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  1. Los_Control

    Rebuild Stock Steering Box or replace with Vega style?

    vega and chevy monza was basically the same car, and the monza had a factory v8 as a option. Yeah a small car but they seemed built heavy enough for the factory to use a v8. Of course all the aluminum vega motors died a quick death and v-8's were often installed. Was pretty much a bolt in with off the shelf parts. Yeah vegas were small cars, but built pretty well compared to a foreign car of the time period.
  2. Los_Control

    512 cid C series on Dakota chassis- build thread

    No doubt you need to pre drill, because of the hardness of the wood, you are going to need some strong screws. I know they make some really strong ss screws, I have never found any. Just something else to chew on.
  3. Los_Control

    512 cid C series on Dakota chassis- build thread

    Damn that is pure porn, really like how it is coming out
  4. Los_Control

    512 cid C series on Dakota chassis- build thread

    another idea, you could cut a 1/4" notch in the sides of the shovel strips, you still butt into it on top, but small drain holes on the sides for water. I just think when you tighten the bolts down the trim will bend and distort the pretty shovel strips. I also think showing less fasteners is cleaner, but is a personal choice.
  5. Los_Control

    512 cid C series on Dakota chassis- build thread

    Question, are you still planning to lift the bed floor out as one piece for future maintenance? If so, I would be tempted to use some screws from under the floor boards, up into the trim. The heads would be hidden, 3 screws in each board would keep the floor from racking at a diagonal when lifting it up? Then you would butt your shovel strips to the trim, maybe add a drainage hole somewhere?
  6. Los_Control

    Large job rated truck

    yup yup yup, love that one. I like the idea going to a modern radial tire. I do not think those wheels you have are true widow makers, looks like regular spit ring and think they call them California bud wheels (bolt pattern/center section) May be difficult to find the 22.5 wheels for those but I never tried. Either way, the current wheels you have should be no problem getting tires repaired at a truck stop. Truck looks great as yard art
  7. Los_Control

    Patina for sure

    My Uncle got a preview, neighbors complaining and code enforcement showed up. Kids drove 200 miles and started hauling everything straight to the scrappers. Just because you love them, does not mean your kids will.
  8. Los_Control

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Oh Don, you going to get us kicked .... all I can say she is a product of environment. I doubt she even said that, but she has said things that make me not surprised if she did say it.
  9. Los_Control

    The death of wire nuts.

    I tend to agree, I looked at the link to see what we were talking about, My first thought is neither will be on my car/truck ... then read pa post. I will add that this will create controversy, many think that loder does not belong in automotive as it is not flexible enough for vibrations. Some say we need crimp on butt connectors for automotive Some will only use solid metal connectors with a shrink tube sleeve <--- I like this one The other connectors have a plastic sleeve on them, basically you smash them flat and hope they work. 1 in 20 may fail in a few years, rewire a whole car and adds up. While the others will work as long as you own the automobile
  10. Los_Control

    Patina for sure

    Sheesh what a score, I would build a new driveway for that ol girl .... you are a lucky man to be the caretaker.
  11. Los_Control

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    The goal was to get the family together for outdoor fun time. Of course mother was so busy, she simply had no time for such shenanigans.
  12. Los_Control

    512 cid C series on Dakota chassis- build thread

    That really looks nice, You get a atta boy from me
  13. Los_Control

    512 cid C series on Dakota chassis- build thread

    Almost like cheating, is underneath and nobody going to see it, meat that is left is now very manageable. And the end result is nice. Little putty, little paint, make this ol carpenter what he aint.
  14. Los_Control

    512 cid C series on Dakota chassis- build thread

    I have never worked with ipe before, sounds like it is tough to cut. Is it possible to back cut at a angle the edge boards, this would remove material on the bottom and leave the top. Then take a #2 pencil and scribe the edges, tracing the sides to the wood. Then use your grinder with 80 grit paper and grind to the line .... this will get you real tight, also can adjust the taper issue so the middle board is cut straight. This is how I would tackle oak or other woods, You can get a fit so tight that cant slide a hair through, then pull the board away from the sides for proper reveal, any adjusting I would want to do it on the edge boards. Making a straight 90 degree cut on the edges is tough to get a tight fit. Especially if the bed rails lean a bit or you have round corners on the wheel wells. Your cuts look really good though. If you could picture using your grinder and grind at a 20 degree angle on the bottom side of the edges. Then the top side that you see is thinner, but on the edges and fine ... and the thin wood with a steady hand, you can easily grind to the line you scribe'd. Same time use a square and math and figure out how much to remove from each edge, to square up the hole in the center. If possible, adjusting the edge boards to eliminate the problem is the correct way. Same time, you could just cut the center board to fit and drop it in.
  15. Los_Control

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Not sure what to do with the armadillo, sure could use the catapult and mole chair, sign me up.

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