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  1. Does anyone have a factory parts list that calls out the clip that holds the deck lid lock cylinder to the chrome bezel ? Or have any idea where to buy a replacement ?
  2. vapor lock

    gas boiling in the carbs , not good . My only thought is to raise the carbs off the manifold by 3/4 of an inch . Electric fuel pump with no return , but the rubber/steel fuel lines are not hot to the touch . Any recommendations ?
  3. 6 volt starter question , acting funny

    Thanks Merle , There is a 7psi kill switch inline with the oil pressure and like most every circuit on the former owners scheme it did not work right . I wired it correctly and coil comes alive while cranking when it reached 7 psi . I feel like an idiot . Thanks for the reply
  4. 6 volt starter question , acting funny

    Key activated . The previous owner made a completely new wiring harness and he did use 1 side of the dimmer switch to activate the solenoid . I eliminated that circuit and went straight to the key .
  5. I just got my fresh 51 218 running and its the smoothest running engine I've ever played with . My problem is the starter seems to hold the engine back from starting until the solenoid is opened . So I crank it a bit and turn the key back to run to start position and it takes right off . Is this a condition of having a 6 volt starter on a 12 Volt system , a positive ground condition inside the starter or just a weak spring in the starter keeping it engaged not letting the motor take off ?
  6. I replaced the output shaft seal on the steering box and after 8 days the slow leak started again . Wondering if there is an alternative out there to replace the original steering box ? Or a good rebuild service to ship it to ?
  7. Does anyone know a good source for the correct window channel and window sweeper for a 40 Plymouth coupe .
  8. Can anyone tell me if I need to find a 1.25 diameter 1/8 or 3/16 freeze plug to seal this hole ? Is there a source to purchase ? Or is there a heater hose delete adaptor needed .