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  1. 6v positive ground question

    Careful there, if you let that info out to to many people, everyone is going to want a pos ground flathead mopar!
  2. Cracked block now what.

    Not everything can be repaired, but there could be a chance yours could be. Here is a video on lock and stitch repair, take a min and watch it, see if you could do the repair yourself. Also look at the website lock and stitch for more info. Welcome to the forum and good luck with your project. I would like to suggest you add your location to profile. First thing I did was look to see where you are, I may have a good block that a bearing went bad and it is seized up, I am sure it would need crank replaced ... maybe your crank would work. either way I am probably to far away for the block to do you any good. You can put in just about anything you want for a replacement, will require work and labor. I have not done it, but seems like almost everyone needs to fight with the steering box. Once you get past that issue, you have all the room you want. Now you need to change transmission, rear end probably brakes it just turns into a bigger project then originally planned. Nothing wrong with this, but it does cost money for all the changes, same money would go a long ways to putting the flathead 6 back in it with a few upgrades.
  3. Molly Time!

    Thats great news. The 49 they are just gone, no interior door or window handles. I do have a set on the 52 parts truck that positive would work. But if given the choice, I like the spiffy plymouth handles, also checking out the plymouth cowl vent arm/handle. On the truck somebody came by and tried to force the rusted cowl open, broke the handle.
  4. Molly Time!

    Thanks very much ggdad!
  5. Molly Time!

    I feel a little silly here, but want to claim our ancestors were quite clever instead. Working on my dome light, I see no way to remove the lens. I would think that would squeeze the plastic lens and it would pop out. This one almost feels as if it is glass, or is a real thick plastic and not squeezing. Or maybe needs to be warmed up to be flexible? Any thoughts on how to dissemble this light for cleaning? Before I break it. Another question I have, removing door and window cranks. I was thinking to try needle nose vice grips, push the escutcheon back against the spring and clamp the pliers on the shaft to hold them back out of the way. What is actually holding the handle on? My truck has no handles on it, I see a square shaft with a hole in the end. Is it a pin that is driven through the handle / shaft, I just need to drive it out? Hoping I can figure it out when I get to it, just curious if any advice or tricks you guys like to use? Also wondering if the handles from the 52 suburban would fit my 49 B1C? They have some cool scroll work on them and would use them if they fit. as always, thanks in advance.
  6. I am doing the same swap, I feel it will work, therefor it shall!
  7. Picture request

    ok I gotcha now, I can pull that out and get pics. I pulled the front seat out so it would be easier to get up under the dash and pull gages etc... So while am in there will pull it out of my way.
  8. Picture request

  9. Picture request

  10. Picture request

  11. Picture request

    OK I finally got to go over and play today. I took some photos, is flat out ugly. It all is in decent condition, but it is covered with some sort of under coating, same with the inner fenders and firewall. So here is a few photos, I want to say the whole thing is 3 pieces? The front has the blower, middle section has the heater core, is that heater core really 14" wide? Almost a second radiator. And the 3rd piece connects to the firewall. Is it the 3rd piece that you are making? Let me know if any more pictures would be helpful, If you point out a area or section for measurements I can get them for you. I also posted a picture of the under seat heater, was a hole cut in the floor, and the heater has a housing that drops in and is fastened to the floor. It is located directly under the driver, not sure I would like this.
  12. Draft tube

    Good thread, gives me ideas. One issue I need to fix, a previous owner welded the exhaust pipe to the draft tube. Some how need to cut and correct, maybe a pvc upgrade would look like it was planned and not a fix.
  13. Replacing front brake shoes on B2B

    You might consider putting a stainless steel sleeve in them. But to answer your question, when I was a kid working in the shop, we left them in and honed them that way. Only time we removed them was when we were replacing with new because were to pitted to hone.
  14. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    probably not so bad to make it work. When you go to the bone yard and choose a rear end, grab all the e-brake cable and fittings. All you need to do is mount the brackets and connect it to your existing handle ... 5 min tops
  15. Picture request

    very soon, maybe tomorrow will be back over stripping parts from the 52 suburban. It has the same style air duct I believe. This one has the blower cage right near the core support, and ducting back to the firewall. If wanted can take photos with a tape measure next to it or specific areas, just shout out if you want.