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  1. I talked to Farman to day and the uprights wil not fit my 41.its for a 39/40 mopar. So I have to make some bushings. The one on top I can take about 2mm of it and it wil fit. But the lower one I need to know what kind of threads it's on a 40 mopar bushing? And on the bushing bolt for a 41 so I can make a new one that wil fit 41car and 40 uprights.
  2. I have got uprights for a 40 mopar and I got a 41;( is IT posibel to use knuckle bushing for a 40 on my 41?
  3. My bushing is 35,5mm And the upright is 34,5mm
  4. Hi im going to mount Farman drop on my 41 dodge now, but the upper knuckle support is to big? Anyone? I can see it's a different support on the 39/40 then my 41. Do I need to order knuckle support for a 40 mopar?
  5. Is this steeringarm orginale?
  6. I run 6.00-16" tyres on stok rims. Wil I get bumpsteerig or any problems not bending the steeringarms? Want to mount the uprights tomorrow
  7. BTW here is my homemade "drop kit" to the rear
  8. Now I got a set from Farman from a guy that only Reyes them on for s good price! But do i need to bend the steeringarms ore is IT possibel to drive with them orginale?
  9. I have now byed this coil overs and wil try to replace the 850 spring. Only problem is to make a mount in the top for it...
  10. I got this answer from a fatman uprigth seller: yes 3" drop , stock brakes wont work with the up rights they wont bolt up with out clearance issues with the backing plate. is it possible to use drums ore not i really want to have my old brumbrakes and dropped uprights.
  11. Ok;) Is it possible to turn my org uprights upside down?
  12. I need to replace my rear leafsprings. Do any one know the length and width on the spring? I got an offer to bye a set of leafsprins, they are 133cm cc and 4,5cm width. Wil they fit?
  13. Do you want to sell the uprights? IF it fits my 41 dodge....