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  1. bambamshere

    Gas Tank

    Ya When I filled it up the first time I let it click once and left it like that. Then I went back to top it up for the winter and decided to let it click as many times as I could. I guess never having this problem I may have over filled it but good thing I did or I would have never found this problem to fix it. Still goimg to send it in to be cleaned. They will most likely take the sending unit out to clean it.
  2. bambamshere

    Gas Tank

    I didn't even think of that. I will check it out. I took the old one off the tank I had when I put new one in. Don't even no where you could find a new o-ring for it.
  3. bambamshere

    Gas Tank

    Hello how is everyone? The other day I went to the gas station and filled up my truck. When I got home there was gas all over the front of the tank. Buddy of mine thinks I over filled the tank. Where would the gas escape from if you do? I checked the filler hose and didn't see anything. It was soaked from top to bottom of front of tank. I will be taking tank off and getting it cleaned and fixed if needed over the winter.
  4. bambamshere

    Howling when hot

    I took the truck for a long drive tonight and the longer I drove the less noise it made. I really haven't driven it in 2 years so maybe just needed to get out and drive. I will be checking it out again tomorrow. I still need to check tranny fluid. I want to do that and also check diff fluid. I bought gear oil today. I also went around today to make sure I hit all the grease nipples. Found a couple I missed because they were under old dried grease. Couple wouldn't take grease not because nipple was plugged but the grease in them was dried up. Not sure how to clean old grease out. Probably greased last time when it was new lol.
  5. bambamshere

    Howling when hot

    It has oil in the transmission it's just I haven't checked how full it is. Maybe change it since it probably been in there for past 30 years
  6. bambamshere

    Howling when hot

    I was just looking at the truck again and was looking at vent pipe. Hiw out does that get would that make a noise when venting. Not sure if it is coming from there but I am voing to store and buying a stethiscope and some gear oil. One thing on my list of stuff to do was to see how much oil was in the transmission. I guess I over looked that. Still looking at stuff. Might take for another drive just to see what I can find.
  7. bambamshere

    Howling when hot

    No I haven't checked very much on it. I asked the question so I could start looking at stuff and maybe have a better idea of what to look for. I will be looking at it today. I have had little time this past week. I have been rebuilding a lawn tractor motor. Anyways will be looking things over starting today.
  8. bambamshere

    Howling when hot

    Ok I got my 56 Fargo out the other day and noticed when I was driving it it started to howl. I looked at it and coming from back of engine I think. It does it when it is idling or running down the road. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem before I tare apart my truck to find a noise. I was thinking either the air pipe going to the wipers or engine exhaust manifold gaskets. what you all think any ideas?
  9. bambamshere

    Best manual

    Thers a guy on ebay that sells shop manuals for about $32 plus shipping and they are on CD. They have everything on them. I got one for my 56 Fargo it 966 pages long and has all the stuff your looking for.
  10. bambamshere

    Adjustment of tappet or valves

    Hey there Don Coatney I just finished book marking your Photo Bucket site. Nice photos your sharing
  11. bambamshere

    Adjustment of tappet or valves

    Well engine was rebuilt in 1974 and I talked to the guy that put it from a combine into my truck. He replaced 3 valves but only cold set those 3. So the other side probably hasn't been opened since it was rebuilt. So I just want to take a look and see what if anything needs to be done. I mean the fender is off now so may as well look. Got the right gaskets now.
  12. bambamshere

    Adjustment of tappet or valves

    Already all taken apart. Haven't done anything because the gasket set I got are the wrong gaskets. The right ones are being sent to local parts store. I will take a look and aee what is going on. Taking a break right now.
  13. bambamshere

    Adjustment of tappet or valves

    No problem Merle Coggins. I don't know if the 1 ton or 1/2 tons are different or even if the Dodges and Fargos were different. But taking it apart is a fun experience. Figuring things out. I want to drive it but as my buddy always says. When it is done to your satisfaction then it is done. So even if I wasn't going to adjust the valves I would still be taking it off to do the gasket. I know I can just take off the exhaust manifilold and do it. But there isn't that I have found in shop manual yet a way to cold set those valves. If there is does anyone know how to set a 251 cold or is it just better to go through the process of taking the rest apart since there is like 7 bolts left to take fender off and do it hot? Oh by the way I did do compression test the other day and it was between 96 to 98
  14. bambamshere

    Adjustment of tappet or valves

    Well I guess there noisey. But the real reason I'm doing all this is one of the gaskets are leaking so I thought what the hell may as well look at them also. Can't hurt
  15. bambamshere

    Adjustment of tappet or valves

    Ya I would love to have that type of inner fender. But I don't. Mine has a big bulge in it for the tires. Some times I wish things were easy but ya there not. This engine was put in a few years ago and the guy put 3 new valves in. But wasn't sure if they had adjusted the rest of them. Didn't keep any paper work for it to say what he did.

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