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  1. That could make a nice car no matter which way you go with it. I prefer fairly stock vehicles but I can understand the desire to do something different, too. A frame swap is a HUGE undertaking but there have been lots of them done successfully. I'd think one of the early Dakota's would be a good choice for a donor. You'd have to carefully measure wheelbase and track width and the body mounting would all be up to you, not to mention mounting bumpers, fuel tank, and a zillion other minor inconveniences. Good luck with your car no matter what you decide to do!! And please let us see some pics!! edit to add See? That's how to be helpful to people who ask questions in good faith. And yeah, I hate laugh tracks, too.
  2. I got out my old Remington Model 10 shooting match gun the other day. Picked it up, left shoulder going pop-pop-pop and way too much pain to hold it up. I could probably handle a .22 but my long gun days are apparently behind me.
  3. Nice looking car but no way that's a rebuilt engine. $7k if it's something you really want.
  4. Another fun time in 1969, BIL had a '65 Dodge Coronet wagon, we stopped to look at a '53 Chevy I was thinking about buying. I slammed the door of the Dodge on my right index finger. The fingernail pulled out from the bottom and was still hanging on at the top. BIL says "Let me take a look at that" and yanked the fingernail and most of the meat off the top of my finger. I didn't hang around to buy the Chevy and even though I've had a lot of good times with that finger it still gives me trouble to this day. Laugh's on him, though; I'm still around and he isn't. 😉
  5. Looks like a decent deal if it isn't half bondo. I'd probably buy it if it wasn't 900 miles away..
  6. I agree, if it's running okay and not fouling plugs or blowing a bunch of smoke I'd keep going! Hope all is well with the wife!
  7. Let us know what happens. Many years ago I had a '68 C-10 I bought without an engine. I then bought a 283 from a kid that lived nearby. Put a WCFB and a set of Hooker headers on it. It was a great running motor but used a quart of oil every 50 miles! I assumed it needed a total rebuild and sold it fairly quickly.
  8. Thanks for your response. I really appreciate it.
  9. I doubt that six bolt intake is causing your problem. How do the plugs look? SBC's are notorious for sucking oil and fouling plugs. I've seen more than a few with one or more hotter plugs to deal with it. If you can't find the Mopar valve seals PA recommended or if they don't work you could try FoMoCo seals. 🙂
  10. 1969, my then girlfriend's father gave me a '63 D-100 with a 318. The hood had blown open and it had set on a railroad right of way for 3-4 years with the dented up hood in the bed. The truck generally looked like it had been in a demolition derby. I got it sorta running and almost immediately traded it off for a really nice '65 VW. The night I drove it out to swap for the VW it was backfiring and just generally running badly. I had taken the air filter off and it would shoot flames 20 feet in the air! The guy I sold it to repainted it, got it running right and drove it for a while before he sold it. Looked like a new truck after he got finished with it.
  11. I had assumed it was an earlier engine but if it's one with only 4 intake bolts per side you may very well have leaky intake manifold gaskets. That's fairly common with those engines.
  12. It only takes a minute to pull the valve covers and check the oil return holes if you really think that's what's causing the problem I think it's probably sucking oil through the exhaust valve seals. They're easy enough to change without a teardown. You can get an air fitting to screw in the spark plug hole and then use a spring compressor to remove the valve spring. Chevy used an o-ring type seal but there are umbrella seals available. I don't think much of SeaFoam, Marvel Mystery Oil, fuel system cleaner, really anything along those lines. Maybe it's just me.. 🙂
  13. Jesse started working for me as a laborer right after he graduated high school. He worked for me until the economy collapsed in 1980 and then went to Dallas looking for work. I only saw him a few times after that. He'd drop by unannounced with a big old grin on his face and a six-pack in his hand and we'd spend some time remembering the good ol' days when we were all "young and viral" as Jess would put it. I don't know that I ever knew anyone who worked harder than he did and he reaped the rewards of a life lived hard. R.I.P. Jesse!! http://hutchingsfuneralchapel.com/obits.asp?form=obituary&ID=725 We should all be lucky enough to have someone who loves us enough to write such a fine obituary.
  14. I bought a used Campbell Hausfeld a few years ago and have used it quite a bit. I even sprayed my blackberries against Japanese beetles using the reservoir. Unfortunately the pump' started leaking and I haven't used it for a while.
  15. If I was doing a V-8 conversion I'd use a small block Chevy because I like them and over the years have accumulated several. Are they the absolute best engine in the whole wide world? Possibly not but nothing else is, either. Happy Labor Day!!🙂
  16. Looking good!! I'm surprised about the LS problems. Those have a reputation of being pretty well bullet-proof. I admit, though; that I personally like the earlier engines better. Kinda hard to argue with something that's been successful since 1955. Did you use a hydraulic throw out bearing assembly?
  17. Don't get fixated on the spark issue. It may be something else. I had a fuel injected boxer BMW a few years back that had almost the same symptoms. It had set for a long time and the fuel gummed up. I replaced the fuel pump and filter, cleaned the tank and fuel injectors, put in new spark plugs and wires, and thinking I'd be on the safe side I poured a little fuel injector cleaner in with the gas. It would run fine but then start cutting out and losing power. Replaced the gas\cleaner mix with just gas and the bike ran like it should from then on. I may be wrong but I'm convinced it was the fuel injector cleaner and will never put any snake oil in a fuel tank again. Pertronix ignitions always worked fine for me on VW's.
  18. When I was working outside all the time I'd suck down gallons of water a day, never use the restroom or whatever; and at the end of the day produce a couple of ounces of what looked like slightly dark Orange Crush. My head always felt funny, too.... August in '71 or '72, I was laying up a fireplace through an attic and had a tuna salad sandwich for lunch. By 14:00.. WOW!! I can still taste it. I wouldn't bite Charlie Tuna if he bit me first.. 🙂
  19. Reminds me of a poem a wild old bricklayer shared with me. Censored for family viewing it went like this. "When the weather's hot and sultry, that's no time to_______________" "But when the frost is on the pumpkin, that's the time for___________" Use your imaginations to fill in the blanks or PM me for the rest. It's risque' but hey, whaddaya expect from construction workers? 🙂
  20. That's almost a motorcycle and I just love motorcycles!!
  21. It's basically a roll your own for the rack. A 10 bolt early Nova rear should work with some spring mount work but the wheels would have a different bolt pattern. Otherwise Ford Explorer or Dodge Dakota would fill the bill. I really like 283 SBC engines. I had a 301 in the early '70s that was a screamer!! Doesn't Andy's Dodge look great?
  22. I've personally known three people who died under vehicles, two under cars and one under a friggin' riding mower. I personally won't get under anything that doesn't have redundant support.
  23. Very nice car!! The Merc looks pretty good, too!!
  24. Ken, I was thinking the same thing earlier. Permatex #2 would probably work.
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