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    milton freewater or 97862
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    49 Desoto custom 4dr

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    77 yrs old. mech most of my life.
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    milton freewater, or. 97862
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  1. forum pages

    thanks for the help. I am 78 and still learning.
  2. forum pages

    I have been reading old pages, is there a way to get to pages like from 1 to 110 without having to click off pages 5 at a time.
  3. 49 desoto carpet

    looking for info on best place for precut ready to install carpet for 49 Desoto custom 4dr.
  4. 49 desoto

    dpollo, thanks, ive got it done. hooked the bottom first then snapped the top in.
  5. 49 desoto

    I need help to get the ss molding on. is this the way the clips go. do I hook on the top and snap in the bottom or the other way around.