fury 3 of his 30 miles home with a tire lashed to the front of my Comet. Bump too hard ? No damage but the little white haired head in the car in front would jerk back! I couldn't hear him, but I knew the exact expletives coming out of his mouth. Words dads reserve only for their sons. But for that sole 30 minutes of the bump game, a 16 year old boy controlled his dad's 'everything'! We were a good team at it too.
  8. elect fuel pump saftey switch

    My electric pump is powered by the ignition side of my key and through a manual on-off switch as well. Installing the pump as a 'pusher' in front of the fuel tank, as required, places it about under your butt. My pump, one of the better ones on the market is so LOUD, you can hear it easily to know it is on. The downside, if you're rendered incapacitated in an accident and not hitting the off switch, the pump will "add fuel to the fire". I'm still considering an auto shutoff for that reason alone.
  9. Your wife says; Turn on the red light....turn on the red light....turn on the red light....turn on the red light....you don't have to turn on the red light! No offense in any way and for punishment, that melody will be stuck in my head all day!
  10. glass floor in my 47

    I 'm anticipating breakage sometime in the future and am resigned to the possibility of replacing one of the three panes once every three years +/- at a cost of $75 per pane. Worth the risk to me. I've got plywood panels to pop in when needed as well. I'm also in the process of installing these floor mats, having them retract under my seat using window shade hardware. Thanks for the kind feedback!
  11. Good to know,makes sense to not fasten yourself to the component that will acquire the most abrupt trauma, the only problem is finding ample resistance in what is mostly sheetmetal to prevent the fasteners from tearing out under extreme tension.The door jamb where the upper hanger will mount appears to be maybe 26 ga. / two channels with welds spaced pretty far apart. If the upper hanger fails,I’m a dead man regardless of the bottom mounts success.The top mount is the challenge.
  12. Anyone install 3-point retractable seat belts in the pre 48 dodge pick up? I ordered them after creating a paper scale model of the retractor and determining that they 'more than likely' will work! Caveat; there can be no rubbing of the belt against the seat and cab, the hanger must be mounted directly above the retractor with the belt at a perfect 90 degrees, parallel, and swivel to boot! And of course all 3 points of attachment to the truck to be a rock solid/ grade 8 connection, preferably through the frame. Keeping my cardboard interior liner would have been impossible so out came the mat knife. The photos show what lies beneath. Take-away 1; The retractor will have to mount vertically above the filler tube, a manufacturer no-no. Take-away #2; the hanger will have to be placed about halfway between the two horizontal beams or about 8" =/- above the seatback. Take-away #3: Any steel framing I install should not become a weapon to stab or clobber me in an accident.
  13. glass floor in my 47

    I allowed enough space between the glass panels to place a small rubber t-moulding that would slightly compress the glass at the perimeters but the weight of the glass and friction as it rests on an 1-1/2" oak surround, doesn't allow it to shift even when driving around corners. The t-moulding will just prevent glass to glass contact and chipping, and seal the cab from fumes. I drove the truck for years without the 3/4" plywood floor bolted down either with never a problem. My only fear is a roll-over but at that point, the floor coming at me and 'ending my suffering' might be a blessing! It is tempered so it would be more like getting blasted with a shotgun instead of a swinging swordsman! A typical compression accident and the floor would hopefully crumble to the ground. I drive this like my motorcycles, about 1k miles a year and avoid rain and wet streets. I'm always using it as a truck though, but only bagged stuff as in mulch, landscape rock and cement. Always cheaper by the sq. yd. tho.
  14. Progress photos, description of photo mistakenly placed in the 1-15 d-24 forum
  15. glass floor in my 47

    Oops,sorry, thought I was in the truck forum.Anybody know how to bump this over?