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    Hot rods, guns and grandkids.
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    48 Plymouth with 56 Chrysler Hemi/727 torqueflite transmission.

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  1. rvannoy1

    New Member!

    Welcome to the forum erikquick and just sit back and learn a lot about old Mopars. Lets see some more photos of your new ride.
  2. rvannoy1

    Lurker coming out

    Welcome to the forum. Hope you have as much fun with your 48 as I'm having with mine.
  3. rvannoy1

    1948 Plymouth Rat Rod

    Looks like 1942 rear fenders, nice.
  4. rvannoy1

    1948 Plymouth Rat Rod

  5. rvannoy1

    47 ply wont start

    I had a 47 P15 a long time ago, and I was told by an old mechanic to drill a "weep" hole in the bottom side of the distributor cap to make sure the inside of the cap wouldn't allow any moisture to accumulate. Worked great after that. Another check for moisture inside the cap is to put a trouble light next to the cap over a cool night, if it fires right up next morning, you know it was moisture. Now I have a 48 P15 coupe with a 56 Chrysler 354 with electronic ignition and it starts almost before you put the key in. (However, it stays in a heated garage now).
  6. rvannoy1

    Hi from Scotland

    Welcome WeggieBob, it's always good to see a new member, especially one with a fine looking P15. I hope you have as much fun with yours as I'm having with mine, enjoy.
  7. rvannoy1

    1948 Canadian P15 SD project Pictures

    Wow, looks like you have it all under control. Is that color Cruiser Maroon? You're doing a terrific job. Is your engine a 23 inch or a 25 inch?
  8. rvannoy1

    Replace 218 engine with a 230.

    Reze, I did this very same swap back in the 60s, However, I used a 1954 230 Plymouth, regular 3-speed (no fluid drive) and as I recall, everything that bolted onto the 218 (1947 Plymouth) also bolted onto the 230 without any problems. I also did a tranny swap on a 1953 Dodge (241 V-8) from fluid drive to a regular (non-fluid drive) and as I recall I had to plug some oil holes someware in the rear of the block because the engine oil and torque converter oil were the same. When you changed the engine oil it took around 13 quarts (as I recall). Good luck with your engine swap.
  9. rvannoy1

    Meet my new '56 Plym Suburban

    Nice find. My Dad had one just like that back in the day. I think the engine is actually a 277 cubic inch, solid lifter version. I had a 4 door also with a 277.
  10. rvannoy1

    P15 Front Springs

    I am in the process of restoring a 48 Plymouth and find that the front coil springs have notches ground on the outside of each bottom coil. One spring has five (5) notches ground in the coil with the number 112324 and the other spring has four (4) notches and the number 112224. Can someone tell me which side is which? Thanks in advance. Ron.

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