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  1. Los_Control

    512 cid C series on Dakota chassis- build thread

    What concerns me, what color shag carpeting you going with? I kinda have a issue with green, you go brown and I am good. orange and we need to talk
  2. Los_Control

    title issues

    Sure hoping I have some good luck here, I just bought a truck which original owner had died and executor of estate sold it with lost title .... to a different guy 3 years ago .... I was bound and determined to help this guy get his chevy truck licensed and insured, so he's not walking, is a double amputee with little income. So I bought the little dodge dakota that needs work and no title, may have been cheaper to just give him the money for registration & insurance. Wish me luck on the title, at least it is a Dakota and may be worth using for a frame swap some day.
  3. Los_Control

    1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    Which switches? I have found the headlight and panel light switches to be serviceable, you can take them apart, clean and grease them. This is on my 48-50 pilothouse truck, not sure if your wagon is the same.
  4. Los_Control

    Quest For The Ultimate Flathead 6 Spark Plug?

    The good ol days, got to love that time period. Back then Boys were Boys and Girls were Girls. Today you just never know what you're going to get 😕 With the different quality of plugs today, getting up to 100k miles on them, we do have choices. And I have in the past always went with a autolite because of failed champions, I also liked NGK .... but never ran them in a flathead, I do not think the engine matters as much as the quality of the plug. I went to my local parts house, champions were all they had so I bought them. Couple weeks later while in a neighboring town, I got a set of the AC-Delco iridium? or is it platinum? Not sure, but good for 100k miles, and just not that expensive for a 6 cylinder. Of course my truck has never left the driveway yet, these plugs may last a life time.
  5. Los_Control

    Engine builders

    Issues with not installing as the manual describes. I pulled my distributor out for maintenance, because whoever before me did not install the oil pump as it should be, my wires are one turn counter clockwise on the cap, then what they should be. Maybe not a big deal to some, but when you go in reading the manual and end up having to guess at spark plug wires to get it to run .... gets frustrating . If you do not follow the manual, you will be doing the same to get it running.
  6. Los_Control

    "Farmer fixes"

    Honestly, I approve of all these fixes, not sure what everybody worked up about? Ok I add that my 1949 B1C has a B1B front axle under it, you need 2 different spare tires, one for front and one for rear ... and has a 1937 218 engine .... they used what was available
  7. Los_Control

    Sleepless nights

    I too have those nights, often caused by pain ... for example when I need to mow the grass, I wont sleep that night as my legs throb with pain. I get over it. And looking at the work you have been doing on your project the last few days, would not be surprised if you feeling a lil pain yourself ....
  8. Los_Control

    512 cid C series on Dakota chassis- build thread

    Can we get a mod to ban this guy? His enthusiasm is making us all look bad Amazing how you are out there working and getting it did. Kinda dropped below 60 degrees here and I been inside hibernating. GO GO GO!
  9. Los_Control

    Value of extra parts

    Something I really need to consider. Many know I started with Molly my 49 B1C, Then moved 1800 miles away, now Molly is sitting at my Uncles place. I bought another 1949 B1B .... Just cost to move Molly 1800 miles is starting to ramp up, I need the spare parts, if I had Molly here I could make a second truck. I know that I can not sell the parts in the current condition and expect to get rich. For the price of gas money I could buy another parts truck local. Yet I have a bunch of spare parts stored over there, a rebuilt 218 engine, a brand new gas tank / sending unit from tanksrus in a box, a new engine gasket set ... I have a 52 parts truck sitting there that is partially stripped, I gave it away already, but yet to be picked up ... I have the radiator, heater gauges already stored away ..... I have a lot of extra parts. I have no choice I have to drive 1800 miles one way to pick them up and drive them another 1800 miles to get them home ...... sometimes wish could just turn a blind eye and buy new stock local
  10. Los_Control

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    small block tree fifty
  11. Los_Control

    512 cid C series on Dakota chassis- build thread

    wonders what a 60's radio back there would look like
  12. Los_Control

    TV in a COLD garage?

    I use a computer and of course monitor in the garage, the thin flat screen monitors would be same as a tv. I brought my screen in as not in the garage so much right now. I have stored flat screen monitors in the shed before, and if you bring them in and let them warm up before you turn them on, they are fine. I also have brought them in and not let them warm up, turn one on and it started to work for about 20 seconds and then it fried. imho, is fine to leave them in the garage, just do not turn them on if near freezing temps.
  13. Los_Control

    53 steering box issues.

    yeah this is true, but in the past you could be walking across the grocery store parking lot, and hear a mopar 5 rows away starting up!
  14. Los_Control

    What causes a wall outlet in your house......

    Loose connections is the main cause of any sparks. Aluminum wiring inside of homes was common in the 70's, the heat and expansion contraction caused too many loose connections. As main wiring from the service poles to the house, still used today and not a issue. Anytime you get a loose connection, you going to get sparks and later fire if you get enough sparks. If no sparks, you would get wires overheating until threw a breaker. I once plugged in a 100' extension cord, tossed the end over by the tile saw. The end of the cord fell directly into a 5 gallon bucket of water ... never popped a breaker, and was a very dangerous situation if handled wrong. I do not claim to be a expert on electricity, if you are seeing sparks there is a serious issue and usually a loose connection. What causes the loose connection can vary. How you deal with the loose connection can save your life.
  15. Los_Control

    Part Time Jobs!

    That is great success, I also hope to return part time to work. Really is a one day at a time and just keep pushing to get there .... Congratulations on the rewards for your efforts.

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