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  1. Glove Box Door ?

    no picture of mine, but has a magnet from a cabinet door holding it closed. Pretty simple and does not look to hokey .... to me
  2. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    Are you asking what he tells the wife he spent, or what he actually spends?
  3. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    get that cat out there with the torch! I really like the project, looking good. I would think making rounded corners would involve a different framing process. Making a corner out of steel, then use it as a template duplicate and add to the corner to each of the trusses. Just more work and is it really worth it? And you are correct about less storage space, working on a old travel trailer with the rounded corners, it is a little extra effort and less space. Then could you imagine using a english wheel to get the outer skin to lay down and sit pretty? To use period correct rounded corners, would add 6 months on to your project. Some of us want to use the few little 6 months we have left, for more gratifying goals. I love where your going, keep it up!
  4. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    I just wanted to thank you for saving the car, rather see it on the road with a sbc then in the scrap yard. Seems to me that a early 283 with the horseshoe mount would be dead simple, but any year sbc the mounts would not be difficult to fabricate. I think your big issue may be clearance with the steering box. That is where you need to research and see what others have done with the exhaust or even moving the box. Once you start getting into custom exhaust headers and or moving the steering box, A inline six could look like a good alternative. Either way, I like the idea of the sbc if I wanted to make a highway cruiser, I personally prefer a flathead to haul my arse to the lumber store and back. All about choices. ... I hope you make a build thread and keep us updated, always good to have some excitement around here Forgot to add, check clearances with the brake, clutch pedals mounted under the cab, just keep it in mind.
  5. Clements, California Tailgate BBQ 11th Annual

    double check the ingredients for those of you in Washington and Colorado
  6. Splitting exhaust manifold

    if you search split exhaust on the hamb you will find lots of good info, including a thread 5 pages long on just mopar 6's. This is actually a good one to read as it talks about actually doing the work. https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/i-want-to-split-my-gmc-manifold-possible.1081250/#post-12473409
  7. Engine swap

    I would say the rear end swap would be first in line, even with the slant 6 you would want better gearing. Then would consider upgrading to disk brakes in front, simple and reasonably priced. From there I would consider if wanted to upgrade motor and trans. I hear that 2 single barrel carbs will distribute the fuel more equally then a single 2 barrel. More power and economy ... vroom vroom!
  8. Door Question

    I could be wrong here, is my understanding that you can add the divider and wing window to a door without wing window. It just depends how was ordered from factory as to which is original. I like the vents myself.
  9. 1939 Dodge Business Coupe Rolling Chassis.All components Running Boards,Bumpers,Trim Etc are inside vehicle.Car has been blasted,primed and ready to build.Car also has a good clean Texas Title and Title Transfer sheet!$2500 https://sanangelo.craigslist.org/cto/d/39-dodge-coupe/6503179264.html
  10. I cant say yes or no, but funny how things can work out. Currently we are sitting in Texas waiting for our house to close so we can move in. Another 2 weeks? Of course we want to spend a couple weeks in the new house, then we are on the road back to WA. Wife said she wants to drive straight across the south through NM, AZ, NV, CA and then up to WA. I think with just a small amount of effort/planning, we would be driving right through the area and stop to visit for a few hours.
  11. Has anyone ever had to deal with a aggressive neighbor?

    I sure hope we are that lucky, I am always friendly and try to be helpful where I can. Honestly people are just not the way I remember them. My uncles new neighbour is a real peach. My uncle owns 2 acres since 1960 and he knows his property lines. New neighbour moves in and right away tries grabbing 20'x300' because of some google map he downloaded. The guy comes over and stands in your face, tells you you need to move your **** now or he is going to kick your ass. He drives his tractor onto your property and threatens to drag your **** away, he uses his tractor and removes ground cover from your property .... I cant tell you how many times the police were called and reports filed. Finally uncle spent $1200 and had the property surveyed, the lines were exactly where he said they were, neighbour started pulling out the survey stakes, we called the police again. Then when my cousin and her grandson was out looking in a storage shed at 10:00 at night, 500' away from the neighbours, he comes out and starts calling her a crack hoe and every name in the book in front of the kid, because his dogs would not stop barking. I hope I have good luck with my new neighbours, but I lack real trust in human nature today, way kids have been raised with no supervision. They feel they can scream and cry and get their way .... not for me. I want a tall fence!
  12. Has anyone ever had to deal with a aggressive neighbor?

    Good fences make good neighbours. Just bought a house, very first thing that will happen is a 6 foot privacy fence around the back. 3' around the front.
  13. agree with straight water, but you might try vinegar instead. it is a good cleaner, will knock loose the rust and scale in the old water passages, gentle enough to not damage the radiator or heater ..... and gives it a fresh clean smell I think maybe others might have a different suggestion for product to use, I would want something that would remove the old oil in the water passages. Couple thoughts here, I use to use a radiator sealer. This stuff looked like brown molasses with little round rabbit poop in it. .... Think it was called bars leak dont remember. That product sealed 7 holes in a radiator that had contact with a fan. Is it possible you have something like this in your coolant? Also what pressure cap do you have on the radiator? Possible you have to much pressure in the system and forcing it out of strange places.
  14. 1955 C1B Build Thread

    I heard they being imported from Texas this year
  15. Molly Time!

    I think a wise man once said, "life is what happens, while your busy planning other stuff" We bought a house in Texas like we planned, not a big shop with a couple acres outside of town, but a clean little 3 bedroom in good shape in town with a one car garage. Compromises is probably a main reason been married for over 30 years At least we made our offer in writing on Friday, the owner accepted the offer in writing, and now waiting for title company to get busy on Monday, probably be a few weeks to get it all closed. in reality, this changes everything. The 2 ton 52 chevy no longer fits in the plans. As much as I would love to drive molly back to Texas, just not realistic to do so, after sitting for 38 years. The house needs furniture, fridge, washer dryer etc.... We need a truck now. Now we are looking for a truck that we can drive back to WA, rent a uhaul trailer and bring molly back with us that way. Looking to buy something for $4k-$5k with 150k-175K miles or so, no idea if to go ford chevy or dodge, always had good luck with fords in the past. You can see where the wife will be parking, me and molly will be in the grass in the back yard. I think I could put in a man door to the garage from the back, pour a slab and build a carport and be comfortable working there. Store tools in the garage. Just have to see what life throws at us