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  1. MackTheFinger

    every wonder where all the good old cars are?

    Lotsa cool stuff!! I can't possibly do anything with the ones I have in my lifetime and there are plenty more on here in the same position. It useta bug me a little but now I just smile and live with it. 🙂
  2. MackTheFinger

    HELP needed : wiper linkage bushing and more help needed

    I took my wiper motor off to lube it and one of those clips flew away. I put the one I didn't lose on the driver's side and so far the passenger side wiper arm has worked just setting on the post. I don't think it knows it's free! 🙂
  3. It's hard to imagine the flasher causing your problem unless it's shoring everything to ground. You'd think there's be a fuse somewhere in this system but it's easy enough to disconnect the flasher to rule it out. To my recollection, the function of the ballast resistor is to allow full voltage to the coil when the engine is starting, then dropping the voltage to keep from burning up the coil, condenser, points, etc. It should only see voltage when the ignition is on. As for your original problem, the car was running and suddenly it isn't. From that you would assume a component failure, not a fault in the way it was initially wired up. Look at that VW ignition wiring diagram I linked to. That's really all there is to it.
  4. MackTheFinger

    Don't rebuilt your carburetor,try this first.

    Why am I skeptical?
  5. Looks like it's powering that flasher from the ignition +. That shouldn't be a problem, particularly since it had been running okay. Make sure it's actually not firing at the spark plugs. With points there should be a hot wire to the coil from the ballast resistor on your car, and the other side of the coil should attach to the distributor. Ballast resistors don't go bad very often. You can remove the leads from it and check it for resistance. If you suspect it of being bad jumper across it. Check for voltage at the points. I use a test light instead of a meter with points ignitions. With the distributor cap off you can just open and close the points with a screwdriver and see if there's spark at the points. If you have spark there but the plugs still don't fire then you can start looking at the rest of the ignition. I'd be surprised if it's something other than a bad condensor, bad coil or coil wire, or the wire in the distributor as already mentioned. Edit to add: Make sure the points are actually opening and closing. About 45 years ago I had to rescue my younger brother for just such an occurrence. Rubbing block had worn down. This link is for a Type 1 VW but the ignition works the same. http://www.shoptalkforums.com/viewtopic.php?p=972722
  6. MackTheFinger

    Well it happened! I'm done.

    If your OL won't do that you need a new OL. Mine useta carry my piece for me. 🙂
  7. MackTheFinger

    Well it happened! I'm done.

    I've owned several BMW's over the years. Great bikes! I really liked the Telelever/Paralever suspension on the later bikes. I think they quit producing those. There were very few of those 1000's. I'll have to ask one of the Honda restorers about them. That one's a keeper for sure! Take that tour with your son. My son and I are planning a trip through the Southwest sometime in the next couple of years. He went on a couple of runs with me and my friends 15+ years ago, even a honeymoon run, That was before I got to what passes as respectable. Life's a weird trip.. 😉
  8. MackTheFinger

    Well it happened! I'm done.

    You're right, adjustable Harley trees are out there and expensive although I think Taiwan Ted sells repops. Earle's type forks are the cat's meow for sidecar rigs. There's no front end dive with them so the weight distribution doesn't change. They were standard equipment on BMW's until 1970. There are a couple of people who build them to spec. When it gets to that point that's probably the way I'll go. The last BMW sidecar rig I had used telescopic forks and raked trees but still got a little squirrelly in a hard stop. It probably could have done better with heavier springs but I traded it off before getting into it too much.
  9. MackTheFinger

    Well it happened! I'm done.

    I had a BMW sidecar rig a few years back and foolishly traded it off. It was well set up but they take some getting used to, particularly for the person in the sidecar seeing those mailboxes coming at them. 🙂 Those CB1000's are cool bikes!!
  10. MackTheFinger

    Well it happened! I'm done.

    Sorry to read of someone giving up on one of their passions. I'm not too hung up on cars. I have a bunch and like them all but there's only a couple of them I wouldn't let go. Motorcycles are a different story. I have a bunch of those, too; and no intention of selling any. I'm building a Harley sidecar rig at the moment in anticipation of the day I'm not comfortable on two wheels.
  11. MackTheFinger

    46 dodge 3 window coupe

    Bam a lam..
  12. MackTheFinger

    46 dodge 3 window coupe

    To make any old car, not just Mopars; cruise easier and more stress-free at freeway speeds you have the same choices. Cams, headers, intake, compression, transmission, rear gearing. Or you could do a complete drivetrain swap using the engine/trans/differential of your choice. I have a donor vehicle I intend to use for that very purpose on one of my cars. Three times the power and better fuel mileage in one swell foop!!
  13. MackTheFinger

    Old gas station mockup

    Hey, I was that good. Or maybe I don't remember it correctly! Apparently I wasn't as good at picking watermelons and cantaloupes, I think that paid 75 cents an hour. I remember one guy in a rusty old station wagon that would sometimes come in multiple times a day and buy 50 cents worth of gas. Wes's rule was that you always wash the windows, check the tires, oil and battery. Every time I saw that wagon coming in I'd think about Chuck Berry. "Wipe the windows, check the tires, check the oil, dollar gas. Too much monkey business for me!"
  14. MackTheFinger

    Tips on radio static

    Everyone's on the right track with resistor plugs and wires. It may also be possible to shield your radio somewhat. There's foil and shielding paint available to shield guitar pickups. I put a Telecaster copy together for the kid a few years ago and for whatever reason didn't shield the pickups. It seemed to work okay until I took it to my kid's in Chicago. Plugged it in and the bridge pickup would bring in radio stations! It was a real Spinal Tap moment. 😀
  15. MackTheFinger

    Kubalwagon build

    The heads are '70 or later. The '67 engine has decent cases with a 69mm crankshaft and a 200mm flywheel with single port heads and a single oil relief valve. In 1970 VW changed the cases to dual oil relief valves, a slightly different oil cooler and installed dual port heads. It's not unusual to see dual port heads on a '67 VW but they weren't OEM. Replace the distributor with an 009, upgrade to a Weber progressive carb, install an Engle 110 cam, and that will be a much more responsive motor.

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