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  1. Brian b the bumpers are polished steel not chrome it is one of the things I am most proud of on the car I came up with the idea and followed it to the end and they came out great. The gauges are original I just cleaned them up I was lucky. The paint is enamel is called Air Cruser Red and is an original color for the 39 Dodge .
  2. garyp


    Hydro dipping I did my 39 and it came out beautiful and very reasonable.
  3. I went the hydro dipping route and it came out beautiful a dark burled walnut woodgrain it is inexpensive did the dash and door frames. Good luck
  4. garyp


    OK I took the top of the master cylinder off and took the fluid out and cleaned it out real good and blew it out with my air hose and cleaned the 2 small holes out put new fluid in and it works good. I think the problem was the extension they put on got rusty and got in the fluid thus clogging the return I did not replace the extension just put a new plug in and will keep my eye on the pedal and if I see it getting closer to the top I will know there is a problem. Thank you guys for the help I did not want to take that MC off again it is a real bitch to get to. Gary
  5. garyp


    I rebuilt the master cylinder when putting the car back together so hardly any use on it and the flex lines I will have to check I don't remember but if they loooked bad I probably changed them I will let you know. I am going to try and dig into it tomorrow when I get back from the Doc's.
  6. garyp


    What could be my problem is when I got the car it had an extension on the master cylinder fill cap that comes up by the steering column to make it easier to fill should I take that off and use the correct fill cap I am thinking yes. Gary
  7. garyp


    Took the 39 out for a ride yesterday the longest so far and when I got home my brake pedal was up as far as it would go and the brakes were on and just got the car in the garage before they were on fully and the brake lights were on and had to disconnect the battery. I am going to bleed the brakes to relieve the pressure or should I look elsewhere for the problem. Thanks Gary
  8. Can someone please post a couple of pics of their throttle linkage for a 39 dodge or plymouth I want to see if mine is hooked up correctly I am having trouble getting mine to idle down all of the way. As always thanks for all of the help. Gary
  9. garyp

    Amp gauge

    I never took the wires off the gauge just left the gauges hanging. When battery is disconnected it still shows full discharge. Weird Huh.
  10. garyp

    Amp gauge

    Had my dash out to get hydro dipped in woodgrain and when I put it all back together the amp gauge shows at full discharge all of the time any ideas as to why. Thanks Gary
  11. Like Silverdome said ask questions this website is a goldmine of information make sure you do a search of old posts first there is so much info there good luck.
  12. Thanks Brian you have been a lot of help in the past.
  13. Andy the horns work fine when I hook them up to a seperate horn button. I replaced the wire that goes through the steering column and soldered the wire to the brass t shaped thing but was just wondering about the cup that everything sits in. I will try the horn when I put the steering wheel back on I am waiting for my dash to come back from being hydro Dipped in a dark woodgrain pattern.
  14. My horn assy consists of the horn button itself then the horn ring next the brass piece with the wire in it that is held down by 3 small screws followed by the horn spring then the contact cup which on my 39 is a round piece with a hole through the center and a small lip on the edge which they call the contact cup but mine only has a small lip not a cup like it shows in the manual how is this piece a contact cup and what is supposed to make contact with it. The 38 Dodge is different not sure about the 40 any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  15. Recently I took all of the painted interior window trim off and sanded it down to 2000 grit sandpaper and polished with mothers metal polish and they came out beautiful if you saw it you would swear it is chrome I will post some pics soon I also did the door frame pieces and thought they came out beautiful I decided it would be too much chrome so I took them and the dash out to be hydro dipped in a dark burlwood I will see how it looks when I get them back. This hydro dipping thing is really amazing just google hydro dipping woodgrain and see how it is done you can do any pattern you want and is not too pricy they are doing my dash and both door frames for 300 bucks.
  16. Dale I tried that but all of the paint comes off and not the woodgrain part it would be pretty easy to take the paint off and polish the metal it would look just like chrome but I am afraid it would be too much chrome and look too gaudy but the old paint needs to come off anyway. I am just not sure. Rich I will give you a call in the AM thanks.
  17. Just waiting for the seat and door panels to come back from upolstry guy and have got the stainless pieces removed from dash and am polishing and painting them now my problem is the dash itself it is the greyish woodgrain and does not match the car now that it is painted the air maroon color the interior is a light tan color pretty close to original and I took the window and windshield trim pieces and stripped them and polished them until they look like chrome also did the door trim like that . What would be the best color to do the dash in and can it be done while still in the car I really don't want to take the dash out at this time or would a dark woodgrain peel and stick type product work just as well. Thanks in advance as always.
  18. Beautiful job my 39 dodge business coupe is almost done just waiting for the seat and door panels to be finished final piece of the puzzle same color paint is it air cruser red that is what it looks like you must be proud.
  19. I bought most of my parts from Roberts motor parts in Mass never had a problem and shipping was great. I bought stuff from Bernbaums it was OK just a tad more expensive..
  20. Brian b my 39 dodge is exactly the same as yours I found some nice tan vinyl material and am in the process of covering everything that was leather or vinyl or what ever that material was and am going to cover the access door with the same vinyl to see how it looks. I am having a hard time finding new grommets and swivils for the tarp that covers the spare tire any one have any Idea where I might get them. Thanks Gary
  21. Thanks for all the good info as usual I am going to take a picture of the masonite type piece I am talking about it has got me baffeled .
  22. They are in Georgia and specialize in headliners in old cars made mine up and it is beautiful you can get the headliner and the matching windlace 25 feet and had my sunvisors recovered plus got an extra 1 1/2 yards of material for $229.35. I chose the color beechwood and it is just like the original color very nice and great to deal with use my name and let them know how many bowes there I told them 5 but there are only 4 but there is a stationary one in the back so I think I will be OK will keep you posted on my progress just let me know if you have a that masonary piece back by the window. WLS headliners Hazlehurst GA 912-375-5292 check out their website good luck. Gary
  23. Got a new headliner for my birthday from WLS and it has 4 bows that come out and 2 stationary in the back there is a masionate type piece that goes around the rear window down to the back of the shelf but my manual says nothing about this piece and that is where the headliner fastens just above the rear window I am going to try and do it like originally done but am not sure why my manual says nothing about this any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Gary
  24. Thanks Plymouthy I have an ohm meter but have never used one before but I will go online in the AM and find out how to use it and run a check on it I just have never had to use one before.
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