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  1. sser2

    Inside door trim

    Here is a link about using rubber-based printer's ink and press wash for woodgraining of 1933 Plymouth panels: 1933 Plymouth woodgraining I ordered the stuff (much more than is actually needed; cannot be ordered in small quantities). PM if interested.
  2. sser2

    Rear Spring Shackles - Reversed Threads

    When wheel hits a bump, shackle forces the bushing to turn. If rotation of this turning is in the direction of unscrewing the bushing out of the spring hole, the bushing could loosen up and come out of the spring hole after a series of bumps. With left hand thread, the action of shackle tightens the bushing.
  3. sser2

    Rear Spring Shackles - Reversed Threads

    It is the lower leg of the driver side shackle that has left hand thread. Left hand OEM shackle bushing has notches on its hex head to indicate this. Andy's new production bushing does not have these notches. When installing shackles, follow service manual procedure with 7/8 and 13/16 gauges.
  4. sser2

    Has anyone ordered parts from rock auto?

    The gasket in question is made by Fel-Pro. This is the only aftermarket head gasket brand that I would trust. BTW, unlike vintage McCord and Victor copper gaskets, Fel-Pro can be used with aluminum head.
  5. sser2

    Thermostat Modifcations

    This thing, called "juggle valve", is optional - some thermostats have it, others don't. It helps in burping the cooling system during fill-up, but doesn't provide any other benefit.
  6. Andy Bernbaum, of course. Good selection and more reasonable prices.
  7. sser2

    Highlander material cloth

    Leather for convertible seats, but it has to be automotive grade leather with special UV-resistant finish, which is not cheap. Alternatively, there are protective finishes that can be applied on furniture-grade leather to make it more resistant.
  8. sser2

    Dual carb/split intake

    There is no free lunch in carburetor setup. An improvement in air flow at high speed comes at the expense of transition performance (acceleration). Multiple carburetors make sense in a racing car, but not in a daily driver. Nowadays it would be weird to race the old Mopars.
  9. sser2

    Youtube : Chrysler Flathead rebuild part 1

    Nice video, but seems like the guy is not quite an expert in Mopar flat six engines. Things like what engine is that, "double roller chain", Silvolite pistons being original, "egg-shaped pistons", hardened exhaust valve seats, sharp edge of crank's thrust flange...
  10. sser2

    start with 12V, run on 6V

    It is not a starter/battery problem. Engine is easier to turn when hot than when cold. The problem could be something that malfunctions upon warming-up, like ignition coil or vapor lock in the fuel system.
  11. sser2

    Rear Fender Stone Deflector

    Spray-on Liquid Rubber?
  12. sser2

    Philco radio model 802

    Vibrators are PITA. Replace vibrator with modern DC-DC converter.
  13. sser2

    Water pump bolt head snapped off

    In the worst case, broken stud can be ground flush with surface, center punched, and stud drilled out with an inner thread diameter bit. Spiral stud remains then can be removed with sharp pick and thread chased with a proper tap.
  14. sser2

    A visit with Earl Edgerton

    Earl retired last year. However, he arranged for his performance parts business to be taken over by Mopar Montana: https://www.moparmontana.com/
  15. sser2

    A visit with Earl Edgerton

    This can be easily checked with a $20 endoscope.

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