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  1. sser2

    Those that do interiors

    Ideally, you need a professional walking foot upholstery machine with big motor, clutch, and oil pump, like Singer or Pfaff. But they are expensive and bulky. For occasional upholstery work, antique electric Singer 66 may be suitable, with a few mods like more powerful motor, reduced drive ratio, and roller foot. These machines are very basic (just forward and reverse lock stitch), and robust. With right needle, Singer 66 can stitch 4-5 layers of leather. Takes some practice to learn, but not too difficult.
  2. sser2

    P 15 Interior- What to do?

    I regard working on upholstery as part of the hobby, like working on engine, body, or paint. Sewing is fun, and is not too difficult to learn. Right equipment is the key. Professional walking foot upholstery machines are unfortunately pricey, but classics like Singer 66 can be had for about $50, and, with few modification, they are suitable for occasional upholstery tasks. There are excellent youtube tutorials on various aspects car upholstery.
  3. sser2

    Another Brake Question

    Weak shoe return springs? Air not completely removed from the system?
  4. sser2

    Dodge car chase

    Another scene from this movie: the same car wins demolition derby: 39 Dodge demolition derby
  5. sser2

    Dodge car chase

    That time (70s) it was just a clunker fit for demolition derby.
  6. sser2

    1941 6cyl.Gates Water Pump 42554 Quality?

    That's right. Water pump grease doesn't get into water under normal operation. But pump must be greased every 2,000 miles using grease gun. Under pressure, old grease has to go somewhere, and that somewhere is water jacket. This is what makes that greasy substance found while cleaning old blocks.
  7. sser2

    1941 6cyl.Gates Water Pump 42554 Quality?

    All grease used to lubricate old style water pump ends up in block's water jacket. Even if I had to replace sealed bearing pump every year, I would do it for this reason alone.
  8. sser2

    1937 Plymouth Sedan Rear Springs

    OEM '35-39 rear spring rear shackles are screw type U-shape with grease fittings. OEM springs used with these shackles have corresponding threads. Later bracket style shackles do not have threads or grease fittings, they have rubber bushings instead. OEM shackle Later style shackle
  9. sser2

    1937 Plymouth Sedan Rear Springs

    No personal experience with these guys, but their price is good. Springs come with silent blocks and require later model rear shackles. Plymouth rear springs
  10. sser2

    Teaching my grandson to drive a stick

    Wish I had a grandchild like yours. When my daughter needed a car, I offered to buy it for her and even help with insurance and maintenance, but under condition that it would be a stick shift. Incentive of a free car was strong enough, and she ended up in passing her driver's exam in that stick shift. She is now enthusiastic driver, and expressed gratitude to me for teaching her how to stick.
  11. sser2

    218 Timing Issues

    But apparently it doesn't spring back to its original correct position. This could happen if, for example, vacuum pot is stuck in the middle. You should use shop manual procedures to check the distributor. Twist and spring back is not a recommended test.
  12. sser2

    218 Timing Issues

    Centrifugal and/or vacuum advance mechanisms might have seized or malfunctioning otherwise, which would cause distributor cam to get stuck in a wrong position. You probably need to rebuild your distributor.
  13. sser2

    Door hinge and hinge pin request

    Yes. When door is off the body, pin can be driven out easily. Pin wear may form a ridge that makes it difficult to drive out the pin when door weight is pushing on the hinge sideways.
  14. sser2

    Door hinge and hinge pin request

    Posting a few hinge pictures, as promised.

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