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  1. bambamshere

    Timing Chain

    I was looking at my truck the other day and was looking every where on the internet for the number on the engine. I keep calling this a IND 251 but I really don't think it is. I was looking at the number on the T137 website and notice that all the IND engines started with IND. The engine I have came out of a combine. I also could have come out of a truck at some point before being in a combine. Numbers start with a T does that mean it was in a truck first. I will be starting on the timing chain and crankshaft seal next week. This week the gas tank went in to get cleaned and sending unit is leaking so that will be repaired. Anyone no if the 3 piece hood has to come off to look at timing chain or can I just take alternator bracket off to get rad out of the way? Like slide it out on drivers side.
  2. bambamshere

    Timing Chain

    It's got antifreeze in it right now. No water so even if I drain the antifreeze it won't crack. Wasn't sure how all that worked.
  3. bambamshere

    Timing Chain

    The model # for the engine I think someone said was from 52 to 53. Not sure though. Model number is in first post above. I wish the motor was from the 60's lot easier to find parts. but part of the fun of having these vehicles is finding the parts right. Mostly everything fits these motors from different years. Just got to remember that it is 25" and not 23". Back to timing chain I would like to take it apart right now. But the temp outside is cold and not sure if I take antifreeze out to take rad out if it will crack the block
  4. bambamshere

    Timing Chain

    The engine that I have was rebuilt in 1974. I talked to the machine shop about it. They said that most of the time they don't even change the sprockets when rebuilding a motor. The chain they replace if the sprockets are still good. He also told me that there was 3 different chains for that motor life. I think there was one for 53 and earlier, 54 up to 60 and I think 60 all the way up to the 70's when the motor wasn't made anymore. Sure someone here has a better reference to that. I looked at my 251 the other day to see if by chance I could find a date code on it but there was nothing. The guy that put the motor in the truck in 2010 can't remember what year of combine it was taken out of and wasn't sure if the combine had the original motor in it. The numbers don't match anything on the internet last time I checked 2 years ago. Might check again. Back to chain not sure where you would find a matching chain and sprockets for this engine. The sprockets I got are from Melling so I am going to call them and see if they have a timing chain for the sprockets. First though I need to take everything apart and lift engine up and take the timing cover off engine. Not sure if I will find a OEM number on chain.
  5. bambamshere

    Timing Chain

    Not sure I have looked at some sets. Pretty expensive. I screwed up the other day and sent out for a sprockets and didn't think about chain. Think I might be out $115 dollars. kinda sucks but it was my screw up.
  6. bambamshere

    Timing Chain

    Hello I was looking at this post I posted about a year ago. I was looking through the and saw that Merle had said you needed to change the timing chain and sprockets as a set. Thank You I also was looking through this forum about 2 years ago and asked about what year my engine was because it had been replaced. I can't find that info I am sorry. But I think some one said it was 1953. It is a Ind 251 out of a combine. but want to make sure on the year. I have looked through the engine numbers on the site. To see if it was there but it wasn't. Numbers are TX315 139C there is some other engine numbers also but not sure if needed. I gues the only real way you can figure out what type of chain and sprockets you need. Is to take the engine apart.
  7. bambamshere

    Supporting front of engine

    kencombs I was thinking of doing this last night but wasn't sure if the fenders would support the iron block. Do you know where I could get one of the fixtures.
  8. bambamshere

    Supporting front of engine

    I haven't tried yet. But I asked if you thought the oil pan would support engine or if you thought I should modify something to go around oil pan to the rails. I don't have lift. Anyways thank You for the suggestions Plymouthy Adams
  9. bambamshere

    Supporting front of engine

    You think the oil pan will support the weight of the engine? I guess I could make something to go around oil pan to rest on the oil pan rails. Get a couple 4x6 dig one out and support it that way. Any other way?
  10. Hello! Does anyone know the best way to support a Flathead 6 in the front. I don't have a engine crane or a engine lift. I want to take the timing cover off because the crank seal is leaking. I would also like to see what condition the timing chain and sprockets are in plus get the numbers off the timing chain and sprockets. Unless someone has them for a Flathead 251. Any help would be appreciated and Merry Christmas
  11. bambamshere

    Gas Tank

    Ya When I filled it up the first time I let it click once and left it like that. Then I went back to top it up for the winter and decided to let it click as many times as I could. I guess never having this problem I may have over filled it but good thing I did or I would have never found this problem to fix it. Still goimg to send it in to be cleaned. They will most likely take the sending unit out to clean it.
  12. bambamshere

    Gas Tank

    I didn't even think of that. I will check it out. I took the old one off the tank I had when I put new one in. Don't even no where you could find a new o-ring for it.
  13. bambamshere

    Gas Tank

    Hello how is everyone? The other day I went to the gas station and filled up my truck. When I got home there was gas all over the front of the tank. Buddy of mine thinks I over filled the tank. Where would the gas escape from if you do? I checked the filler hose and didn't see anything. It was soaked from top to bottom of front of tank. I will be taking tank off and getting it cleaned and fixed if needed over the winter.
  14. bambamshere

    Howling when hot

    I took the truck for a long drive tonight and the longer I drove the less noise it made. I really haven't driven it in 2 years so maybe just needed to get out and drive. I will be checking it out again tomorrow. I still need to check tranny fluid. I want to do that and also check diff fluid. I bought gear oil today. I also went around today to make sure I hit all the grease nipples. Found a couple I missed because they were under old dried grease. Couple wouldn't take grease not because nipple was plugged but the grease in them was dried up. Not sure how to clean old grease out. Probably greased last time when it was new lol.
  15. bambamshere

    Howling when hot

    It has oil in the transmission it's just I haven't checked how full it is. Maybe change it since it probably been in there for past 30 years

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