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  1. Thanks! I have a hard time picking out paint colors for my own stuff. Usually I end up not making a choice and end up with black or white.
  2. With all the work that's been done you can't stop now. The car looks really nice! I like the color. What type of paint, color, etc. did you use?
  3. I like that. My kid lives close to the other end of Diversey, near Lake Michigan.
  4. Studebakers are fine automobiles.. IMO the Raymond Loewy designed Commander is one of the best looking cars ever built and is another example of a great car I once owned and foolishly let get away. I wish I'd learned earlier what seems so obvious to me now, profit isn't everything..
  5. The black iron was apparently used to run heat to the bottom of the intake. There are threaded bosses on the back of both Fenton pieces and two holes in the bottom of the intake. Half the home-rolled plumbing is still attached. Seems to me the rest was there when I got it.
  6. That's the right attitude. Be careful, though; I have projects I walked away from decades ago.. I'll get to them all one of these days.. That Heritage might need the wheels rotated, too.. an hour or so in the wind is a great stress reliever..
  7. About 30 years ago I took a 1950 Chevrolet Fleetline in on trade. I got a Fenton split manifold with it which I promptly put with my other "collectibles" and forgot about until fairly recently, like this morning. I had made the assumption it was for the 216 in the Fleetline but on closer inspection it's marked Ply-Dodge on the back. Back then I didn't have anything to use it on and now I do!!
  8. That's bad luck. I'd probably take it to the machine shop and let them have at it. If you want to get by without replacing the bolt you could try using a huge C-clamp around the whole engine or maybe a piece of 3/8" angle iron running the length of the head with the rest of the head bolts clamping it down... The main thing to remember is keep your sense of humor and not get discouraged, it'll get fixed and you'll get a lot of enjoyment out of the whole ordeal,,,, eventually..
  9. Nothing to add about heads but I like those two cars and the salute to Pete Seeger..
  10. No, I loved the car and still do.. It was the SONG that I hated.. and still do.. I wasn't like a big Connie Stevens fan. Conne Francis, either; now that I think about it..
  11. I don't remember ever seeing the show. We didn't have television at home in those days. I remember the car from the magazines and the song because I hated it..
  12. That is correct or near enough. That was a good looking car. He had a nice panhead, too.. There was even a semi sorta I guess maybe kinda popular song, "Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb"
  13. According to their ad on that big evil auction site C2C has them in stock. Price doesn't seem bad, either; at $236.99 delivered. If you buy one from them post your impressions of the quality, service, etc. I'm gonna need one for my '40 eventually
  14. I like it.. Original paint older cars are hard to find around here. Heck, ANY car over 20 years old is hard to find. The high scrap prices a few years back cleaned out almost all the back yards, barns, and fencerows. The ones that are left hardly ever see the light of day.
  15. It was fun to see how far one of those Keihins could be thrown, though.. One of the more family friendly things that went on at the runs Some people will give folding money for one of those carbs nowadays, I guess they need them for restorations. Slightly more on topic, one of my uncles ran a homebrewed manifold with a one barrel Mopar carb on a servicar in the '60s. Necessity is a mother.. Wish I had pictures...