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  1. rvannoy1

    341 Hemi

    John, That sounds like a real neat project. I put a 354 Chrysler in my 48 Plymouth coupe, and I'm glad I did. You have to look at it as what you really want to do and keep at it. Good luck with it. Ron
  2. rvannoy1

    Newport wiper motor/ using the original switch

    Thom, I installed the Newport wiper motor last winter in my P15, however, I can't remember if I even tried to maintain the original knob. As soon as I get a little time to look, I'll see if it will work. Ron
  3. rvannoy1

    1951 Meadowbrook 318 conversion advise

    Looking good.
  4. rvannoy1

    Front window weatherstripping exchange advice

    Nice looking P15. What headlights mare you using? Regards, Ron
  5. rvannoy1

    Rack and pinion steering for 46 Plymouth

    Nice ride. Good luck with your conversion. Regards, Ron
  6. rvannoy1

    Rack and pinion steering for 46 Plymouth

    mrwrstory, Here is another way that might work. http://www.route66hotrodhigh.com/RnPMisadventure.html
  7. rvannoy1

    Rack and pinion steering for 46 Plymouth

    Barry, I will try sending photos to you of what I did for my P15. Regards, Ron
  8. rvannoy1

    Rack and pinion steering for 46 Plymouth

    Hey Yukon Jack, I just sent you a PM. Hope you can read them. Ron
  9. rvannoy1

    Rack and pinion steering for 46 Plymouth

    Thanks DJ, I found the pressure adjusting valve, but a little steep in price. I have also used the modified orifice fitting which allowed me to get (oh so) close to having the proper volume so as not to be twitchy, or quick steering, going down the highway. I think the oriface I have in there now is .094 and it seems just about right. Thanks for the info. FYI, TURN ONE STEERING has some real good tech articles on the type II pump. Ron
  10. rvannoy1

    Rack and pinion steering for 46 Plymouth

    I had both (sport & standard) from scrap yards and realized the sport steering ratio was not for my P15 with the weight of a 354 Hemi. I also installed a manual Cavalier rack and, much to my dismay, I could barely turn the steering wheel while the car was sitting on the garage floor. I still have mounts welded to my frame for both racks as the manual rack, passenger side mount is approx. 2 inches closer to center than the power rack. I left both mounting brackets in just in case I change the engine someday to a much lighter small block Mopar. I will tell you that I've been struggling with my type II GM power steering pump to find the proper pressure and volume that works best with the extra weight of the engine and also the fact that I fabricated new, shorter steering arms to correct for the turning radius that the original steering arms would produce. When you get further along with your conversion let me know if you would like a drawing of my steering arms and mounting brackets. I can also send you photos of the installation if need be. Regards, Ron
  11. rvannoy1

    Rack and pinion steering for 46 Plymouth

    ply 51, I think 1986 to 1992 Cavalier rack is what you're after. That's what I put under my P15. Be aware that there are various steering ratios for the power rack as well as a manual rack too. Good luck with your conversion.
  12. rvannoy1

    electric wipers

    I think you'll like the Newport Engineering electric wipers. I installed them in my 48, p15 coupe this winter and they work great.
  13. rvannoy1

    New Member!

    Welcome to the forum erikquick and just sit back and learn a lot about old Mopars. Lets see some more photos of your new ride.

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