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  1. Standard carb/manifold with a custom fabricated stainless exhaust,single  to the axle then dual tailpipes.

    The white Plymouth pictured above has dual carbs on an Offy inlet,split cast headers,a full dual exhaust and really does bark.

  2. Yes,its a fluid drive,four speed,semi auto but only first and third plus reverse are available at the moment.

    Im waiting for  the rebuild parts to arrive and then it will be re-wired.

    Im in Bishop Auckland,Co. Durham.

    The white 48 I brought over from Pacific,Wa and is now owned by Bob in Glasgow.Hello Bob!




  3. Hi Knuckleharley.The car was originally meadow green but the previous owner painted it what I think is meant to be royal maroon.

    Cheers Casper50.I will be nicer when it has all four forward gears!

    Here are a couple of photos of the Plodge which I imported from Coquitlam,Va.It now lives with Ken in London.You out there Ken?


    The Chrysler previously had two New Jersey keepers.



  4. Ive been lurking round here for way too long.Ive posted up some parts wanted so I thought Id come along and say hello from the UK.

    Ive brought over a few cars including a 41 Plymouth b coupe,two 48 Plymouth b coupes,two 48 Plymouth c coupes and a 48 Plodge D25 c coupe.

    They have come and gone,my present ride is this 41 Chrysler.

    Only first and third gear at the moment so its not going too far until the required parts to repair arrive.

    41 Chrylser osf.JPG

    41 Chrysler nsr.JPG

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