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  1. I recently bought a dodge dakota, gave the owner the asking price of $300 ... I almost wish I gave him $300 and let him keep the truck. Next day, I had paid for the truck and was just airing up the tires to drive it home. A kid showed up and said he knew someone that would pay $400. I honestly would have let the kid have it for That money, just kept my $300 and let the seller get $400 ... but it was all talk. I gave the money already, the kid showed up with talk of someone else that would pay more .... get the cash out and quit talking is what I said. And now I am stuck with it, runs good. It may turn out to be a nice beater with a heater, not what I need in West Texas. One thing I will add, I am not a big "patina" fan .... that Desoto has some Bad Ass patina that I would like to keep.
  2. Anyone know whats up with this guy? He has been real active up until March 4th, then nothing ... I wonder if anyone has contact with him?
  3. Oooh I could tell stories about U-joints .... not only do they wear out and get loose, grease dries out and they get tight. Really need to pull the drive line to inspect properly. I bet they would love to be disassembled and givin some love, good cleaning and fresh grease ... cant hurt a thing. My off topic chevy is acting like it may have a u-joint going bad, I need to do the same, just to eliminate them from the picture.
  4. I always liked Christmas packages .... Cant believe you went there and did all your mathematical calculations ... why not just buy it for that price and drag it home? I feel sorry for the seller trying to get rid of his junk.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1318235661644036/
  6. For some reason I liked the looks, it seems old school to me. With the curved top and the neck for the cap. Lot of effort went into the cap, Is a skin that goes over a off the shelf cap. A new aluminum radiator I guess ~ $350-$450, I wonder what it might cost to have this one re-cored? Either way, this one if it does not leak now, may get me around for a year or so while I shake out the bugs. I always thought buying this house would be good physical therapy for me to regain my health, is proving to be effective. I have all the old cast iron plumbing removed from under the house, was nice it crumbled into pieces for easy removal Today I cut and broke 16' of concrete, and exposed the last bit of old pipe (patio).... tomorrow can finish new plumbing under house and connect to the new line already installed.
  7. this is true, but the depth is less then 1/8" maybe less then a 1/16", I think was a flex fan on it and at high rpm it may have flexed. The only concern I have with them is the time involved to straighten them .... and if I think is worth it. ... would increase airflow. The guy had it in a 56 chevy pickup, he pulled it to work on the motor, then sold the truck. Just a used radiator. My current original radiator will give me a shower every time I goose the throttle. I am hoping this will be a improvement. Should get me on the road anyways, then replace as needed in future.
  8. Guy advertised this for $50, claims there is no leaks. I dunno not time to check it yet. The size is almost perfect for a pilothouse, just a little shorter then OEM, has brackets on the side to accept carriage bolts to slide in, will be a breeze to mount it. It looks bad as is, the fins are black and full of dust, hoping it cleans up well, and then some time to straighten the fins .... for a daily driver, looks great with the hood closed. Will have to post a couple pics with it cleaned up and installed. The craftsmanship on it is awesome, there is a brass tag on the front with the builders name, a radiator shop in Louisiana. There is a small patch on the lower left, where the original drain was placed, they moved it to the lower right on the other side. Oh well, if it turns out to be junk, polish it up and hang it on the wall. I was poking a lil fun on Radaronwheels the other day, his drive and energy is incredible. I told him I picked up a radiator and was a full day for me. I got up at 5:00 am and drove 1.5 hours to pick it up, before the guy went to work, 3 hours round trip. Then got back to my plumbing issue at hand. I dug by hand and replaced 70' of sewer drain line, currently have the bathroom floor removed and digging a crawl space to get access and replace the rest of the plumbing. While I got the 70' ditch open, am filling it up with the dirt from under the house. Next time I have a plumbing issue I wont need to cut open the floor to work on it. .
  9. yeah well, uh ... I picked up a radiator for my truck yesterday, yeah was a full day for me. Now to clean it up and install it GO GO GO! spring is on your tail
  10. sure like the wheels though $3k may be a good price https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2200569036653590/
  11. when will we have the "longest gray beard" award? Young un's with color do not count
  12. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2190291074380485/
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