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  1. Smoke4570

    A few pictures of my 51 B3B project

    Nice job! Truck looks great! Hoping to start doing some work on mine this fall. Been accumulating some goodies to start the upgrades. Luckily my sheet metal is pretty solid. Seeing all the nice work on this site keeps inspiring me!
  2. Smoke4570

    Frame, dirty, clean, painted

    I can believe it. I've had a couple where I swear there was more crud on it than metal!
  3. Smoke4570

    1955 C1B Build Thread

    I've read through this thread a few times and am amazed that you have done almost exactly what I'm planning. Your truck is a beauty for sure and will be relying on your shared experiences to help guide me through this process. I currently have a 1950 218 L6 and am getting ready to add the Offenhauser 2x2 intake, Fenton style headers, Langdon's HEI conversion, and an Edgy cylinder head. After that I'm hoping to tackle the suspension and brake mods. I also happen to have a 1955 270 Hemi sitting in the corner I'd like to put in sometime down the road when funding allows. Should be an interesting job. Thanks for sharing and explaining all your work!
  4. Smoke4570

    New to forum.

    Hello, Thanks! It has a radio, but tubes are blown and I've not got around to fixing. It also has 2 visors.
  5. Smoke4570

    master cylinder

    Man I feel dumb, lol. Guess I got wrapped up in the technicals of the installation.
  6. Smoke4570

    master cylinder

    I know this is an older post but it this post is very helpful to me as I am about to undertake a brake upgrade on my truck. I really like this set up and plan to include it when I do my front disk conversion. One question, what is the attachment on the rear brake circuit right after the loop leaving the master cylinder that looks to have prongs for a plug of sorts?
  7. Smoke4570

    Window and radio.

    Would a regular ignition ballast resistor work? Should be more than enough to handle the load of the radio.
  8. Smoke4570

    Window and radio.

    Got my 1950 B2B home this weekend. Couple of initial questions. Most pressing issue for me is the driver side door window is cracked really bad. I've seen some replacements for sale, but wanted to see what others have used. Second, previous owner said the tubes in the radio blew after the 12V conversion. I have a spare radio, but want to make sure I don't damage it. Any suggestions to make sure the radio is protected? Thanks!
  9. Smoke4570

    New to forum.

    Gonna leave as is for now. Have some other projects to finish. Would like to clean up and paint down the road.
  10. Smoke4570

    New to forum.

    Thanks! I'm located in Alleghany County.
  11. Smoke4570

    New to forum.

    And a few more.
  12. Smoke4570

    New to forum.

    Picking truck up this weekend, but here are some picks from the ad. Has been converted to 12V and starter switch moved to a push button on dash.
  13. Smoke4570

    New to forum.

    Hello, Just picked up an intact 1950 1/2 ton. Mostly original with 218 and 3 speed on column. Body, except tailgate, really solid and straight. Runs great, but like anything that age it will need some work. Looking forward to working on it. I've always loved the old Dodge trucks and flat head engines. Smoke

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