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  1. How to keep the mice away?

    Yes cats are that way. I used to have an old tom cat that liked to bring critters into the house. I finally figured out that I needed to look at his front feet.. If his front feet were in a normal stance, I would let him in. On the other hand, if he were standing there with his front feet together, he was stranding on something, i.e., a mouse, a rabbit, a squirrel, etc. When the door opened he would grab his prize with his teeth, dash into the house and spit it out. Then the chase was on IN the house.
  2. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    Some models of the Guide brand traffic signal viewers were mounted on the dash with a similar looking ball so it could be adjusted for the driver. This might be a different version that mounts to the desk instead of being atop it.
  3. Favorite shop chairs

    Mine did too until I pushed it backwards and it stopped on a 1/4-20 nut while the rest of the stool and me continued eastbound. I now try to go forward.
  4. Shackle removal

    I cut the shackles off and was left with the bushings as the shackle threaded part unscrewed with little trouble. The bushing (female) that screws onto the shackle (male) is stuck to the frame. The shackle is out and lying in pieces on the garage floor.
  5. Shackle removal

    '54 Dodge C1 B6- Driver side,front spring, rear of spring, bottom portion of the shackle The problem: It appears that the bushing that threads onto the male portion of the shackle has welded itself to the frame. I've tried the candle trick, Kroils (and others), an air chisel, a MAPP gas torch, and a BFH with a bolt threaded into the bushing. Nada, zip, zilch and zero. All I've got left is to borrow a buddy's real acetylene torch and see if that has enough heat to break it loose. I could cut the head portion off but that would leave the bushing inside. The hex head of the bushing is an odd size--somewhere between a 7/8 and a 15/16. It measures .9140" Any other suggestions other than high explosives?
  6. New Flat Truck Owner

    Nice truck! And, yes, grounds are the source of a whole lot of problems. If you spend the day cleaning every ground you can find, you will be time ahead.
  7. Leave it or paint

    I'm always amazed when I happen onto one of these type threads i.e., What color should I use or should I chrome the bumpers, etc. It is your truck (car, boat, motorcycle, airplane) so do what you want with it. If you are married then you might inquire as to what the missus might like. Be prepared to do it her way if you ask. If you do it differently, it might get messy. Otherwise, have right at it.
  8. Do a little research on "antique" tires. For the most part, the brand name tires you think you are buying are made by others with old molds. Coker, particularly, can have a problem with roundness and ability to balance without huge amounts of lead weights. Just do your homework.
  9. How to keep the mice away?

    The trick to using domesticated cats is to stop feeding them. When they are a little hungry they make great pest control critters.
  10. I'm not a fan of Coker tires but the advantage of using Summit is their customer service. I would not buy directly from Coker but then again I wouldn't buy Coker tires. Do a little research on Coker as well as other antique tire sellers.
  11. Learning curves

    How is the rehab going?
  12. 36 dodge smoking white and bad

    A small point of clarification: copper-nickel brake lines are approved by the DOT. The older regular copper brake lines are not DOT approved.
  13. 2011 cummins problem

    OK, this one is from deep center field if I may. Many years ago I had a new Fiat 124. The electrics were horrible but that is a different story. The car would run fine for weeks and then stall as you describe. Coasting to the roadside and restarting solved the problem temporarily. Sometimes it would go months and sometimes it would happen twice in one day. It was in the service department for days at a time and, of course, they were "unable to duplicate". Finally, an old guy I knew suggested that something might be floating around in the fuel tank and, periodically, it would block the gas flow and make the vehicle stop. After it stopped the suction on the gas line went away and whatever it might be floated away. The dealer would not do it so I drained the tank into a strained container. Nothing. I peered into the tank and discovered a 2 x 3 piece of cellophane was stuck to the side. It looked like a cellophane wrapper from a pack of cigarettes. After checking for more pieces, I put it all together again. Never had the problem again.
  14. Build Thread for our 47 Dodge Truck

    I don't know about the bigger trucks but the smaller trucks have both left handed and right handed bolts depending on what side you are working.