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  1. Low oil pressure problems

    Rod and main bearings have oil holes in them for lubrication. When the bearings wear out, the oil passages get slightly larger and the oil pressure drops. Low oil pressure is a good indicator your bearings are getting thin. And for that reason alone, if I had a good running engine, I might spend a weekend dropping the pan and checking the bearings. Before one goes out and scores the crank and causes more damage. Of course I would want to exhaust all other avenues of repair first .... like asking on the p15-d-24 forum
  2. engine swap upgrade

    The short snout is another big reason they were used for sure, 2 or 3 inches is huge when fitting a v8 into a hole where a banger use to sit. Not a lot of small block fords in early fords for that reason.
  3. engine swap upgrade

    331 This first FirePower engine, used from 1951 to 1955, has a bore of 3.8125 in and a stroke of 3.625 in for a piston displacement of 331 cu in (5.4 L), and a deck height of 10.32" ("low deck"). Most used a two-barrel carburetor and produced 180 bhp (134 kW), with the famous exception of the 1955 Chrysler C-300 equipped with dual Carter WCFB four-barrel carburetors. Five different versions between 185 hp (138 kW) and 283 hp (211 kW) were available, depending on whether a single carb, twin carbs, or fuel injection was used. Fuel injection yielded the most power topping out at 315 hp At the time, small block chevy was cheap and affordable, there were millions of them built, there were aftermarket speed parts everywhere. Hot Rodders were poor and used what they could afford. They put 283 chebbies in everything, And they had fun doing it. I would love to have a Hemi, I would leave it sitting on the engine stand and wipe it down and polish it up often. My only point is, there were not a lot of them made, they are getting hard to find and any speed parts will break "my" bank account, yours may vary. Love it or hate it, small block chevies was the hot rod crowd in the day.
  4. Dash help

    over drive? no clue just a guess, but think that A is normal location on older mopar
  5. The end of our hobby?

    The world is a incredibly horrible place. At the same time, is a incredibly wonderful time period to be alive. There is so much going on behind the scenes that we are being kept in the dark about. There will be disclosure on so many different levels. people/beings getting outed. I believe we had anti gravity and free energy for decades. If you said anything about it, you were labelled a crackpot conspiracy nut. Which I am With internet now days, there is just to much truth out there, they cant just call ya wako and sweep it under the rug any more. But yeah, we should have been zipping around on our personal anti gravity segways, spending our days studying the books of advanced technology our ancestors left for us., or art, medicine, (Yeah all diseases have been erased in my world) or interplanetary travel to explore new or old places, meet new beings. Maybe there is a planet out there where all the old car nuts hang out. Soon we will find out, every thing we have been told, is a lie. And there is no place to go but up from here. Future is pretty bright at this point.
  6. OE Wheel bolt pattern

    I was thinking Tow trucks have those dollies that they could lift the truck up on and then roll it on to the flatbed. I was wondering if anything like those dollies would be available at a rental place? then use your trailer. Or other ideas to slide a temp utility trailer axle under it and strap it down to get it on the trailer?
  7. OE Wheel bolt pattern

    Maybe a flatbed tow would be worth its price. When you get it home you can decide what you want to do ..... just saying, for the price of original lug bolts, might pay for a serious portion of new disk brakes? You may want to keep it original and that is fine, You may want to upgrade or run across a parts vehicle. Simple tow truck could save you a full day of headaches. Just saying, if you have wheels and lug bolts, will the drums turn?
  8. just for giggles

    pretty sure I heard a blap in there ...... the ol leaning tower of power .... what a engine!
  9. Just wow is all I can say, would be nice if they cleaned the dirt off before rattle can paint job. Just more work taking the paint off to get where you need to be. That Rag is bad news, you know is a tiny little gas drip there on the fittings, so they wrap it in a rag to keep from dripping on manifold ... Dont ask me how I know this, but if you have a 73 T-bird and you wrap a rag around the power steering hose and drive it to Seattle, The fire department will break your window to pop the hood release to put out the fire.
  10. engine swap upgrade

    I would not really qualify as a restoration type of guy, I think modern brakes, radial tires, wider steel wheels are all a upgrade, would actually improve the value. Also a rear end gear ratio for modern highway driving. 12 volt wiring, electric wipers, seat belts .... all would not hurt the value in my opinion. Personally I would be satisfied with factory 6 and floor shift 3 speed. Motors I would consider using, a chevy 283, ford Y-block, chebby six, dodge slant 6, Something that would be period correct. No clue what would happen to value at that point, but would be the smiles per mile am looking for. I would not add Hemi to that list, simply would bother me to much driving it. They getting to rare, cost to much ..... my smile per mile is going way down. Maybe in a model A pickup I would use the Hemi, but actually picked out a 1956 Packard 352 for that job, most sexy engine ever built. I just dont see the model A as ever being a daily driver, while the pilothouse will be my only driver ... unless my wife wants to run me around in her van
  11. engine swap upgrade

    sell the Hemi and buy 2 trucks with the profits.
  12. 47 ply wont start

    simple, ya dont. So the only other option is the valves are good if you have adequate compression.
  13. 47 ply wont start

    Also check for spark when it is cold, is it bright blue, or dull orange? Is possible something in the petronics is getting weak, needs a little juice to excite it. I have seen outside temperatures affect weak failing electronic parts. Had a electric fuel pump that would not pump in the heat of the day, but would pump all night in the cool darkness.
  14. Seems I remember looking at a photo that shows 2 springs, thought it was some sort of official repair manual. Besides the spring in the photo above, the other spring went from linkage to inner fender. Honestly 2 springs never made sense to me, I always see the spring that goes from linkage to toe kick, but not second spring from linkage to inner fender. Then when I realized the carb goes to wide open throttle if spring falls off, the second spring makes sense for safety. Something to think about.
  15. 48-50 Grill Bars

    That one looks specially nice, think is first time I seen one chromed. Ya all know I was just stirring up the pot a little for fun.