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  1. The car drives normal once you get Rollin it's just first is a lot of revving and feathering the clutch to get going in first
  2. Definitely in first , I thought that too
  3. Sorry about that 49 Goat I'm not the best at this ! What do you think about 3,73 gears ?
  4. Yes lots of feathering in first on level ground , no clutch slipping once you get rolling and punch it .
  5. Yes the engine feels pretty good , it like to be warm like any old carb motor . You really have to feather this one to get going in first thou ! rear ends are everywhere for that diff so it might be worth trying different gears maybe ?
  6. Do you think I should try finding 3.73 gears then ?
  7. Maybe my car doesn't like the 355 gears and the 235/75r15 rear tires ?
  8. Yes reverse works and there is a difference between 1st 2nd and 3rd , 2nd gear is definitely taller than first . I'm at a loss ?
  9. Yes sir , I can push the car with one hand no problem
  10. Just a update to let you guys know what I have found , the axle is a ford 8.8 with a ratio of 355,the is clutch free of oil contamination . I'm wondering if the tranny has been opened up and a different 1st gear was installed if that is possible ?
  11. Thanks Greg I'm going to jack that thing up hopefully Monday and have a look in there ! Cheers
  12. Shudders might not be the right word sorry but it definitely is not right , I've owned standard cars and trucks my whole life and this one does not feel right somthing is up and I'm just going to have to go over it and figure it out ! thanks for all the suggestions everyone has giving me some good ideas to thing to start checking !
  13. Hi Greg g from what I can tell it's in first tried second it's definitely taller and third is fine . Once the car is moving it's like a boss everything normal , from what I can tell it's just starting out shutters like it going to stall like I'm in a higher gear if that makes sense ? ps thanks for the awesome write up on the clutch adjustment !! cheers
  14. Hard to say if it's smooth and tight this car is a whole different animal for me ! The shifter feels ok but I have nothing to compare it too . My biggest problem is starting out in first gear it's like starting out in a higher gear , so I'll do as you say and get a good manual and go from there ! thanks for all the good info love this site !!
  15. Thanks so much knuckleharley i guess my first step is to figure out why starting in first is so hard be it a worn clutch or somthing else and carry on from there ? I'll let you know what I fined cheers Brad