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  1. Bearing going

    So back to the timing I go. I timed it to 2 degrees. The other day today I started it up and thought ok maybe I just timed it wrong. So hooked up the light and it was going all over the place on #1 cylinder. So dicided because #6 is on the same stroke I would try that. It was working perfectly fine. Maybe it's the sparkplug wire. Not sure time to go play on it for a bit. Had fun also starting it this morning it didn't want to do that either. Ok so I did a compression test today. #1 80 #2 80 #3 80 #4 80 #5 75 #6 85
  2. Bearing going

    Sorry for spelling guys and not being on here. I have been at family farm and one of the family passed away. I will be back on Sunday to explain more on the noise. Might just be timed wrong. Thanks for the help
  3. Bearing going

    OK so I was looking at truck today and in the past little while it has sounded like metal scraping metal. I have looked everywhere on this truck of mine. With no such luck. It sounds like it's coming from the rear of the engine. So I went to see if the plate on transmission was loose. It really sounds loud now after I took it for a drive. It wasn't doing this before I changed the oil and filter and did the oil pan gasket. Wonder if I did something wrong there. Going to have to start proof reading everything. Sorry for spelling mistakes.
  4. Timing to retarded or not.

    Oh ok thank you. Ya idle is to high. Plus you can tell it's a little rich.
  5. Timing to retarded or not.

    Well the carb was rebuilt. What kind of spray lube did you use?
  6. Timing to retarded or not.

    Ok so I took truck for good drive tonight. About 20 miles. Everything worked out except idle became a little high at the end when I took it out of gear and it was leaking a bit of oil from either end of the pan. Not sure if I tightened pan tight enough or not. Anyways seems like the electronic ignition is doing it's thing.
  7. Timing to retarded or not.

    So haven't had time to call Pertronix yet but thought I would take picture of O ring in pack. Any one know
  8. Timing to retarded or not.

    Ya but I'm the type of person that it will drive me crazy. But I can't do anything till next year anyways. I need to stop buying stuff for this truck and actually start eating. Lol start to become a addiction I will by the new coil next month and that will be it. My everyday vehicle os starting to suffer. Winter is coming
  9. Timing to retarded or not.

    I pissed around with it for about 2 hrs. Everything is running fine now. I think. I just had to fine tune it to the point I was turning it with bottom bolt a millimeter at a time then loosening the bolt on the side and getting it back to 0. then I played with the fuel and the idle for a while and everything seems to be fine. it is set for 2 degrees advanced. Still think the valves need doing because it is ticking. but got it so exhaust doesn't sound like it is not timed and runs smoother. it no longer has a pop in the carb. Took for a few km drive. Will go for longer later. It is hot right now and it has no air conditioning lol.
  10. Timing to retarded or not.

    It has been since I got it a 12 volt negative ground and it already has a new coil from Napa on it. With new ballest resistor. The new petronix red wire is wired past the ballest resistor. So there is no resistance from it. The black wire is wired right to the coil. I have sent away for a coil from petronixs think it on of those 3 ohm 40000 watt ones. It was like 60$. I have check and re checked 3 or 4 times to make sure everything is the way it is supposed to be. I'm guessing no one knows what the black plastic o ring that comes with kit is for. I have looked at instructions and can't figure it out.
  11. Timing to retarded or not.

    No I got the truck it was 12 volt ground.
  12. Timing to retarded or not.

    Ok so what it's doing now. When you first start it it is idling fine. Then when it heats up to normal operating Temp around 180 Degrees. If I step on the gas it will rev up. But as soon as you let go of the gas the idle goes down and it stalls. Start it up again and idles fine. Right now it is running at 2 degrees and idle is set for 500 rpm. At around 1500 rpm it's sitting at around 13 degrees. When you let go of gas it stalls. It was running not to bad till I set the timing to where it is supposed to be. So I have a new coil new, new plug wires, new distributor cap, new ballest resistor and new Petronix ignition in it. I have tried moving the wires ahead 1 but truck wouldn't start. I have put timing light on all the wires and it all looks fine. I have black wire for electronic ignition going to coil and red going to ignition in truck. I understand that there is a clear piece of plastic that comes with the Petronix ignition so you can measure the distance. But there is also a black plastic o ring that I am not sure about. Might call tomorrow and ask. I have Google it and haven't found anything.
  13. Timing to retarded or not.

    K so I will get pictures in a bit but right now. I timed it for about 2 degrees advanced but it wont run. It idles alright then you step on it and it sies after you let the pedel go. Not sure if it is the carb or timing. Runs if I put it a about 6 degrees advanced. I have the bottom bolt undone so I can turn it. Then I loosen the side bolt and move it to where it needs to be again. Should I just keep playing with it? Oh ya the number 1 sparkplug wire was loose. On distributor so I pushed it done in to it. Plus I wire the petronix to past the ballest resistor. Now the timing light isn't bouncing around on the pulley.
  14. Timing to retarded or not.

    Ok so I was wondering. I still see the slite movement in the distributor when truck is running. Could that be a reason for the bounce in the timing light. I checked timing light on my buddys 1969 Sport Fury and it wasn't bouncing. I put thay electronic ignition in. Now could it be that it came with a spacer. Should I put that in. It looks like a black plastic spacer not sure if it goes on top or bottom. Theres nothing in instructions.
  15. Wax or leave it alone.

    Well magic number was 3 that's how many times I had to put rubbing compound on. Now it looks like this.