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    Indio California
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    Grand Kids, Cooking, Working on my truck
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    1948 B-1-C

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    Semi retired chef working on my first project. 1948 B-1-C
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    Indio, Ca
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    Working on Old Tucks

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  1. Chef Wayne

    B1C spring question

    I have the same questions Did you ever get an answer?
  2. Chef Wayne

    Looking for parts

    Thanks for the info. I'm trying to convince my wife that Lodi would be a great place for a weekend getaway. Only a 8 hour drive. CW
  3. Chef Wayne

    Looking for parts

    Not looking for a any specific parts. More interested if anyone can help me locate junk yards / salvage yards that might have pilothouse trucks where I can pick some parts
  4. Chef Wayne

    Looking for parts

    Truck has a pickup box. I'm looking for a back bumper to make it easier to step up into the bed. (Not as young as I used to be) I will post some pictures of my truck when I figure out how to make the file size smaller so they are under the 3MB file size.
  5. Chef Wayne

    Looking for parts

    I'm a new owner of a 1948 B-1-C and looking for parts. I live in southern California and curious where I can find some parts at a junk yard. I'm specifically looking for a back bumper..

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