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  1. Alright I have checked the air and was spraying the exhaust manifold and the carburetor cleaner stayed and evaporated on some bolts and around them but most got pushed away from exhaust escaping. I have had gaskets for a bit now but didn't think I was that bad. I will do them tomorrow when they cool down.
  2. I will check YouTube on that. Plus I was thinking of transmission last night about chugging noise. The whistle noise kind of sounds like when you boil water. But it could also be transmission. How can you check that.
  3. It makes the chug sound when I give it gas. Once I take foot off gas it sounds nice.no longer making the noise
  4. So I have now put about a 100 Km on my 1956 Fargo 251. It has a whistle at idle. I don't think it is the radiator. Antifreeze gets between 170 and about 190, 200. It is a brand new thermostat. What I was wondering could it be the vent tube under the truck. Doesn't seem to do it when I am parked. Just at traffic lights Now the chugging noise. When I am driving and put my foot in to it it sound like a train when taking off. Sorry only thing I can compare it to. Anyone know if it is just normal running in this truck. I have never heard another engine like this running.
  5. I would like to find a way to fix the bench seat in the truck but welding the springs I think would cost a arm leg and a left nut.
  6. Kind of like these? Seats press on seats go to link and scroll down. I actually like these seats. Still would have to make something for cup holder By the way is anything ever easy. I would be kidding you if I really thought that putting new seats in to my truck is going to be easy.
  7. I was looking at the back of the seat today and it was tied in there not bolted. I think it was from a car because it was squished in to the truck and it is blue crashed velvet. Yes you can all laugh now. I was at a car show yesterday with the truck. 1000 vehicles 2 other Fargos both had bucket seats and both were built buy other people from the people that owned them. I asked if they had the number for the person who built them. Said they had both passed on. Oh well that is why we ask questions on here
  8. So to fix my problem that I had with my truck and running rough and it was also losing power in 3rd gear. I went through the fuel system first I took my old fuel pump off and installed this one. Fuel Pump Then I ran new fuel line. 5/16 Cooper Nickle from Amazon Fuel Line I also rebuilt the carburetor. Carburetor Rebuild Kit not where I bought from but still the one. I had rebuilt it 2 years ago and was sure if it was gummed up or not. Actually I rebuilt it 4 times because I had to make sure the float was properly adjusted. I also when rebuilding it the first time forgot to clean the pump jet. I took it out and cleaned it. It was pretty gummed up. I then went and looked at the timing, plugs, plug wires and distributor LAY 4004C 1. I checked the pertronix ( or auto correct wanted to call it the Pepperoni) ignitor (Pertronix Ignitor in my truck ) and it was fine. I checked the wires and #3 was bad so I replaced it. I had botten new plug wires couple years back and they were for V8. The timing was off but I had been playing with it for a few months to see if I moved it left or right by a few degrees if the truck would idle any better. It did at first till I fixed every thing else. Now it is running at about 5 degrees advanced. Think book says +2. But it runs good there. But that is what I did to get my truck going. Off to see if anyone posted in my other post Buckets or Bench. What will fit and what to get them out of. Anyways thanks to everyone that helped me get this truck running and driving. Much appreciated
  9. Holy Adams I will I am just at work right now. When I get home I will. Thought a quick thank you for every one would do till I had some time.
  10. The truck is now running. Thanks for everyone that gave suggestions on how to fix problems. I drove it to the first car show this weekend. So thank you
  11. Does any one know of a easy swap for bench or bucket seats that would work with a 1956 Fargo 1 ton. I would prefer buckets but a nice bench is good to. My bench seat has a lot of broken springs. Trying to figure out if just getting newer seat or seats is cheaper then someone welding the springs on my bench seat. Thanks
  12. The hole in fuel line. No I actually solder it closed with heat gun and solder lol
  13. So I had a good laugh about 2 hrs ago. See I just installed new fuel lines. If you have been reading along you know. Well see I was drilling a small hole through the frame and thought I was far enough away. Drill right through the fuel line. This was one of those ok walk away times. Fixed it all up. Good thing there was know spark.
  14. I have looked at the wires. They are from napa and are 7mm. I checked the ohms on them it was between 720 to 630. These are newer plug wire 2 years old. Not sure if that makes a big difference
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