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  1. So somewhere on this forum was a photo of a old lathe, and it reminded me of Grandpas old lathe that he used all the time. Any ways I wanted to post a pic of it, he installed a chevy 3 speed transmission on it, so he could adjust the speed better. Basically put the transmission where the motor goes, made a bracket and moved the motor on top of it. I also took a few photos of the garage, I have never ever in all my life seen it this clean, I cleaned it two weeks ago, it will be messed up again soon.
  2. ok got it figured out. The rear case, > heater core with rubber bumpers between case/core Is the little tabs in the corners of the shroud. Those go to the heater core frame and prevent shroud from sliding around. Then when you put the other side of the case on, the lip circled in red, goes into the matching lip on case. Then you really need to squeeze both 1/2's together. This compresses the rubber bumpers pushing core against the fan shroud, locking the heater core in place. Very simple design that seems to work quite well. I wont call it restored, but saved it from the scrap heap since all the doors were rusted closed and pitted metal. It will be easy to do a proper paint restore on it now at a later date, and can use it in the mean time.
  3. I have never been there or know nothing about the place. Over on the H.A.M.B they are saying most cars are private owners and for sale on consignment. Meaning the car owner would be responsible for their own car insurance. I doubt was some kind of insurance fraud/scam going on because the market is down. Bad news anyways you look at it.
  4. here ya go p15-d24.com/topic/43179-bulls-eye-headlight-retrofit/
  5. I borrowed a timing light from a buddy once. The lead that goes on the spark plug was a spring, the end was all unraveled and hardly stay on the plug. You had to get it just so to stay on. So I sat down and did a little trimming and re-wrapping, I made it just like new again. Boy did he get pissed, he spent a lot of time to get it just like it was for a certain job, but kinda worthless for what it was meant to be. He was right, I was wrong. It was his tool and I should not have changed it .... last time I borrowed a tool
  6. I love my uncles philosophy, I aint borrowing no damn tools, be my luck I would break it, then have to buy them a new one, I still wont have the tool. No sir, I will just buy my own!
  7. https://muskegon.craigslist.org/pts/d/1948-dodge-flathead-6-and-4/6227030346.html This one seems pretty rare, Have a flathead slant 6 with the 4 speed transmission that's out of a 52.
  8. dont forget to run a want add on craigs list auto/truck parts.I have seen a lot of times someone will pull a original motor and try to sell it on craigs list, they sit there forever with no sale. Guy eventually just pushes it in a corner and forget about it. Just a idea that is worth a try before you buy anything, might find a good running motor that someone wanted to drop a small block chevy in instead.
  9. My first thought was maybe a tool to find top dead center, but if it is only for 40's-50's, kinda leaves out the engine as would include 30's also
  10. I feel sorry for you, is tough choice to make, but the right choice. I went through same thing with my sister last September. She was sick but doing ok, then test showed positive for lung cancer, they kept poking and said she had stage 5 brain cancer. Just in 3 short weeks we went from laughing and joking, to pulling her off life support ... it was hard. I felt somehow guilty and wanted to try more, but it was the right thing to do, she did not suffer and was her wishes. I feel your pain
  11. 15 is to young 36 is to old 24 is just right
  12. I would say this is fairly common with the quality of Chinese junk we are sold.Over on another forum I had a post about a old international truck, Had 2000 miles on complete rebuild.New points cap condenser rotor at that time. First time I looked at the truck for my uncle, it would not start. Had a weird spark at the points. They were pitted and the arm was worn off from the lobe on the dizzy. I tuned it up with new cap rotor points condenser. It started right up and ran fine ... one time, could not get it to start again. Everybody over at the other forum, told me to check the new condenser. I went out to the shed and grabbed a condenser off a engine that has been sitting for 20+ years, it ran fine. General consensus is the modern quality today is junk, not enough business for these old parts for anyone to bother to improve the quality. Just never leave home without a spare in the glove box. And is also a good time to consider switching to electronic ignition, not because we cant keep these old points system running, because we cant get quality parts that last.
  13. While over at my uncles couple weeks ago, cleaned up the shop so it could be used again. Was looking at my wifes grandpas lathe. My uncle explained that grandpa put the chevy 3 speed transmission on it, so he could change speeds easily. While I stood there thinking & shaking my head at the projects old Ed use to get into ... should have been taking photos. I will get a couple next time am over there.
  14. sorry, I just added on to this thread instead of creating a new thread about the same heater. The motor is fine. I started this thread when I took the heater apart, several months later trying to put it back together. Is the fan shroud mounting that I am holding in my hand. I see no way to fasten it in the case. If I show it sitting on the heater core, it looks like the sheet metal screws will ride right on top of the shroud, holding the shroud and heater core in place. Just seems a little flaky to me, but with all the sheet metal screws on all four sides, it would hold it. I was just wondering if anyone could confirm that was correct?