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  1. B3B interior

    To:jcnida52 I'd like a pattern for the headliner. Will be happy to pass along or have members contact me- my neighbor does excellent part time upholstery work. I'd like to get my mine done and post pictures.So send me a private message and I'll send my address. Thanks and good day!
  2. Hello to all. I just in process of using rusty hopes conversion. I had a local machine shop do my threading and drilling. My latest question pertains to the ty rod adjustment.Since rhe ty rods fasten to the control arms on top of the caliper brackets-which are 3/8 inch thick.how do you compensate for the shortened distance and then the reduced length .? Is it possible to shorten the ty rod by 3/8 inch on each end to compensate -thus making the ty rod 3/4 inch shorter-will I have enough threads on the shortened ty rod? Now the 2nd question pertains to the drag link- or center link.Since this piece has no adjustment which is the best way to correct this? I've seen on the forum some used a ty rod- some cut and added a ty rod joint. Some cut and reworked the drag link? Which is the best way? Why isn't this addressed in the initial sales information? I did not see any reference to having to rework the steering arms.. thanks and good day
  3. 53 B3 wiring

    Ok thanks for telling me a 1/2 ton 53 is a b4. I am glad to be corrected. If anyone has used rusty hopes disc conversion- and it's so far an ok project.i was concerned about the rotor spacer on the spindle spinning- due to the tight fit of the hub seal - but I used GM brand panel bond and it won't spin no more. Trying to drill - it seems like hardened steel is kinda tough. I had mine done here in town for less than a hundred. That's drilling and all the tapping .thanks for your help.
  4. 1953 b3

    Thanks for reply.my king pins drove out easily- so I'm putting them back in. Thanks for the help. I'll check out dorman
  5. 53 B3 wiring

    Hey to all ready to rewire my 53 B3. Seen mentioned self wiring or ez wire kits- need some info? Thanks bergy
  6. 1953 b3

    Hey all Working on my rusty hope disc conversion. King pins came out good- but my question is- what do you put back in the top of the spindle for grease retention? I destroyed the old ones on removal and I couldn't find a related topic for help? Thanks Bergy
  7. To:pflaming let's start with a thank you for previous help I got from you. I seen you said youtruck runs along nice at 70- wow. That's way more than I figured they run. I have a 53 B3 and put a jeep 3:55 rear in , I'm still running the 218 motor. So iwas wondering what my top speed would be?. I was wondering about not having any power left for short inclines- I'm still got the original 4 speed.. Iwas told to put in 2degree shims in the rear spring mounts to compensate for drive line angle?. Did you do this? I did not remove the spring mounts- I just narrowed them down to the spring width and reinforced them. So maybe I need the shims? I'm working on rusty hopes disc conversion presently ,and mounted a dual master mounted in reverse off the side of the transmission. I still have about 2-2 1/2 of pedal travel,hopefully it will work. Thanks for your help bergy
  8. Ty rod ends

    To oil soup. How did you make new center link? Did you use old ty rod? What did you use the for the ends-same ty rod ends used for the ty rod? Help is always appreciated.thanks Bergy
  9. Ty rod ends

    Drag Link Ends. Thanks for the help-Ok I got most of the stuff ordered for my 53 B3. from rock auto. I could not find the drag link ends- other than the ones listed for .power steering . Did not quite understand that part . So now I need to know - is that the same drag link with the same ends or not.?Wheres a good source for these ends.? Thanks in advance
  10. Dash lights

    I have a 1953 B3.i seen you used ezwire kit.what is this?a complete vehicle harness is what I need. What kit would I order ? I am keeping all mostly stock. Since the truck is so basic-isn't it cheaper to just wire with wire spools .thanks in advance.
  11. Ty rod ends

    Hey all I check oriellys they want 85 bucks each. for ty rod ends for 53 dodge b3 truck. Is there a cross over part number. for cheaper price. . Thanks to all
  12. Hello to all. Keeping original pedal setup, need dual master cylinder.,tried jeep too big.had 99 Cherokee master but reservoir is on an angle due to angle on booster in original application on .jeep. Tried other master jeep master and would not clear steering box. Considered mounting on firewall but then had pedal issues.id like to keep master in original spot.whats a good choice of masters.?thanks to all.
  13. 53 brake conversion

    Hey to all, 1953 B3 here.changed rear axle to 99 cherokee3:55. Bought the disc conversion-offered .and planned to use the master cylinder from the .jeep. My question is-the master cylinder is tapered on the mounting flange to accommodate the angled firewall mounting spot on the .jeep .Now when trying to mount it on tha same spot where the original master on the 1953, the master cylinder mounting spot is flat. So if I mount the jeep master cylinder it is mounted on a angle tilted up . It does not sit flat to add fluid and looks like it just doesn't work. What alternative master cylinder should I use- having to have the correct proportioning valve for the disc- drum combo.? Thanks in advance
  14. Hemi engine

    Hey to all, I got the chance to buy a first generation fire power hemi.Its from a 1954 desoto.Also it has a lasalle 3 speed trans. I was alittle side stepped by the fact my 53 is virtually rust free,and I was going for an everyday driver, keeping all stock.I did upgrade the rear to 99 Cherokee. I'm still torn about the stock engine and trans.,but I think the newer engine would be more of a comfortable ride.Any info is helpful.thanks
  15. Hello to all heres my question? I got a 53 b3 truck ' It has the original 218 engine, I put a Cherokee 3 :55 rear. now I got offered alow mileage 52 Desoto firepower hemi engine.and a 3 speed lasalle trans .. Now being a period correct motor- would I be devaluing the value or making my truck more sought after ,for the upgrades and for a fun factor? . Its being pulled from my buddies 39 ford car he just bought.and it really runs sweet.thanks for the help.