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  1. bambamshere

    Kingpins Question

    So I got my spindles back with the bushings pushed in and I asked the question so you reamed the bushings so the kingpins fit right. Nope don't have a reamer that size to do that. I said to the guy I have to pay you and pay another guy to ream them. He says sorry I screwed up and you ow me nothing. So that's good the bushing have been pushed in. Now to find someone to ream them.
  2. bambamshere

    Kingpins Question

    I will take a look and see. Can't do much till I get the spindles back anyways. Bushing are getting done this weekend and might paint them.
  3. bambamshere

    Kingpins Question

    I was just looking at this set I got.and noticed something. It didn't come with any shims in case it is loose.
  4. bambamshere

    Kingpins Question

    Dodgemex53 that is a hell of a idea
  5. bambamshere

    Kingpins Question

    How do you put the washers into the caps. I think you would have to put the brass washer in between the 2 metal washers. I guess when you put it together you need to put grease in between the washers so it has some way to move. There was no washers that came with this in case you need to tighten it up. I guess all I can do is try it and see.
  6. bambamshere

    Kingpins Question

    I guess what I am asking is if that ACdelco set will be good for my truck. Guess same thing but with a ball bearing should be ok
  7. bambamshere

    Kingpins Question

    Ok this is the set I got.
  8. bambamshere

    Kingpins Question

    Been definitely tginking of buying that set but not sure who I shoild go through. I see that rock auto has one it is Acdelco #45F0044. I have to figure out what to do with the one I have.
  9. bambamshere

    Kingpins Question

    I'm guessing put some grease in between everything
  10. bambamshere

    Kingpins Question

    Look at the first picture above and it will show you what type it is. I was actually thinking of sending this set back and getting a acdelco set with ball bearing but it is going to cost more then the set cost with shipping to get here. Do you have any idea after I get bushing installed how to install the washer bearings on truck or even a video that shows it.
  11. bambamshere

    Kingpins Question

    25.50 from here.
  12. bambamshere

    Kingpins Question

    well not sure what do now the return cost on this item is going to cost more then it is worth. I don't know how to install a washer thrust bearing. Can anyone help me out please. wish there was some sort of instructions. I have tried looking on line and can't seem to find anything
  13. bambamshere

    Kingpins Question

    The problem is they had 2 pictures up for this set and I went to moog and it showed the ball bearing set. Nothing back from rock auto yet. But these are the pics
  14. bambamshere

    Kingpins Question

    So I got the king pin set today and it had a washer bearing and not the ball bearing like I was hoping for. Not sure what to do now. How hard is it to install a washer bearing king pin set. I know what to do with a ball bearing set. I got it from rock auto and sent them a email. I checked with moog before sending for it and a few other places. They all had ball bearing washer. It has the correct number on it but not the right set
  15. bambamshere


    Does anyone know what type of transmission this is? Can't find any info on it online. It's a 4 speed.

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