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  1. 48Windsor

    Cowl vent dismanteling?

    I just replaced mine. By loosening the screws I was able to raise the cowl vent on my Chrysler to get enough clearance to squeeze in some weather strip adhesive and slip it in. Put the screws back in, closed the vent to keep is pressed down into the groove. Still staying down nicely
  2. 48Windsor

    1939 Plymouth vacuum advance pod

    Had mine rebuilt at Terrill Machine De Leon Tx
  3. 48Windsor

    48 Windsor Hood to Radiator Seal

    Well, I went ahead and engineered one, be it right or wrong. I really don't see much need for it. There isn't much space between the hood and radiator anyway. I used "door sweep" rubber. Its fairly pliable. We'll see how it holds up to the heat. I'll give it a shot since I'm not out much. Max, thanks for the tip on a source. Tom B
  4. 48Windsor

    48 Windsor Hood to Radiator Seal

    I finally found it under Downloads Categories. No Staples. The material is pinched in place in the slots in the metal. Still looking around the shop for some type material to use. . Thanks
  5. 48Windsor

    48 Windsor Hood to Radiator Seal

    Finally got a new camera. Here's a pic of the crusty hood to radiator seal. How important is this? It looks like the original stuff was pretty heavy duty. Guess I'll look around for some type of material to replace.
  6. Has anyone replaced their hood to radiator seal? I haven't found any replacement from Steel Rubber, Andy B, or Roberts. I did a little cleaning up under the hood and the seal of course so crusty and brittle is was useless. Its a metal, two piece affair that attaches to the radiator. The seal is pinched into a few slots in the metal. Sorry, no camera for pics. Just wondering if some type of standard weather seal would work. Thanks for any info. Tom B
  7. 48Windsor

    Cowl Vent Gasket

    Thanks Pete, I was nosing around on the cowl seal and found a pic that showed the ridge on the gasket on the top side.
  8. 48Windsor

    Cowl Vent Gasket

    Thanks all. Looks like mmcdowel provided the address. Tom B
  9. 48Windsor

    Cowl Vent Gasket

    I just got a cowl vent gasket from Roberts. A great ordering experience by the way. I mistakenly ordered a part I didn't need. Contacted him and he corrected the order for me without a hitch. No shipping parts back and forth, etc. A rare experience in this day and age. Anyway, the gasket has a ridge on one side of it. The old gasket is gone so I'm trying to figure out if the ridge goes up or down. I assume it goes on the top. Thanks for any insight.
  10. 48Windsor

    My Favourite At The Show...T&C

    Beautiful car. Where can a person get a roof rack for our rigs?? I think it adds a "Cool Factor" to the car. Tom B
  11. 48Windsor

    Sub Zero Challenge

    Well I thought I would post and update to my sub zero drive fiasco. Finally got my shop heater going so I threw in some antifreeze in the old whale to see how bad the radiator leaked. Hmmm, no leaks anywhere. My theory is that the antifreeze was good enough to protect it while sitting in the shop but when I pulled it out in the subzero air with the fan pulling all that cold air through the rad, it froze it up. Stopped the flow to the engine which caused it to get hot. Glad I wasn't on the road. Anyway, all is well with protection down to -35. Also, here's a pic of my son and his wife back from Portland Or. for Christmas. He got a real kick out of driving the fluid drive!
  12. 48Windsor

    Sub Zero Challenge

    Well, I hate to post this but yesterday it was -10 here in sunny Ks. A month ago when it was in the 60's I made an appointment to have some work done on the "beached whale". Rather than cancel I said what the H..... and went out to see if the ole girl would start. The old 6v struggled a bit but on the 3rd try it caught and ran fine. With a spring in my step I went back to the house to let it warm up good before hitting the road. Looked out and saw a lot of steam coming from the front of the car. Yep, rad must have froze up. I'm pretty careful about maintenance on my stuff so this was kind of a puzzle. The only thing I can figure is I used premixed antifreeze this summer when I changed the thermostat. Evidently it didn't give enough protection with what was in the system. Should have tested it. Stupid is is stupid does. Bad end to a good start.
  13. 48Windsor

    251 distributor

    Good to know. Will keep on file for future reference. Thanks
  14. 48Windsor

    251 distributor

    No. Does he have parts or fix vac adv? 1st time I heard his name.
  15. 48Windsor

    251 distributor

    Thought I'd give an update. I sent the vacuum advance off to TerrIll Machine in Texas. Turnaround time is about 3 weeks. In the meantime, my hometown mechanic has gone through the dizzy, cleaned and greased the breaker plate as it was stuck solid. Looks and works good now. Replaced the points and condensor, timed, etc. Will take it back for him to install the vac. adv. and re-time when I get it back. Man does it run a lot better now! Would run down the road at 60-65 with ease but i'd say 55mph is pretty much the sweet spot. I don't like to push it much over that, besides I'm not in that much of a hurry any more. Anyway, ready to start extending the road trips to test dependability. Tom B

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