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  1. sser2

    Pulling The Radio In my '53

    Congrats on fixing it!
  2. sser2

    E-brake band relining

    Glue them instead with Pliobond High Temerature. It is sold by McMaster-Carr. This is how modern brake shoes are assembled.
  3. sser2

    Split header - dual exhaust - reduced torque?

    Anyone doing racing with with flathead six these days?
  4. sser2

    Split header - dual exhaust - reduced torque?

    Very educated engineers equipped virtually all NORMAL (I mean not racing) cars not with multiple carbs, but with double barrel sequential open carbs. In drag racing, they don't accelerate like you would do in normal driving. Engine is raced to top speed before car even starts moving. This is poor example to prove your point.
  5. sser2

    Split header - dual exhaust - reduced torque?

    This is completely wrong. Multiple carbs indeed increase power, but only at steady high speed. The tradeoff is deteriorated performance at low speed and poor acceleration. This is because with 2 carbs the air flow speed at each venturi is only 1/2 compared to single carb, resulting in poor fuel atomization at lower speeds. Increased air flow increases power only at the expense of higher fuel consumption, so there is no better fuel economy. Fuel economy is worse with multiple carbs because more fuel gets into cylinders in liquid form due to poor atomization. This liquid fuel does not burn and is wasted into exhaust.
  6. sser2

    Split header - dual exhaust - reduced torque?

    Exhaust performance 1 Exhaust performance 2 Exhaust performance 3 Just from top of Google search list. Larger exhaust improves performance at high engine speed, especially at speeds approaching top rpm. At low to normal driving speeds, there is no improvement or deterioration. Dynamic performance (acceleration) may suffer. Now I'd like to see evidence for souped exhaust making difference at normal driving.
  7. sser2

    Split header - dual exhaust - reduced torque?

    Makes sense only for racing or boasting. On normally driven car, does not make noticeable difference, or even makes it worse.
  8. sser2

    Freeze plug troubles

    No, installation does not involve heat. Tin (I actually use 30%Sn 70%Pb electric solder) is soft and pliable, so it fills all micro imperfections at the plug/block interface when plug is expanded with a drift.
  9. sser2

    Freeze plug troubles

    I tin plug's edge using soldering iron. Tin layer makes tight seal upon installation.
  10. sser2

    plymouth three speed removal

    I use this trick on all my clutch jobs in any kind of car. Not only makes transmission installation easy and predictable, but saves you from injured shoulder cuff rotators. Don't ask me how i know.
  11. sser2

    New or NOS

    The babbitt-layered design of old Mopar bearing shells is by no means obsolete. Such bearings are still produced nowadays, alongside with other designs, particularly aluminum-silicon- and aluminum-tin-layered bearings. Babbitt has its advantages and disadvantages compared to aluminum, as described here: Bearing materials Particularly, babbitt has superior capacity to hold oil on its surface, and superior resistance to galling. On the downside, the babbit layer must be very thin, and once this layer is worn down, all the advantages are gone. I don't see any reason why NOS bearing shells from reputable manufacturers should be inferior to today's shells
  12. sser2

    Chrysler/Plymouth Flat head Rebuild

    Yeah it does. Odd and even rods are different. Thanks for the video!
  13. As we know, the Airflow wasn't commercial success. However, it influenced design of few cars from other manufacturers, most notably Toyota AA and Volvo P36 Carioca. Yet another influence was 1938 Opel Admiral. It used waterfall radiator grill, integrated oval headlights, and two-piece windshield. It is clear that designers, while being inspired by the Airflow, tried to overcome its clumsiness by moderating Airflow's radical design features. Radiator grille to hood transition is more conventional, and headlights are positioned higher. Unlike the Airflow, the Admiral had standard body-on-frame construction. It was produced for only one year - due to misfortune of sharing its 6 cylinder engine with Opel truck. 1938 was the year WW2 started.
  14. sser2

    Quest For The Ultimate Flathead 6 Spark Plug?

    My Earl's head uses longer reach plug.
  15. sser2

    Crap Ignition Products

    Good NOS points have insulator cam made of so called Textolite - layers of fabric hot pressed with phenolic filler. Fabric texture is quite apparent in this material. This is the same material that was used in Chevy and Ford cam gears. Textolite won't shatter and is quite wear-proof. Later development was plastic without fabric reinforcement, which is not so strong, especially after 50+ years of storage. Speaking of capacitor, I wouldn't trust any 50 year old capacitor - they deteriorate with time . Modern mylar capacitors are the way to go. They are 1/4 size of old paper capacitors of the same value and voltage rating. Use 0.22 uF axial capacitor with at least 400 VDC rating

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