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  1. Hello to all heres my question? I got a 53 b3 truck ' It has the original 218 engine, I put a Cherokee 3 :55 rear. now I got offered alow mileage 52 Desoto firepower hemi engine.and a 3 speed lasalle trans .. Now being a period correct motor- would I be devaluing the value or making my truck more sought after ,for the upgrades and for a fun factor? . Its being pulled from my buddies 39 ford car he just bought.and it really runs sweet.thanks for the help.
  2. Hello to all 1953 b3 here. Just got my new front floor section from DCM classics. Very impressed with the guage and preciseness of detail. I had previeously had cut ouyt the floor from the the seat platform front. Now my question- on the driver side I cut on the battery cover left side cut out going front to the cab mount- this left the floor section aprx 6 wide goiung forward to the mount leaving the mount section in place. Now on the passenger side, I cut about 2 inches in from the sill beam,forward tot the cab mount. Now should have I cut directly next to the sill frame beam on both sides? This would make a cleaner look from underneath- BUT I would be taking away the floor strength contributing the the cab mounts in the corners. So without taking the cab off the frame -how did the rest of you address this step. It appears to me that new cab corner gussests would need to be fabricated and installed to keep the same integrity of the cab corner mount.
  3. Very interesting. What consists of that liner? Is that something you've created? Thanks bergy
  4. Hello jocko I also live in minooka.also have 53b3 truck. Very interested in your progress for future reference to me. Private message me if you like thanks Bergy
  5. 1953 b3 just got my 1999 jeep master cylinder.wheres a technical advice on installing this on my B3.cant find any info about if I have to change pushrods length etc. I'm sure this is a common upgrade but can't find where to look. Thanks
  6. Where do I find the tag about mounting a dual master cylinder on the frame member location?
  7. Hello there just wondering if you sent my heater yet?
  8. Hello all. I have a 1953 B3. around the bottom of the seat is a piece of metal that goes from the seat frame down to the floor. What is the name of the piece? It is welded to the floor around the edges of the seat.Mines rusty where it met The floor because of the carpet that was in their held the water on the bottom where it is welded to the floor pan - under the front of the seat.I was trying to find out -how many places is this welded to the floor and how wide are the pieces that extend to the floor?thanks
  9. Hello all well finally got my 99 Cherokee rear in.I ended up just notching out the pillars to accept the across the springs u bolts.My question now is- the drive shaft- even though it bolted rite up only has about 3/8-1/2 inch of travel.Sitting on the stock 16 inch wheels. Now if I need more clearance??or if I do can I disassemble the drive shaft and shorten the front neck to allow the front shaft to retract further into the tail section OR do I have to just shorten the tail section? T hanks in advaance
  10. I'll check mine out tomorrow.i think mine were split just above the trans cover- left and right. If not I can use my pieces to maybe create something usable.i did not see any toe boards like that for sale. Real nice
  11. Ok, 1953 B3 here. I have a rear bumper assy which resembles a utility bumper .It has frame mounts a center ball hitch,and it wraps around the sides of the bed and bolts on the rear outside corners of the rear fenders. I was looking at some Pinterest pictures and seen a setup really looking identical on the rear of fire service vehicles ,mostly being power wagons. I was really amazed on the quality construction and the heavy nature of this assy. I'd like to put it out there for sale if I could find out if this was a dealer aftermarket,or original assy offed by Dodge for their customers? Thanks
  12. Ok. My toe board is in two pieces,on the left of the trans lever cover and on on the right? Now is this supposed to be one piece full width or two pieces like mine? Thanks
  13. Ok sorry.ive had a really bad week.2 passing of family members.i don't know how to get to private messages except the top of the page envelope.i am interested in the heater. You can text me at 815/534-0217.I really appreciate your consideration on this matter.Ill do my best to keep up with you,the next two days are funeral related,so I might be a little slow but I'm here

  14. Thanks for the advice.
  15. 1953 B3. Here. Stock everything Finally got my 99 Cherokee rear. Measured everything up - seems like the leaf spring pillars are within 1 inch. In width on the new rear. Is this a doable measurement or do I have to move the spring pillarsAnyone use the jeep rear as is and using the new ubolts put this together, how much modification do I gotta do? I can do it but what else do I need to know? Might the drive shaft u joint be ok?How bout the for driveshaft length? Thanks in advance