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    I have a '55 Chevy Belair 2 door post and a '37 Chevy coupe.
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  1. lonejacklarry

    sign of the times

    That hits the nail on the head unless someone takes offense to the violence and has to sit in his or hers or take your pick safe place,
  2. lonejacklarry

    Just had a 7.2 quake

    I'd opine that if the owner wants his car back then he should have to pay for the removal. Natural disasters are just that.
  3. lonejacklarry

    Serial Number Question

    What does your title indicate?
  4. lonejacklarry

    Oil Pan Installation

    I have no idea what a dressmaker pin is--apparently a lot of you do know. Anyhow, I was taught the stud method and it works well for me. If I run across the aforementioned dressmaker pins, I will try them.
  5. lonejacklarry

    Oil Pan Installation

    The pins they are talking about are actually studs, I think. Screw them in hand tight and slip the pan over them and bolt away. This saves the aggravation of trying to hold the pan without slipping. After the bolts are in hand tight one would removed the studs and replace them with the original bolts. There is no way for them to work out and into anything.
  6. lonejacklarry

    Veterans' Day

    My sister sent this one to me that I had forgotten all about. I sent it to her in '67 or '68. It surely beat walking through the mud. You have to remember to take your boot off the rocket tube before it is used. It only took once.
  7. lonejacklarry

    Happy Birthday Marines.

  8. lonejacklarry

    Happy Birthday Marines.

    Montazuma, KS, is about 30 SW of Dodge City, KS. I'm not sure that is the correct place, however.
  9. lonejacklarry

    ANSWERED New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    You know, Steve, this thread could be intermingled with the cheap Chinese junk thread. No, wait, this company is in Kentucky--can't blame the Chinese for this one. I've been at this car restoration hobby for about 40 years. The problems you describe have used to happen a lot but now it is some better. My system is to talk to a live person with the order. I ask specifically if an item is in stock. If it is a made to order part (maybe like beds?) then you have a problem. I pin them down on a shipping date that you both can live with. I insist on a tracking number on that date. If the date comes and goes without a response I will contact them. If you get the runaround then your options are these: you can wait for them to get around to it or you you can cancel your order and request a refund on your card. If that does not happen in 4 or 5 days you can dispute it with your credit card company. It does take longer for a refund to show up on a credit card statement than a debit. All of this is better with credit cards--we used to have to try to get money back from a company after they have my money order. Lots easier now In your situation you should call them and offer them the choice: refund the card or they can take it up with the credit card company. Tell them that if they want their stuff back they need to send a call ticket for a pre-paid ride back to the company. These types of businesses often do not stock these items. I know that it would be unreasonable to expect them to drop everything and get your order out tomorrow. Three months is longer than I would wait especially if they told me one month. Split wood, drilled wrong, wrong items? That's on them and, in my mind, a deal breaker. If they were a reputable company they would not have sent out split wood. Go elsewhere.
  10. lonejacklarry

    512 cid C series on Dakota chassis- build thread

    Yes, rear bumpers and spare tires were options until the 70's. They were either dealer installed or aftermarket installed. There were a bunch of after market bumper designs for sale in those days.
  11. lonejacklarry

    Did you vote today????

    Yes, always, since my first time (as an absentee voter) in 1968 from a bunker on my senior trip to SE Asia. I think LBJ knew he already had a built in 2.5 million Vietnam veterans whom were not impressed with him.
  12. lonejacklarry

    "Ol Blue" Build

    Any special shipping considerations for sending a used fuel tank?
  13. lonejacklarry

    Anyone seen a 51 B3JMA?

    Apparently it was worth $3,950.
  14. lonejacklarry

    New member new project

    That is good advice. The only thing I would add is that after you get your budget in order and a time line set out you should, at least, double the dollars and time allotted. Then you won't go over the budget quite so badly.
  15. lonejacklarry

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Convair B36- Peacemaker. It was replaced by the B52 in 1955.

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