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  1. Akmark

    Door question

    Thanks, I have one for sale but the man who wants it needs a 1/2 ton door. Mark
  2. Akmark

    Door question

    Does anyone know if a door from a 46 wf32 1 1/2 ton will fit a 1/2 ton pickup? Thanks Mark
  3. Akmark

    New member with a new toy

    Thanks! I have found all the information I have needed from the members on here. The engine runs real smooth but I need to give it a good road test, hopefully next week. Mark
  4. Akmark

    New member with a new toy

    Thanks I was hoping to have it done for our old iron show this weekend but I ran out of time. I needed to get my hit & miss engines ready. Sorry you have to part with your truck
  5. Akmark

    1 1/2 ton Brake help needed

    If it is bleeding off slowly with your foot on the pedal I would think that the master cylinder is your problem.
  6. Akmark

    New member with a new toy

    I installed the new fuel pump and then with a little finagleing I got the 47 radiator to fit. I got her fired up and it sounded pretty good so I drove it up and down my driveway Going to put the sheet metal back on and then take her for a spin I still have a lot to do before it's road worthy but I am getting there. Mark
  7. Akmark

    New member with a new toy

    Finally got the gasket set and got it back together. I rebuilt the carb but the fuel pump that was working before decided to quit. I ordered a new pump but in the meantime I poured some gas in the carb and she fired right up
  8. I am waiting for the valve grind set I ordered for my WF 32. Got a rebuild kit for the carb so I plan on doing that tomorrow.
  9. Akmark

    New member with a new toy

    I decided to do the valves with the engine in place. I ordered a valve grind set and 1 new valve from Napa. I got the 2 head bolts drilled out still working on the manifold stud. I have a spare engine from the 47 parts truck and was hoping to use the valves from it. The valves in that engine have a larger stem, they are ruffly 3/8 stems compared to the 5/16 stems in the 46 236.6 engine. Also the spring collers have ball bearings in them, I don't recall ever seeing them like that in the past. Maybe they were aftermarket parts? Going to start lapping the valves in today and get the last broken stud out. Mark
  10. Akmark

    New member with a new toy

    Well I couldn't get all the valves loose so I pulled the head. And of course 2 bolts broke. It looks like the gasket was leaking on # 5, and the exhaust valve is just about rusted through. I didn't want to pull the engine but I guess I have to now.
  11. Akmark

    New member with a new toy

    I had some time to work on it yesterday, put a new battery in and got it turning over. It only had compression in one cylinder, I poured some atf in the plug holes and now have three cylinders. A little more soaking should do the trick. It has a short in the wiring, its getting power to the distributor side of the coil with the battery side discontinued. The old cloth wiring is frayed so I started to rewire it, hopefully I will get the wiring done today. Mark
  12. Akmark

    New member with a new toy

    Now that the weather is getting better I am getting back to this project . I rebuilt the master cylinder, it was leaking out the back. Now I am starting on the engine. the ID number on the block is DSP 241 81 but I can't find any reference to it with a search, the head is 25 inches long. Does anyone know what it is? The radiator leaks real bad and the one from the 47 won't fit. My local radiator guy said it needs a new core. I guess I will check around and see if I can find another one. Mark
  13. Akmark

    New member with a new toy

    The rear cylinders weren't that bad so I just cleaned them up and put new cups in them. I started on the engine and the radiator leaks bad , so I pulled it out and took it to a shop. I have to pick up a 6 volt battery and a set of plugs today. Mark
  14. Akmark

    New member with a new toy

    Dave Good to hear you still have one. I pulled the front drums off today. The brakes and hardware looked great, no rust on the drums. Both wheel cylinders were stuck fast so I went to my local Napa and they had them in stock. I put it back together, now I need to pull the rear and take a look at them. Mark
  15. Akmark

    New member with a new toy

    Those model engines are awesome , most of them are worth more than the actual engine. Do you still have any?