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  1. I’ve seen some info on early hemi installs - my installer went awol - so I’ve to tackle the job myself. Any info appreciated. Thanks
  2. Thanks so much for advice. I was thinking about those Dakota gauges- but now I’ll stick to oem
  3. Hello to everyone I’m in the process of changing my 53 pilot house to 12 V negative ground .I want to use my original gauges. So I’m asking what I have to do besides the volt reduction resister and the lights in the gauges to make them work how do I hook up the negative grounds to the gauges because they were positive ground before .thanks
  4. bergy

    Trans parking brake conversion

    Thank you for. Your response . I’ve been posting on this awhile and have stated in previous posts that I had changed to a 99 Cherokee 3:55 rear . I like the third member e brake idea.
  5. Hi everyone ,workin on my b4:276desota hemi.A500 trans.Anyone adapt any modern trans to put. The emer brake on the trans tail shaft
  6. hi Everyone still workin I’m my b4.getting the 276 hemi in -chose a A500 trans.dodge auto with o d . Now I was planning on keeping my interior kinda bland- BUT maybe John at pilot house interior ,can talk me into one of his real nice additions. Any how I’m planning on using a Hurst short shift-i got for free as my gear selector.my question is-Since the stick is cable driven -what kind of setup looks good on the floor-to use as a gear selector console. I wanted to keep it primitive- but haven’t got a clue..Even thought of putting the long handle style manual shift lever-(lookin like stick shift.But can’t figure how to base it off at the floor-Maybe a stick lever boot-but the doesn’t solve the gear sector question. All help appreciated. Thanks
  7. bergy

    Transmission Advice

    Adam really appreciate the feed back.A Dakota 518 is what I need then.Must it come from a v6 or v8? I’m not up to date on any late model mopar components. Tha 276 I’m getting has a Wilcap adapter on it now but it’s for a 39 ford. I did call pat McGuire- but as of yet he hasn’t answered. I’m never worked inside an auto trans other than service.But the one wire overdrive is what I need. What year Dakota is that from? If you don’t mind once the engine is in Imight need some more info - so I’d like to contact you .thanks greatly
  8. bergy

    Transmission Advice

    Hi to all, Got a 53 b4.putting the small block hemi 276 in. I have a 3:55 ratio diff . Need a suggested auto trans w/ overdrive to use . Would prefer staying with mopar manuf...Read several posts suggesting Dakota trans. Not familiar with any of these trans. Would appreciate any knowledge related to this. Thanks
  9. St63 Bergy here. Just wondering how you’re making out with your Dodge engine swap. I decided to go with a 37 LaSalle three speed transmission behind the baby Desoto hemi. I would have like to use my original Dodge transmission with the brake set up on the dry shaft. I was just wondering how you were making out. Have a nice day keep me informed always looking for information on our project
  10. bergy

    B4 headliner

    1953 b4 here. Look king for advice on a headliner and rear cab surround. Called John at pilot house interiors and was impressed. But that’s kinda steep. Also checked out the abs parts- not too impressed. What did you other fellas do. I seen one guy had patterns- but he never answered back. Appreciate the help.
  11. bergy

    Under floor pedal

    Hi everyone Putting that baby hemi in my 53 b4. .I am looking for a solution to keep the under Floorboard pedal set up. I’m probably going to go with a hydraulic clutch. I did see on speedway an under floorboard pedal set up but it was up close to 600 bucks. I was wondering if anybody build their own brackets and used 2 master cylinders one for the clutch ane for the brake and what their set up look like. I appreciate it and thank you.
  12. I have a 53 b4. Seen on dodge sites where guys used like 55 or something close- parking lite or front fender turn signals bezel’s and glass.mine has the lite pods but the lens and bezel from the newer dodge loooks cleaner. Anyone do this and what did you use?? thanks. bergy
  13. bergy

    53 dodge b4 engine

    THanks will do. Appreciate the help
  14. bergy

    53 dodge b4 engine

    I’m being fed all kinds of info to sort out- sorry for mismatching posts
  15. bergy

    53 dodge b4 engine

    Well hello to all Another episode in my quest for glory. Putting the 276 desota hemi in my b4. Getting all kinds of ideas about the trans. 1. Use the 37 lasalle 3 speed 2. Use my original - new process 4 speed 3. Use a late model t5 5 speed. Talked to American powertrain- tech advice said he used the desota hemi and hid dodge trans- no issues. Talked to hemi head and they said they have adaptors to t5 trans or 904 auto. The like the trans brake and my clutch set up right on the bell housing. But I like the 5 speed synchronize trans. Any one with comments - I’d appreciate all the help

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