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  1. Dodgy49

    What’s a good upholstery cleaner restorer

    Sorry guys I forgot to mention they are a vinyl. I’ll look into the armor all products and see what they have.
  2. Hey folks, So the original seats in the Coronet are in mostly fair to good shape but are dirty, dry, and brittle. Is there a wax, lotion, balm, whatever that will rejuvenate the material? I’m not expecting perfection but these poor things need some attention and I don’t want to clean them with something that will do more harm than good. Thanks
  3. Dodgy49

    my first project car at 16

    Like many have said, don’t get in to deep. List the things needed to get it road worthy. Work on those things first. It will be tempting to upgrade this and that while you have it apart. Don’t! I have been fiddling with a 49 Coronet, all I hear from others is upgrade to 12 volt, convert to disk brakes, etc. I was able to drive it last Thursday after rewiring the dash and charging system, motor and trans change, and brake work. She’s not pretty, but I can drive it... keep it simple, keep at it... no mountain is ever conquered in a single step.
  4. Dodgy49

    Dieterich Sunvisor installation

    Yes sorry it an exterior windshield visor. Similar to the Fulton
  5. Dodgy49

    Dieterich Sunvisor installation

    Figured it out. Once I found the nut that was hidden under bondo it became very clear. 😜
  6. Does anyone have installation instructions on a Dieterich J-10 sun visor?
  7. This milestone has taken 20 months. When the mood struck I’d spend a night or weekend afternoons working on it. I was hoping to be further along but I’m pretty happy with this. Many thanks to several members of this site in providing answers and guidance. 39DEBBC0-698F-419C-A440-078BCE4124AE.MOV
  8. Dodgy49

    M6 transmission parking brake cable routing.

    Dodgeb4ya, thanks for the pics. there is a small space but the cable wouldn’t come through. It makes sense, I’ll look again in the next few days.
  9. 1949 Coronet FluidDrive. I have really confused myself. The routing for the parking brake cable eludes me, I took it off...but can’t seem to see the obvious. There is a “U” bracket on the lower side of the gearbox that is basically in line with the parking brake actuator lever. Going forward the cable seems to be forced at a sharp angle to clear the transmission mount, either to the side or top. There is a clip on the bellhousing that suggests it comes back level from there rearward but again to clear the mount. Sorry to ask this but I’m a firm believer the stupid question is the one you don’t ask.
  10. Dodgy49

    Horn relay replacement

    Thanks Rich, that was what I needed
  11. Dodgy49

    Horn relay replacement

    49 Dodge coronet, I’m wanting to change the horn relay and flasher relay. Does anyone have a part numbers or amp rating for a replacement. I’m still running 6volt but don’t need Nos or original parts. Thanks in advance.
  12. I have a 49 Dodge Coronet that is in the rewire phase. I have been using a D-30 wiring diagram but am noticing slight differences. How can I determine what I have... (vin#, body#..?)
  13. Dodgy49

    50 230 flathead fuel pump woes

    Thanks for your input. installed the new pump, fixed a leak or two. Runs pretty well. I had lot of “advise” to add/change to an electric pump. I hope to upgrade to 12 volt once it’s running , I feel that would have added another layer of unnecessary complexity.
  14. Dodgy49

    Fluid drive transmission won't seat

    Merle, that was it. The disk was out of alignment. I have been away from the project for a while but am starting at it again
  15. I am painfully close to getting a basket case 49 Coronet back in running shape, but I am having trouble with fuel delivery. The fuel pump isn’t working. I have the original pump with a glass bowl on the bottom from the 50 donor, the original from the 49, and a spare of unknown age. None draw fuel. I am running a short line (2ft) from the pump inlet to a clear container with fuel then to the carb. I have the shop manual and tried the suction tests but they seem inconclusive. Is there a pruning sequence? Some have suggested an electric fuel pump but I’d rather not. Any and all suggestions welcomed.

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