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  1. Anyone have a rough idea what a Dodge 230 would weigh? No head, generator, flywheel, distributor, oil, etc. Just the block and internals--maybe best description would be a "long" block?
  2. They're still out there

    Is the asking price of 8,000 Canadian or US? If it is Canadian that would be about 6,500 US, I think. If the truck is, in fact, rust free, then it might warrant a second look. If you can handle a floor pan replacement then the price would be too high. If you had to hire it done and pay for parts then the price of the truck gets better in seconds. Factor in that it starts and run or so you're told. Yes, it does sound some high but considering all the expensive stuff you probably are not going to have to do makes a difference. If you like the "paint" then you've struck gold. I agree that the truck has not been inside all its life. If the owner is stretching the truth on that then what else might he be fibbing about. I would take a good magnet, a flashlight, and a creeper and take a close look at the truck.
  3. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    We used to do that with turbine helicopters. One would put a c-ration can of ham & limas in the bleed air duct and it would heat right up. It was a good idea to put a small hole in the top, too.
  4. shake rattle and roll

    At what engine rpm does this occur? And does it occur at that rpm in each gear?
  5. Buster Keaton and a lot of old cars

    https://www.chonday.com/25830/busterstunts5/ Buster Keaton did all of his own stunts in his silent movies. Between the scenes with old cars there are instances of great stunt work.
  6. Hint of spring

    I have yet to see a tank top on a female this year. I think that is a better indicator of spring than robins coming around.
  7. C-3-B FORUMS

    If you happen to find two, let me know. I live far enough from you that we wouldn't "wear the same dress to the party".
  8. Define Irony.

  9. Double crankshaft pulley?

    I'll try that. Thanks for the help.
  10. I am looking for a double groove crankshaft pulley for my 230 inline 6. The project is an a/c for my C1B6 truck and a double groove will be required. Anyone know of a machine shop that could add a groove to a stock pulley? I remember adding a/c to a small block Chevrolet engine long ago and all that entailed was an "add-on" pulley to the existing crank pulley and bolted down. Or is there an aftermarket pulley out there? Thanks!
  11. Has anyone ever had to deal with a aggressive neighbor?

    Apparently, she never saw what injuries automobiles can inflict. Must have been a small hospital. Anyhow, I think you did the right thing--I wouldn't want a person like that around either.
  12. Door window seals

    You might ask ahead of time if that is the official policy. No glass place I've ever used would guarantee replacement for a piece broken in installation unless they originally provided the piece.
  13. Has anyone ever had to deal with a aggressive neighbor?

    Well, first of all, are you within the code restrictions for your property? If you are in compliance then there should only be one visit from those folks. Same with the sheriff's office. If you are in compliance then you should have nothing to worry about. If he escalates the problem, then consider a solution.
  14. How are you going to get her back up the hill?
  15. Rusty hope Member where he go?

    Try (863) 420-0094 I think his name is Charley