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  1. Frogprince

    1950 Newport Project

    I understand both sides of the equation. The straight 8 engine is interesting and a piece of history. If I keep the engine around then my plans where to build either rat rod or a Bonneville racer style vehicle and put it on display in that. Granted if someone wanted to buy it off the forum here once I get it pulled I am more than happy to sell it. The reason I settled on the 440 is that I wanted something different. There is the argument that displacement is king and more is better. Most hot rods I have seen intend to use a Chevy 350 or a small block of some sort. Don't get me wrong they are great engines but what I want to build is an ode to a 70s era hot rod. My thinking was some teenager would have picked this up for a few hundred, pulled the motor out and shoved one in from a truck. I might drag race it for kicks now and then but I get more enjoyment out of setting off car alarms in parking garages. Though I know I have some people in the camp fix and drive it. This car was 1 step away from being a demo. It needs everything worked on and that is the main reason I am doing the swap. I am going to rewire the car with a modern fuse panel and not restore the wiring, the paint is shot and has a great patina so that is going to stay. I am going to do a slightly different design on the interior but will taking it back close to stock. One issue is I am 6' 9" and my wife is 5' 4" so anything with a standard one piece bench is out. To me I am changing enough of the car the last bit is the motor. So next picture will be the car in the garage with a for sale sign on the engine. Unless someone on here wants a 95% complete Newport?
  2. Frogprince

    1950 Newport Project

    I actually do a good portion of my own work. There is somethings I am uncomfortable doing such as rebuilding a transmission but welding, and engine work I a more than willing to do on my own. I was working on a 1967 Mustang up to the point where my wife was getting annoyed it was getting work done and this has been sitting since before the Mustang. Though there are times that I don't have the time and then I ask a local shop to step in and give me a hand. My issue with the original engine and transmission is if something breaks, needs change or replaced so far I have only found one place that sells parts. Sadly to me the parts in my mind are to expensive for the end result. For example the fuel pump alone is 150 plus the deposit and the one for a newer engine is 20. I have seen the same issue with water pumps, and few other parts. I know restoring older cars you never break even or rarely a profit. To me it is about the enjoyment of driving, working on them and spending time with them. I believe the 8 cylinder engine is unique in a flat head configuration. Just wish it was more like the straight 6 that parts are common and somewhat cheap.
  3. Frogprince

    1950 Newport Project

    I have two cars that we drive daily. Though my goal is to have a car that I am not worried about driving 100 miles round trip for a car show. I have debated about keeping the stock motor but I have had little luck finding anyone that can or will work on the engine or transmission. I know the fuel pump is gone, water pump works but should be gone thru and etc. The only company that i have found that lists parts for the 8 is Kanter and they can get quite expensive. I know the Exhaust manifold is expensive. I actually sold the spare engine I found locally for less than that to a guy restoring a 30s Chrysler and needed the inline 8.
  4. Frogprince

    1950 Newport Project

    Beautiful vehicle. I fell in love with the design, grill and etc of the vehicle. I know they only made 2700 and in some cases I have read that they think they are less a thousand around. One of the reasons the guy selling it was due to he couldn't find a grill. Though most of the parts are the same as a standard New Yorker so I am not sure why he couldn't find them. I have been back and forth keeping it stock or rebuilding it with some more modern parts. One of the issues I can't drive a clutch vehicle anymore. If I do my left foot will hurt for days due to an accident. I have also debated about getting rid of my motorcycle for the same concern. My end goal is to keep it looking stock but add some modern functionality to make it more drive-able. I have tried to sell it locally to someone who would want to restore it but it doesn't say Chevy or Ford. It is mostly original down to the hubcaps and wheels.
  5. Frogprince

    1950 Newport Project

    Yes it is. The eight still runs surprisingly and the transmission does shift and move the car. I removed the right fender over the weekend to get better access to the front end. Planning on removing the drivers side here this week.
  6. Frogprince

    1950 Newport Project

    For the motor I am going to be putting in a 440 with a 727 transmission. For the rear end I haven't decided what I am going to be bolting in but I am hoping to keep it mostly MOPAR. I haven't heard of Scarebird before and I looked them up and I think that will solve the braking issue. Thank you for the suggestion. What are you looking at doing for steering on the 47? Also I would have loved to found a 40s era dodge but will have to settle for the truck next go around.
  7. Frogprince

    1950 Newport Project

    I found this forum and I am glad I finally did. Not many people have any experience or desire it was looking like to work and bring back some of the old classics. I found this gem sitting in behind a local restoration shop and the owner was looking at getting it running well enough to demolition derby it. After some convincing he sold it to me for a decent amount and I have had it sitting around my house for 2 years. Finally getting the project started and I am hoping for some insight and help on a tough decision. I am replacing the motor with something a little more modern and more power to make a good highway and daily driver. I have talked to some local shops and one says cut out the front end and replace with a mustang II with power steering, 11" brakes and etc. The other said leave it alone, rebuild and use Rusty Hopes conversion for disc brakes. My concern is the cost of the front end swap is almost $4,000 from a shop and I could rebuild both the motor, transmission, and wire the car for about that. Any thoughts on what is the best option for these cars?

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