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  1. DrDoctor

    Cruise control, anyone? anyone?

    Using the throttle control will keep the car running at speed, except it’ll slow down going up a steep grade, and speed up going down a steep grade. Also, in an emergency situation, should you slam on the brakes, the engine’s speed is set by the throttle control, and it’ll work against efforts to slow down unless manually released—not necessarily a good situation. My dad used such a system in his cars, but had an occasion where it proved to be “less than ideal”. After that incidence (no one was injured, and no damages to anything—just scared him really good . . .), he began ordering cruise control on all of his cars. He thanked me for suggesting it for the remainder of his life.
  2. DrDoctor

    ? for auto electricians out there.

    Andy, I did basically the same thing on our ’46 Plymouth Special DeLuxe Club Coupe. and like yours, the clock keeps excellent time—once in the morning, and once again at night. Warmest regards to you!!!
  3. DrDoctor

    Bias Plys or Radials

    Atlas Wheel & Axle in Wichita, Kansas can widen wheels. Since I don’t know where you are, that may be abit far for you, since there’s the shipping costs to deal with. Best regards to you . . .
  4. DrDoctor


    Eneto-55, Yes, I believe you’re correct. It sounds logical to me, anyway, as the hi-beam takes more amperage than does the low-beam. Regards . . .
  5. DrDoctor


    Eneto-55, Drive is the low-beam, and Pass is the hi-beam (or so I’m told . . .). As for the grommet, Wichita Trimming handles all kinds of rubber parts and pieces. Give them a call—they’re in Wichita, Kansas. Their address is 343 South Ida Street, and their phone number is 316.264.2284. They’ve always come thru for me. Warmest regards to you . . .
  6. DrDoctor

    Dirty Oil!

    I just run Penzoil 10W-40 with a few ounces of zddp zinc additive, with the sentiment that if the engine can’t survive with that, then to hell with it.
  7. Thomba, Nope, I’m not about to laugh at someone else’s trials, even tho’ I may have “been there-don that”. Using the parts from Mac’s originally intended for a Ford will work just fine, as long as the grommets fit within the hex-holes in the wiper shafts. Use a washer slightly larger than the hex-hole, and retain it with a clip. You’re good to go. I did forget to mention that when I fabricated my hex-nut “fix” to this same problem, I had to file them both down, as there were too thick in their original form, and I couldn’t get the tiny cotter pin thru the hole, as the hex-nuts were almost as thick as the mounting shaft was long. This all occurred when I had a modicum of interest in the car. Live and learn—another problem (called a challenge in med school . . .), overcome. Warmest regards to you . . . .
  8. DrDoctor

    10 Inch Wiper Blades

    Mac’s Antique Auto Parts (an Eckler’s company) sells them for pre- and post-war Fords.
  9. Thomba, I had a similar problem. I took a couple of hex-nuts of appropriate size, and drilled out the threaded hole to the needed size. As for the e-clips, I bought new ones, but the groove in the mechanism just wasn’t deep enough to securely retain them, so I put the arms into a drill-press-vise, and drilled a small hole cross-wise in the shafts, and used a spring clip with one end thru the hole. Altho’ not original—problem solved.
  10. DrDoctor

    Cowl vent dismanteling?

    I did basically the same thing as described by BobT-47P15, but I didn’t cut the gasket. Instead, I just carefully worked the gasket over, around, and then under the lid of the cowl vent, and finally into its channel. The two back corners were abit of a challenge, but by maneuvering the cowl vent’s position, it went in without damage to either the car, the cowl vent, or the gasket. The key ingredient in doing this the way I did was patience, and doctors are known for that trait. Keep in mind that I did this when I was still interested in working on the car. Best of luck . . .
  11. DrDoctor

    Found out today what I am NOT doing with my 50 Dodge

    I’d try this—cover the engine (and anything else you wanted to protect) with plastic to keep the sand out of it. Then, use a power-washer to clean the sand crud from the firewall/inner fender liners. Once you’ve got that accomplished, use the rattle-can paint you want. You should be able to get a color close enough for the task from any lumber yard, or hardware store. Regards . . .
  12. DrDoctor

    Has anyone ordered parts from rock auto?

    I’ve used Rock Auto—price was very good, and I received what I ordered very quickly.
  13. DrDoctor

    Clock Fuse Size???

    Glass-tube fuses are becoming increasingly problematic to locate, and the low-volume usage ones especially so. Given that fact, I'd just put a bolt or nail in the clock’s fuse-holder, and then put an inline fuse-holder in the power supply line--problem solved. Regards . . . .
  14. DrDoctor

    Well it happened! I'm done.

    Knuckleharley, Again, when you’re right—you’re right!!! While on my way to meet up with my riding buddies for our weekly Thursday evening “restaurant run”, I triggered the nitrous at a traffic light when it turned green, and I wound up carrying the front tire about a foot in the air completely across the intersection. A little latter, while still on my way, I was on a rather deserted rural road, and I triggered the nitrous again—the result: 120+ mph in 6th gear, and it was still pulling. It almost knocked me off of the seat—thank gawd for the sissy bar. 125 hp without the nitrous, and 150+ with the nitrous. I raced a street rod with over 300 hp, and I was long gone by the time I finally slowed down, and put it into 4th gear. Summary: crazy powerful, but the most fun you can have while still wearing clothes. Warmest regards, my friend . . . .
  15. DrDoctor

    Well it happened! I'm done.

    “ If it turns out it spends the rest of your life riding around in the trunk as a spare, and never being used, good for you, you won! If it happens that a few years down the road you’re broke down hundreds of miles away from home, and need a water pump, or a fuel pump, to get back home, once again, "Good for you, you WON!" “ Knuckleharley, as usual, when you’re right—you’re right!!! Warmest regards, my friend . . . .

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