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    I have a '55 Chevy Belair 2 door post and a '37 Chevy coupe.
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  1. lonejacklarry

    512 cid C series on Dakota chassis- build thread

    I can't think of a single state that would not look for the number on a frame in a licensing situation. If you get it licensed before you cut up the frame, think of the next owner that might have to make it available for inspection.
  2. lonejacklarry

    '50 Dodge B-2 Series Stepside Truck Repairs

    https://www.pure-gas.org/ User maintained website for ethanol-free fuel locations.
  3. lonejacklarry

    38 RC pickup, carb issue

    Jerry is correct but some consider electric fuel pump relay as an effective theft prevention idea. On my '37 Chevy i used a "cigarette lighter" in the console. Upon entry, I had to push the lighter in to complete the circuit to the fuel pump. All it took was a small refrigerator door plunger switch. It will start without it but it runs about 10 seconds before it runs out of fuel.
  4. lonejacklarry

    Intake/exhaust manifold removel

    I think I was tuned in by Don awhile back as I had the same problem. One has to resist the urge to use a two foot long pry bar.
  5. lonejacklarry

    measurement requested

    Thanks for the suggestions.. Moving the radiator forward might be the easiest solution...strange as that sounds. I think I may end up finding extra pulleys and making my own double groove pulleys. Well, not me but a knowledgeable and skilled tig welder would be needed.
  6. lonejacklarry

    measurement requested

    Thanks for the info. Did you happen to eyeball the distance before you did your engine replacement? All I need is about an inch but I'm not sure it's there. The other consideration is interference with the fan. I'm guessing that I will have to work the pulleys out first to see where the brackets will end up and, then, where the a/c compressor will sit.
  7. lonejacklarry

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Yes, that is a Toronado. And the FWD setup precludes the driveshaft and differential which would make it difficult to use in an Airstream. Those things are not very heavy anyway. It's fugly but I think it would work.
  8. lonejacklarry

    Air Wrenches

    I like my Ingersoll Rand 231C 1/2" drive impact wrench. I'm not sure about using it for commercial use but it will last me my lifetime, I think. Amazon has them now for $114.
  9. lonejacklarry

    measurement requested

    I'm adding A/C and an alternator. Depending on the pulleys I might find the compressor and alternator might be too far forward. The end result might be that the fan and the radiator core would intersect in a bad way. I think that a puller fan, while deeper,could be mounted a little lower on the radiator and not have the hub and pulley occupying the same space The last resort would be to put the engine and radiator back in and see what it looks like. And, yes, I should have done that to begin with.
  10. lonejacklarry

    measurement requested

    I need a measurement from the front face of the timing cover to the rear of the radiator core. I'm working on my '54 Dodge C1B6 and I should have taken that measurement before everything came out. If you have a block with no timing cover, fine, as long as I know the points of measurement. I have no idea if earlier models had the same measurement as the 54 and 55 inline 6's did but, I know, someone will comment on the differences or not. Thanks, Larry
  11. lonejacklarry

    Photos in the classified

    I think the easy way is to follow the man's rules.
  12. lonejacklarry

    Going to see an orphan - a Powell truck

    How else are you going to get that "look" when you get home and roll something off a trailer onto the driveway?
  13. lonejacklarry

    '55 Dodge Pilothouse project

    The way you did it is fine. Another way is to use the "quote" button. That way you can edit what you want to keep and add a response.
  14. lonejacklarry

    '55 Dodge Pilothouse project

    And since the title has a different year indicated than the VIN decoder, above, it is probably because the '54 did not sell until sometime in '55. That is the way they did it in those days.
  15. lonejacklarry

    '55 Dodge Pilothouse project

    Did you look on the firewall? Driver's side above the steering column. There should be an oval plate screwed to the firewall with a lot of information.

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