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    Senior Member, have way too much spare time on my hands

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    Manitoba, Canada
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    Like working on my truck and building computers. When I get tired or have scraped my hands to much. I have a PS4
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    I have a 1956 Fargo 1 Ton and a 2002 Malibu LS that seems to need more attention then my truck.


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    Manitoba Canada
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    Working on my truck, Small Engines and Gaming Consels

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    Truck Driver

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  1. bambamshere

    Best manual

    Thers a guy on ebay that sells shop manuals for about $32 plus shipping and they are on CD. They have everything on them. I got one for my 56 Fargo it 966 pages long and has all the stuff your looking for.
  2. bambamshere

    Adjustment of tappet or valves

    Hey there Don Coatney I just finished book marking your Photo Bucket site. Nice photos your sharing
  3. bambamshere

    Adjustment of tappet or valves

    Well engine was rebuilt in 1974 and I talked to the guy that put it from a combine into my truck. He replaced 3 valves but only cold set those 3. So the other side probably hasn't been opened since it was rebuilt. So I just want to take a look and see what if anything needs to be done. I mean the fender is off now so may as well look. Got the right gaskets now.
  4. bambamshere

    Adjustment of tappet or valves

    Already all taken apart. Haven't done anything because the gasket set I got are the wrong gaskets. The right ones are being sent to local parts store. I will take a look and aee what is going on. Taking a break right now.
  5. bambamshere

    Adjustment of tappet or valves

    No problem Merle Coggins. I don't know if the 1 ton or 1/2 tons are different or even if the Dodges and Fargos were different. But taking it apart is a fun experience. Figuring things out. I want to drive it but as my buddy always says. When it is done to your satisfaction then it is done. So even if I wasn't going to adjust the valves I would still be taking it off to do the gasket. I know I can just take off the exhaust manifilold and do it. But there isn't that I have found in shop manual yet a way to cold set those valves. If there is does anyone know how to set a 251 cold or is it just better to go through the process of taking the rest apart since there is like 7 bolts left to take fender off and do it hot? Oh by the way I did do compression test the other day and it was between 96 to 98
  6. bambamshere

    Adjustment of tappet or valves

    Well I guess there noisey. But the real reason I'm doing all this is one of the gaskets are leaking so I thought what the hell may as well look at them also. Can't hurt
  7. bambamshere

    Adjustment of tappet or valves

    Ya I would love to have that type of inner fender. But I don't. Mine has a big bulge in it for the tires. Some times I wish things were easy but ya there not. This engine was put in a few years ago and the guy put 3 new valves in. But wasn't sure if they had adjusted the rest of them. Didn't keep any paper work for it to say what he did.
  8. So I found out 2 things today. One always follow your gut. Two the fender on my truck needs to come off to adjust the valves. I have the inner fender unbolted and it won't move anywhere. Frame, fender, shock and anything wlse you can think of is in the way. Was thinking of going from the top but exhaust manifold in the way. Fender doesn't look like it would be to hard to take off. Am I doing it wrong?
  9. bambamshere

    Steering Slop

    Flashbuddy I have been to Colorado a few times. Used to drive truck. Hate that Eisenhower pass or tunnel. Thanks for offer lol
  10. bambamshere

    Steering Slop

    Ya I have the same problem. I have a few friends that have nice cars and such but as soon as I need them there usually doing something else. So I was actually thinking of a mirror. Lol oh well we will see. Everything but the draglink and steering box has been replaced and I had drag link off when I did everything else. But me pushing on it with hands and being in truck are 2 different things.
  11. bambamshere

    Steering Slop

    Thats a good idea Plymouthy Adams
  12. bambamshere

    Steering Slop

    Thanks I will do that. It has been loose since I got it. Thought doing everything on front end other the steerbox would help but nothing. Now I know there is a star shaped washer on the plate. This has to be taken off before adjustment takes place.
  13. bambamshere

    Steering Slop

    Ok will do didn't see anything in it but will do. This is my steering box by the way.
  14. bambamshere

    Steering Slop

    I have been reading a lot in the shop manual and looking at the pictures in it. My steering still has a lot of play in it when turning it side to side. I have done king pins and tie rods and put new shocks on it. Now I would like to get rid of the loose steering. I have watched some stuff on youtube but haven't seen anything for 50's steering gear adjustments. I want to make sure I am doing this right before I start. It's the plate I take off with the 4 bolts and take a shim out and check it. Is thia right?
  15. bambamshere


    Oh ok thank you I will take a look at it tomorrow. If it is that wonder where you can get the weights.

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