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    I have a '55 Chevy Belair 2 door post and a '37 Chevy coupe.
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  1. lonejacklarry

    Has anyone ever had to deal with a aggressive neighbor?

    My personal choice is napalm.
  2. lonejacklarry

    Disc brakes and no money need list

    Are those tie rod drop blocks from Nostalgia Sid's?
  3. lonejacklarry

    Stockton Wheel in California

    I've done two wheel deals with The Wheelsmith (www.thewheelsmith.net/ in Corona, CA. and have been happy with the service and product. That being said I don't know if they will do what you have in mind. If not, maybe they can recommend someone they trust.
  4. lonejacklarry


    I cancelled my account because of the dumb asses that use it. When I advertised an item for sale I would get 4 or 5 responses regarding the availability. Ok, fine. Then they would ask what my bottom dollar would be. When I asked what their top dollar would be they would get mad. The other thing that was particularly obnoxious was their request to know shipping amounts but did not want to tell me their zip code. Morons! I finally figured a good round number and advertised stuff at a price that included "free" shipping. More hassle with that idea. And, finally, they say they will buy and one of two things happen: One the money order never comes or they send less figuring I would take less. Now they were unhappy when I wouldn't send their money order back on my dime. And then there is the political aspect.................................
  5. lonejacklarry

    Just bought a truck...

    In those days vehicles were titled by the engine number. There are a bunch of threads regarding engine number location and decoding. There should be an oval aluminum plate on the fire wall up high on the driver's side. This will have an engine number which, hopefully, will be the same as the engine you have now From the engine number you might be able to determine the engine size. Some '54s had a 218 and later ones had a 230. Again the search function will help you figuring out the difference. You cannot tell the difference by looking at the engine.
  6. Rear window on a 50's Dodge 1/2 ton pickup: is the rear window the same on both the quarter window models and non-quarter window models? And what years were the quarter window models available? Thanks.
  7. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1622967748009924 https://kansascity.craigslist.org/pts/d/1954-dodge-1-2-ton-seat/6702162449.html Viewed by 1 person Seat for a '54 Dodge C1 B6 1/2 ton pickup. The seat and back have decent vinyl upholstery. The frame is intact with mounting sliders and wire control.
  8. lonejacklarry

    owner/license info on sides of trucks

    Dave- The requirement was for a name, a city and state and a weight . There was no address required.
  9. lonejacklarry


    Well, Happy Birthday! No, I'm not your age but I'm closing in on it. Don't slow down.
  10. lonejacklarry

    owner/license info on sides of trucks

    That's how I remember it, Gene, but I don't know when it went away. Sometime in the 60's? I thought it might be neat to add it to my truck when it reaches that point.
  11. Am I the only one that remembers painted information on the sides of 40's and 50's pickups? I don't mean advertising logos but real license and weight info. Bob Smith Buttcrack, KS BL GW 6,000 or something similar. I tried to get information from the Missouri Department of Revenue but no one went back that far. The responding person, Steve, had been there for 35 years but that only put it back to the early 80's Or did I dream that up?
  12. lonejacklarry

    Ecodiesel Files

    How did your dog turn out?
  13. lonejacklarry

    The history and legal laws regarding rear license plate light

    That is simply not true....anywhere.
  14. lonejacklarry

    The history and legal laws regarding rear license plate light

    There is a reason for all of the lights, horns, etc. A license plate light cannot be too bright unless it is improperly installed or aimed. Most state traffic laws prohibit white lights on the rear of a vehicle. The license plate light, properly aimed does not act like a whte light showing on the rear. It illluminates the plate. Not too tough here, folks. Now these folks with the blue and red flashing LED highlights are in for a really rude awakening, too. In order to help out here most later license plate light holders have two, or more, bulbs. In the event one burns out then you are still legal. Did you ever notice the commercial vehicles have multiple taillights? There is a reason for that. The easy way to do this is to walk around your vehicle every now and then. Or you can wait and bad mouth the police for your carelessness after you've paid your fine.
  15. lonejacklarry

    Modern wheel old hubcap question

    The WheelSmith in Corona, CA, will build wheels to suit. If you send them your hubcaps they will modify them to fit the wheels they make for you. Not cheap but it turns out great. 951-898-4563 and ask for Rex.

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