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  1. I was outside looking at my truck a few minutes ago. I was looking at the paint and was wondering how hard it would be to get the old grime off and took my finger and what ever is on it wiped right off. Before I do anything it will get another bath. It isn't pitena it is just dust that has been sitting on it for a real long time. There is a lot of dull shine to a lot of the body. Just need to get that dust off. Maybe a little stiffer brush and water might do the trick and then start with a clean truck.
  2. Ok is the one rubbing compound better then the rest. I see a lot sitting around. I know sometimes you get what you pay for but just because it is more expensive doesn't always mean it's better.
  3. Actually it was my Dads truck but the original owner is the guys name on the door. Which was my Dads uncle. Dad sat in the middle between his uncle and his Dad when they brought it home when it was new. No pictures of it back then. Would have loved to see it back then through But I will get it looking clean again. See what the green actually looks like.
  4. I will probably for now till I can afford to paint it or something like it. I will buy a rubbing compound and then wax it. That little spot I did I had bought a nu finish wax paste. If you read the can there is supposed to have a rubbing compound in it but I may just go buy a different can or liquid and do it with something else. But it did seem to come out good using that. I did it twice seems to look alright. Not sure how long a rubbing compound lasts but I do have some sitting around my Dad gave me before he passed away last year. It was his truck before it was mine.
  5. I really not sure what I want to do.
  6. Ya there is suppose to be three different familys of Yaciuks up there. I think I will be leaving the lettering on the truck. But I did a small piece on the back of the trucks box the other day. Just to see what it might look like. The top is the wax the bottom is the way it looks. The spots on it is because of raining.
  7. And whats wrong with shiny rust lol anyways what ever is on the is over 30 years old so. Not even sure how hard it would be to come off.
  8. Found this
  9. So I am trying to decide if I want to wax my truck or leave it the way it is. I have washed it a few times now. As a buddy of mine tells me it's patina. My question would you wax or leave the patina.
  10. I went out to start my truck today and it wouldn't start. So I opened the 2 sides of the hood and looked in. I looked at all tje wiring and fuel make sure everything thing was alright. Took the gas line off and got sprayed by gas. Put it back together. I made sure all the wiring was where I pit it and tight. So here is where I figured it out after 2 hrs of searching. I looked at distributor and took the top metel clip off and was going take of bottom clip. No bottom clip. I had forgotten the bottom clip. So make sure you don't rush through stuff. I did and cost me 2 hrs of time for a clip. Anyways that's all I have to say. Could happen to anyone I guess.
  11. So I found a slant 6 out by the farm yesterday. It is in a old combine. Problem was the farmer put it in a bush and between the bush and the road is a crop in a field. Not sure if it would have a vacuum advance on it or not. It is in a combine. I did also find a Petronix that would fit in my distributor. Do I really need vacuum advance. I mean doesn't have it right now.
  12. Oh ok sounds good. Leaving for Dauphin tomorrow morning first thing to family farm. Might take a look out there as well.
  13. Well right now till I can get more money. I think I will stick with points. I just finished buying the 2 days ago. I just wanted to know if and how to install one when I do. Think I going to go to bucks and see what they have there in July. Unless one of you Manitoba guys already know.
  14. Oh ok because it is in the states and I am in Canada. I wonder if I found a older dodge truck with the same type of motor and had a vacuum advance on it if it would do same job. One other thing I was going to ask is if I have a IAY distributor do I have to saty with that type or if I got another one could it be IAT. Just a thought.
  15. I don't understand a distributor setup for vacuum. I thought that the distributor in at Langdons was set up for a vacuum advance plus I thought the pertronix didn't need a vacuum advance. It could be used on either of them vacuum or no vacuum.