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  1. Chrysler Windsor -51 Build Thread.

    I recently found this video. It's been filmed at classic car event, this summer. Lots of great cars. (my car 12:35)
  2. Need 6v help

    I ordered coil 6V, points and sparkplugs to my flathead in this store www.jenkkiosat.com. I live in finland and store is located in here... and close to Germany
  3. Chrysler Windsor -51 Build Thread.

    There is no updates for now. I have other car to work on in this winter. If i get it ready for next summer, i can repair chrysler again. There is massive oil leaks in engine, transmission , rear axle and steering gear. i need to find new seals and parts first.
  4. Chrysler Windsor -51 Build Thread.

    There is no progress in here, only driving, 5000km and no problems. That is pretty good for a car that's been in a barn for a 19 years. No its time to rest this winter.
  5. Chrysler Windsor -51 Build Thread.

    Interrior almost ready....
  6. Chrysler Windsor -51 Build Thread.

    I have never had those broblems with copper lines, but i will change steel lines if i can find right sized tube. Latest repairs -olipan&gasket -new filter& oil -Inner roof rust removal -i started the upholstery work Inner roof DIY windlace New floormat Crappy pictures, i know....
  7. Chrysler Windsor -51 Build Thread.

    some pictures.... Gauges and clock, all working now. new wires new hub caps Still leaking Removed oilpan
  8. Chrysler Windsor -51 Build Thread.

    ...some troubles with internet connection... OK. Thanks guys, i am very pleased with the progress of the steering wheel. Thank you for the offer. i have to do some research, bodywork looks very diffrent at least. There is only copper lines available in my location. Why steel lines? previous owner has cutted of some pieces. Can somebody tell me what these pictures sould normally look? (pictures are inside of the front fenders)
  9. Chrysler Windsor -51 Build Thread.

    Winter is over much has been done since last post. I got the car running, Brakes are all new, Wiring is mostly done. I'm trying to repair oil leaks... Streering wheel(still needs work)
  10. Chrysler Windsor -51 Build Thread.

    I think it is worth trying.... Little progress with this. Redone some wiring,new battery+cables and new bulbs(6v).
  11. Chrysler Windsor -51 Build Thread.

    I think that this car has very nice steering wheel and i started to fix that. something to do inside, only the smell is really bad(steering wheel smells like cat pee). I'm going to glue the pieces together with Kent Rapid Bond and then use PC7 epoxy to fill holes.
  12. dim dash lights

    you should replace old bulbs. It helps some. But you should also measure that dimmer. If its not work correctly, the current is lower than 6 volts.
  13. Chrysler Windsor -51 Build Thread.

    Thanks guys. Cold weather is not so bad I think that this model is no very common in here. There is no rust holes in the car and engine is not jammed. Previous owner has bought new brake drums and tyres. He has also redone front and rear seats. Wiring is toasted and need replacement. I'm keeping 6 volt system. Crome parts Are gone. somebody has sandblasted the bumpers and then painted in silver. I ordered new brake hoses, coil, master cylinder,carb rebuil kit and new battery.
  14. Hello This is my first American car. The car is pretty bad shape and some parts are missing. Car is imported to Finland in 1957 and it has been run last time in 1997. 251CID 6 cylinder/ Fluid Drive. The speedometer reading is in Kilometers instead of miles. More pictures later....