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  1. Front cap

    Mine was fun...good luck
  2. Park Lights

    What about brake lights? What's everyone using
  3. Anyone have a set of tail lightslights laying around they would sale me...that's all I really keep for my truck...can decide on any
  4. Brake light switch wiring help

    Does it matter which one
  5. How does this 2 prong switch wire up the one on top of master cylinder thanks
  6. Play in steering 54 dodge truck

    Where can I get the lube its low..and what brand or kind or weight
  7. Is there anyway to get the play out of the steering gear box...mine has the original box...any suggestions 54 dodge truck 1/2 ton
  8. A smoother ride 54 dodge truck

    I got some 2inch ones will be here Saturday lol
  9. 54 dodge pickup kingpin part number

    I got the rear parts kingpins with nylon bushingsbushings part number 30351 same as the moog 8453n
  10. 54 dodge pickup kingpin part number

    The machine shop here in my town is way expensive and I have a friend that said he's done them before...I'm trying to avoid the machine shop..because what they will charge me I can do a front end swap
  11. 54 dodge pickup kingpin part number

    Will the nylon one work
  12. 54 dodge pickup kingpin part number

    Moog said that 8453b would not work on my truck..and it will need to be taking to a machine shop? Trying to do it myself