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  1. The end of our hobby?

    So that's what the internet is, truth... MMMM,,,, gimme some of that sweet Kool-Aid.....
  2. The end of our hobby?

    I don't intend to waste time worrying about it. Most of us who would really care won't be around to see it happen. All in all the younger generation isn't nearly as interested in automobiles as we have been... unless they're somehow connected to a game controller.
  3. OT - What's wrong with THIS picture ???

    Those Campbell trucks were a regular sight in this part of the country. The company was based in Springfield, Mo.
  4. Exhaust Vibration

    Kinda like a Harley.. One night a bunch of us were riding across Oklahoma, temps in the low 30s, I'm trying to keep my eyes open after 10 hours riding and thinking my old shovelhead sure has a lot of pep, must be the cold night air.....but what's that whine?? DUH!! I've run the last 25 miles in third gear!!
  5. Rearview Mirror Question

    I have the original inside mirror and a 4" peep mirror on the driver's door of my '47. It's really inadequate. I'm thinking a rear-view camera may be the best answer.
  6. 48 Desoto Project

    @RNR1957NYer IMO nothing looks better on an old car than lacquer.
  7. 48 Desoto Project

    Nason'll work. I've used TCP Global Restoration Shop black enamel a couple of times and it does okay, too. Since the temps are cool and you aren't shooting metallic you shouldn't have any trouble with the roof other than just the physical part of getting around it.
  8. 48 Desoto Project

    Car's looking great!! Sounds like you have a good plan. Painting the roof will be the hardest part. Heck, if it's warm enough you could paint it outside. You're gonna color-sand and buff it anyway. Single stage would be my first choice, too. What brand of paint are you planning on using?
  9. help me please!!

    This is a good description of static timing on air-cooled VW's and if you sorta ignore the part about the mark on the distributor body it's applicable to the L6 motor, too. http://www.thegoldenbug.com/en/vw_technical_articles/d133/static_timing
  10. 1947 Chrysler modern rim substitutions?

    To muddy the waters even further.. Are there no issues with the center opening on aftermarket wheels? Would a spacer help solve the register problem when using FoMoCo wheels or would that require longer lug bolts/studs?
  11. Window tinting

    I've done a couple. Prep is important. Follow the instructions, take your time and it'll turn out fine..
  12. President

    Niel already got the rest of them. except he was president 1952-1960. ' Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military–industrial complex.'
  13. New Guy In The House.

    Nice car!!
  14. 1941 Plodge Kingsway

    This is my P15's dash but I think it's the same. I like your car!! Everyone has different tastes and I'm getting a little lazy, I'm not sure I'd change much. Looks like a nice drivable car as is.
  15. V8 conversion for my 47 P15 sedan

    Cadillac sittin' like a ton of lead, 110, a half a mile ahead..