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  1. MackTheFinger

    I bought another old dodge !

    You shouldn't have any problem with the inspection station and I doubt the HP will care, either. That number could have been messed up for the last 50 years. I agree it would be best to have the title match the door post number. Makes it easier for everyone to understand. Post your results after this is all done. Even if they lock you up jail ain't all that bad..😉
  2. MackTheFinger

    I bought another old dodge !

    You bought the car in mid-Missouri with an Iowa title? Okay, I guess I can see how that might happen. Don't tell the DMV about it if it's a skipped title. That's illegal all on it's own. Anyway, ID/OD doesn't have to be done by a state trooper. You should be on a first name basis with your local DMV office by now. They can get this done in about a minute.
  3. MackTheFinger

    I bought another old dodge !

    You live in Missouri and have a Missouri title that looks like it matches the frame number. There's no reason to take it to the troopers. Get the car insured, inspected, licensed, and drive it. If anyone ever questions your new title have 'em crawl under the car and look at the numbers. Keep a copy of the title you have now if it makes you feel better. Call Jeff City and they'll tell you the same thing. Been there, done that. KH, Missouri doesn't send someone to your place to inspect your vehicle if the numbers are FUBAR'ed or you're building one from parts you take it to a Highway Patrol office and they look at it and your receipts. If the paperwork's in the system, like this guy's, nobody really pays any attention to it.
  4. MackTheFinger

    Scarebird owners? Need help with MC valve ID please

    I'm not a Scarebird kit owner but that looks exactly like the residual valve in Harley Davidson Wagner master cylinders.
  5. MackTheFinger

    Optima 6v battery

    That happened to us in the early 2000's on a first gen Honda Insight. Battery went "pfft" at about 140k miles. Kudos to Honda North America. Total cost to customer, $0. Wife just picked up a 2018 Accord. She's a customer for life. I'm driving an Econoline. 😊
  6. MackTheFinger

    Generator vs. Voltage regulator problems

    This is a pretty good description for testing a generator.
  7. MackTheFinger

    Another brake adjustment option

    Wiggo beat me to it!!! I may bid on it just because of the description!!
  8. MackTheFinger

    Ford to quit NASCAR?

    I liked Nascar when it was Petty, Pearson, Foyt, Johnson, Yarborough, etc.. I became so immersed in everything motorcycle related I barely paid attention to anything else for a long time. When I finally noticed Nascar again it looked like reality TV... The younger generation just isn't as interested in cars like we were.. As mentioned before it's partly because of the homogeneity of today's automobiles.. On the plus side, cars are more reliable, more comfortable, and safer than ever so what's to get hung up about?? It's just a car... 😉
  9. MackTheFinger

    1/4" or 3/16" Brake Line?

    No idea if your car is 1/4 or 3/16 but I'd order some of this, too... Good stuff.. https://www.amazon.com/Stainless-Brake-Protector-Gravel-Spring/dp/B01IRQXJDS/ref=pd_sim_263_4?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01IRQXJDS&pd_rd_r=GER4PZ2TJZSWHF61XBG3&pd_rd_w=IXn6b&pd_rd_wg=91PAT&psc=1&refRID=GER4PZ2TJZSWHF61XBG3
  10. MackTheFinger

    Original Patina

    Strange how some vehicles will never be worth a plug nickel but some others will, regardless of how good they may be.. A friend of mine bought a brand new 1962 Corvette when he graduated from high school. Sometime in the '90s we were cruising his old neighborhood in St. Louis and he pulls up at this old shop on Sublette, said he hadn't been there since he moved to the country in the '70's and that one of his old high school friends worked there way back when.. We barely got in the place and this old guy leaning across a fender looks up and says, "We were just talking about you the other day, someone brought in one of those G.D. Corvettes!" They had a good laugh and my buddy said it was the worst piece of junk he ever owned... That piece of junk would be worth serious $$$ today, patina or not.. Perspective?? You got me, daddy-o!!
  11. MackTheFinger

    Original Patina

    I've noticed that rust and peeling and faded paint is acceptable only on certain vehicles.. Seems weird.. The pickup I mentioned is in good condition , no rust or dents and the clear is only peeling on the hood. I sure ain't gonna do $2k worth of paint and bodywork on a $1.5k vehicle, particularly one I only drive about a thousand miles a year. Benign neglect, that's the ticket.. 😊
  12. MackTheFinger

    Original Patina

    The clearcoat is peeling off my 1993 other make pickup.. Is that patina?? 😊
  13. MackTheFinger

    My first classic

    You sure that seal's not in there backward??
  14. MackTheFinger

    Numbers Matching Question

    IMO numbers matching wouldn't add much to the value of these cars.
  15. MackTheFinger

    Kubalwagon build

    I like pre '67 air-cooled VW's and have owned more than my share.. That looks like a fun project!!

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