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  1. Not mine. https://semo.craigslist.org/cto/d/49-plymouth-2dr-station-wgn/6343153651.html
  2. 46 P15 Vacuum wiper linkage connection to vacuum motor

    I like the sound of the S-10 Blazer conversion. Have you done this yourself? Any pictures?
  3. 46 P15 Vacuum wiper linkage connection to vacuum motor

    Ah, I had you confused with another person who's also working on vacuum wipers. He's running a small block Chevy. I was lucky and didn't have to disassemble my wiper motor. I'd probably cut out a piece of thin leather or inner tube and try that. Otherwise wiperman.com may be your best bet.
  4. 46 P15 Vacuum wiper linkage connection to vacuum motor

    There's some kind of grommet in the arms but I can't remember if they're rubber, plastic, or oilite. The arms on yours look correct to me. I'm not sure what shaft you're saying isn't working correctly. Also keep in mind that these motors don't turn in a circle like a more modern unit. They wag back and forth if that makes sense. My wiper motor worked but wouldn't make it through a complete cycle. I disconnected the arms from the motor and left them under the dash when I took the motor out, poured some lube through the vacuum port and worked the actuator back and forth until it seemed like it had freed up somewhat. Then I hooked the motor up to vacuum to test it before re-installing it. I managed to lose one of the jesus clips and replaced it with a clip from my collection. Lubing solved my problem and hopefully will solve yours, too. Vacuum wipers aren't really all that bad. If I had a V8 like yours I might have to worry about not having wipers when passing someone but with a stock 218 that won't happen very often.
  5. New to the group

    I've owned a few dozen motorcycles of many different makes in my life. Right now I have 3 pairs of other makes and 3 Harleys. I can't really say why but I'm partial to shovelheads. Have been since I got my first one 45 years ago. IMO they look, sound, and feel like a motorcycle should. On the other hand my older brother loves Goldwings. They fit his idea of what motorcycles and motorcycling are all about. Everyone finds something about a particular vehicle that resonates with them. There's something for everyone and our ideas sometimes change. I useta think '40's Mopars were ugly as anything but now I love 'em..
  6. Vacuum wiper conversion??

    The OP was asking about the vacuum wiper motor in particular, hence my responses. I assume that since he has a SBC in his car that it's running a 12 volt electrical system. If he wants to change over to electric wipers Newport would be the way to go.
  7. Vacuum wiper conversion??

    Pictures of what you have might be helpful. The on/off knob should be top center on the dash. It's basically an L shaped lever that engages a fork shaped actuator on top of the wiper motor. Here's one for sale on eBay. The actuator is the part with the two small pieces of rubber hose on it. It's on top in the third pic. The lever from the top of the dash merely moves it from one position to another, on or off. The V shaped lever is where the arms that lead to the wiper transmissions attach. A vacuum line connected from the wiper motor to any constant engine vacuum source will operate the motor. http://www.ebay.com/itm/TRICO-Wiper-Motor-SK-51-5-Desota-1940-1941-1942-1946-1947-1948-Dodge-Plymouth-/272861056861?hash=item3f87c94f5d:g:b7gAAOSwD5ZZyBRU&vxp=mtr
  8. Electronic distributor

    If you inferred that because I mentioned Pertronix you're mistaken, I made no assumption. In fact, my experiences with their ignitions have all been positive. The VW conversions I ran never gave me any problems. I mentioned that I carried a complete distributor but with air-cooled VW's it's easier to swap a ready to go distributor on the side of the road than it is to replace a set of points/condenser or a Pertonix module. Carrying the spare was un-necessary, however; since I never had a failure. The Harley electronic ignitions I had were junk so I still run points. GM HEI module failure was fairly common but easy enough to fix IF you had the foresight to keep one in the glovebox. Ditto for the Ford Duraspark box. When they die you either install the spare or walk and I learned early that not many strangers will stop to help. I did have a friendly police officer take me to a service station once. I still had to ride in the back seat. Fortunately cars are more reliable these days and cell phones negate the need for hitch-hiking. My 2012 Econoline has over 150k on it with nothing but oil changes and tire rotations and still on it's second set of tires. And more on topic, I have points ignitions in all my old cars. Properly maintained they perform very well.
  9. Vacuum wiper conversion??

    No switch on top of the dash?
  10. Me and the Meadowbrook

    @Worden18 We had boxers when I was growing up. Somewhere there's a picture of me aged 4-5 years old with Bull, a brindle like yours; both of us asleep and me laying on him.. I remember riding around the house on his back, too.. Great dogs!!
  11. Electronic distributor

    I ran Pertronix ignitions on air-cooled VW's for many years without having any problems. I did, however; always keep a spare distributor under the back seat ready to drop in, along with a fan belt, clutch and throttlle cable, voltage regulator, fuel pump, plugs and wires, and a bunch of other stuff I never needed. There is a theory that if you carry a whole bunch of spare parts and a ton of tools you'll never need any of it. Always worked with my shovelhead. I rode that sucker all over the U.S. with 50 pounds of spare parts and tools and never broke down. I am a maniac for maintenance, though..
  12. Thoughts About Upgrading To Radial Tires...Photos?

    I like your car. Looks a little lower in the front than mine but it may be an illusion. I really need to find some rocker trim. What size tires are you running?
  13. How to keep the mice away?

    I used Pine-Sol in empty water bottles with wicks inserted one winter. I put several of them out in various places in the shop. I won't claim that it worked but it did seem like there were less mice.
  14. Tires!

    The auto center in the local Sears Grand was closed up a couple of weeks ago. The last time I was in there, on a Saturday afternoon 7-8 years ago; the tire guy said I was their second customer of the day. I'm surprised they kept it going as long as they did. Kinda sad but I got over Monkey Ward closing their auto center, too. I never bought much from either of the stores anyway.
  15. Thoughts About Upgrading To Radial Tires...Photos?

    My '47 P15 had Coker bias ply tires on it when I got it. I didn't like them and changed to 215/75-15 Hankook narrow whitewalls. They're inexpensive, ride and handle fine. Edit to add: Now I wish I'd had them mounted with the blackwalls out.