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  1. 50s-coronet

    Sparkplug wire questions

    Let me connect to the discussion above about the ignition cables. I purchased the same as mentioned above, it seems. However the connection to the spark plug does not have insulation and the vendor says that this was common practice for cars of the 1950s. Is that true? And is there no hazard from un-insulated spark plug connections? Any experiences or recommendations? Never seen something like this before but however... By the way: I also had trouble with the brass connector!
  2. 50s-coronet

    studs replacement

    Well, it came how it had to come: after replacing the wheel studs I recognized that the brake drum is distorted in a really bad way. this may have happened while trying to remove the studs using a hammer - although I did not apply too much force or at the shop, if they did not unterlay properly a support. lesson learnt. However, the studs fit perfect! for the time being, the damage was limited as much as possible by turning the brake drum just to keep the car running. it was done and checked by a professional mechanics. but as soon as possible I need a new brake drum. if someone has one, let me know! see also my other post: However, thank you so far for your kind support.
  3. 50s-coronet

    studs replacement

    True. tomorrow, some workshops will get a visit by me and the brake drum... thanks again for your advise and patience!
  4. 50s-coronet

    studs replacement

    In my case it was not the reason for the broken threads. But however, thanks Andydodge and Plymouthy Adams for your good advise. But you can be sure, that I will recheck - better double check before I touch critical parts. Unfortunately, in the shop manual there was no description of how to take off the outer brake drum. Maybe this was too much basic. However, following your instructions, I was able to take off the drum. Thats what it looks like from the inside: Does anyone know, whether this is what it looked like ex factory? A retailer said, that they are fabricated with lug bolts. could be that this was just for export cars. Anyhow I tried to hammer the studs out of the drum but they don't move at all. maybe I'm still too gently.
  5. 50s-coronet

    studs replacement

    The next step might be to take off the outer disk. I suppose, it is fixed with the two nuts on the front and rear side of the back-disk. I've also seen, that there is a spring pushed down by the nuts. Is the prestress hazardous when opening?!
  6. 50s-coronet

    studs replacement

    Yes, correct! They are on the driver's side and open clockwiese. That's where I am now. You can see the outer disk that turns with the wheel and the 5 studs with the bad thread.
  7. 50s-coronet

    studs replacement

    ok, you might have recognized, that I'm a non-native speaker. But you're right, what I need are studs. It's not an export car. at your website, I think I will find some. let's see, whether I get the old ones out and the new ones in! I let you know! Thanks!!
  8. 50s-coronet

    studs replacement

    hey everyone! did anybody have to replace the screws holding the rim on the axis? is there anything to know about it? as you may know, the studs are fixed at the brakes. where can I get the new screws the most easiest way? maybe ebay? the problem is that the thread of my screws has gone bad.