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  1. Sending you a pm with Tom at AMS e-mail and some more info. He's a GREAT guy and does some of the best Harley cylinder head work in the country.
  2. Those are super cool!! A Weiand blower through the hood would make 'em more recognizable to a lot of folks..
  3. Yeah, that '67s a bit rough. It set in the fencerow at the back of my property for about 25 years. I had to move it a couple of years ago and someone asked me if it ran and after cleaning the carb and putting a new fuel line on the bottom of the tank it fired right up! It's hard to kill a bug!!
  4. @Dan Hiebert Nice VW!!
  5. Not all cars but here ya go.
  6. Pictures of the brakes and a rear shot might help identifying it. I have a 50 Coronet at my other place. I'll try to take a look at the casting numbers later today.
  7. Dripping water into the carb works, I've done it many times. I'm sure you remember the JC Whitney "water injection" setup. Varying results reported from that one.
  8. Click on the envelope at the upper right of the page. Just noticed I sent you a message in July
  9. Check your pm's
  10. That's a really nice looking car!! You're sure to enjoy it!
  11. KH, U the MAN!! After reading this thread I'm thinking about de-coking every engine I own. What could possibly go wrong??
  12. This ain't rocket science, any good machine shop can take care of what sounds like a routine rebuild and parts for this engine are readily available. If you don't know or trust a local machinist try Automotive Machine and Supply in Cleburne. Like any real machinist Tom is a perfectionist and as honest as you'll find.
  13. We used a pinhole device for the last total eclipse visible in the U.S. back in 1979. It worked but not as well as the welding helmet we used during Venus' solar transit in 2012. Interestingly the paths of the 2017 and 2024 total eclipses intersect here. We have glasses specifically designed for this one.
  14. Maybe the meteor shower will be a bit better tonight. I missed it entirely last night. After working all day I decided sleep was more important. Not that I had much choice if you know what I mean.. Here's the winery's website. This place is about an hour from me. In my earlier years this I would have been in for all 4 days. I have motorcycle buddies near there and the offer of a campsite within a couple of miles of this clusterf.... The closer it gets the more I think I may ride over.. Heck, I'm old, not dead!!
  15. I'm right in the path of totality. A nearby winery has Ozzy hired to play "Bark At The Moon" right at the peak of the eclipse. If I was younger I'd be there. I've always enjoyed participating in a little weirdness.