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  1. New parts supply

    Not sure if y'all have heard of this sight but they seem to have cool stuff for Mopar engines. http://www.langdonsstovebolt.com/store/
  2. Fuel pressure question

    I just converted my fuel pump to a low pressure pump 4 - 7 lbs and found it to be too much pressure so now I'm putting a 0 - 4 lb pump on instead. With the new 0-4 lb pump do y'all think I should get an adjustable fuel regulator?
  3. Question on freeze plugs?

    Ok so I'm driving down the road and my temp gauge wasn't working properly and did not realize the engine that I recently rebuilt over heated causing the rear side freeze plug to pop out! Luckily I had a spare in the trunk and installed it. Turns out the belt had come off causing it to over heat . My friend Tony who is a mechanic and fabricator asked me if I had put all the new freeze plugs in properly because he thought that the hump side of the freeze plug should be facing out so when tapped in it would put pressure against the edge of the freeze plug hole. So my question is which way should the freeze plug be facing when installed hump side in or out??
  4. Barton Mfg signal guide

    Well my friend RW figured out the mystery !! I need a Royal Enfield rear brake switch . I found a new one on eBay for 6 bucks!
  5. Barton Mfg signal guide

    I was wondering about that pedal in the pic how that worked . A friend of mine suggested a mercury switch , just not sure where to mount it maybe under the hood to the carb linkage
  6. Barton Mfg signal guide

    Does it have the instructions?
  7. Barton Mfg signal guide

    The only thing I could think of for the green was a ground switch under the gas pedal and same for the clutch on the yellow
  8. Barton Mfg signal guide

    Have any of y'all ever installed one of these Barton Mfg signal guide lights? A good friend of mine gave me one of these for my car but it's missing some kind of slide switch for the gas pedal and the instructions. I have a basic idea of how it works and installed but any instructions or advise would be great! Thanks! These pics were taken off from Google and eBay mine is actually gray in color with just the wires.
  9. Cowl vent linkage

    Thanks for the pics!
  10. Cowl vent linkage

    It's a 51 Meadowbrook
  11. Cowl vent linkage

    The linkage on my cowl vent from the handle to the linkage that connects to the cowl is apart and I'm trying to figure out how it goes back together. It looks like the upper linkage track has been twisted or bent. I was wondering if anyone had a photo of the linkage intact they could share? I've looked in my manual and it's not showing anything on the cowl. Thanks!
  12. 1951 230 Flathead 6 rebuild

    Boy do I feel like a goober I had the clutch linkage adjusted too much that's why it wouldn't engage I just did it way back tightened it down and took her around the block she runs like a dream
  13. 1951 230 Flathead 6 rebuild

    I don't think it's the brakes because the cars not pulling down like it's trying to move . I think when I had the fluid drive setting out on my front porch with the clutch and pressure plate still attached it got moisture in it and seized up maybe some surface rust, keeping it from engaging.
  14. 1951 230 Flathead 6 rebuild

    Since we have last spoke I installed the transmission I installed the new throw out bearing adjusted the clutch I can feel the clutch engaging and I can feel the car go into gear the only problem is is it's not moving yes the parking brake is off! Any ideas?
  15. 1951 230 Flathead 6 rebuild

    I knew that I had fluid drive , but Rockauto showed 3 different throw out bearings 2 with the sleeve and one with just the bearing. The problem was that the description of all 3 bearings was very vague . And all 3 were for regular 3 speed manual transmissions with out the fluid drive but it never said anything about that. It was very confusing