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  1. garyp

    Finished my 41 Plymouth

    Beautiful job my 39 dodge business coupe is almost done just waiting for the seat and door panels to be finished final piece of the puzzle same color paint is it air cruser red that is what it looks like you must be proud.
  2. garyp

    part supplier references

    I bought most of my parts from Roberts motor parts in Mass never had a problem and shipping was great. I bought stuff from Bernbaums it was OK just a tad more expensive..
  3. Got a new headliner for my birthday from WLS and it has 4 bows that come out and 2 stationary in the back there is a masionate type piece that goes around the rear window down to the back of the shelf but my manual says nothing about this piece and that is where the headliner fastens just above the rear window I am going to try and do it like originally done but am not sure why my manual says nothing about this any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Gary
  4. garyp

    ANSWERED 1940 Plymouth P9 Access Door

    Brian b my 39 dodge is exactly the same as yours I found some nice tan vinyl material and am in the process of covering everything that was leather or vinyl or what ever that material was and am going to cover the access door with the same vinyl to see how it looks. I am having a hard time finding new grommets and swivils for the tarp that covers the spare tire any one have any Idea where I might get them. Thanks Gary
  5. garyp

    39 dodge headliner replacement

    Thanks for all the good info as usual I am going to take a picture of the masonite type piece I am talking about it has got me baffeled .
  6. garyp

    39 dodge headliner replacement

    They are in Georgia and specialize in headliners in old cars made mine up and it is beautiful you can get the headliner and the matching windlace 25 feet and had my sunvisors recovered plus got an extra 1 1/2 yards of material for $229.35. I chose the color beechwood and it is just like the original color very nice and great to deal with use my name and let them know how many bowes there I told them 5 but there are only 4 but there is a stationary one in the back so I think I will be OK will keep you posted on my progress just let me know if you have a that masonary piece back by the window. WLS headliners Hazlehurst GA 912-375-5292 check out their website good luck. Gary
  7. garyp

    fuel tank sending unit

    Just bought a new sending unit from Rock city not nos but he said it would be the right one. I put the new sender in and it only has 1 terminal from the sender my old one had 2 plus it has a ground terminal should I put the 2 wires on the 1 post and run a new wire to the ground not sure what to do please any help would be appreciated.
  8. garyp

    4101 horn relay

    My 39 dodge business coupe haas a horn relay marked 4101 and has 3 connectors marked h s and b with the b term having a fuse on the relay. I have the lead from the voltage regulator going to the b term and the green wire from the steering column going going to the s terminal and the horn wires going to the h terminal but the horn does not sound if I take the wire from the b term and touch it on the h term the horns work I have looked through all of the past posts on this but can't seem to find a relay with just 3 terminals and have run a new wire through the steering column and cleaned and inspected the parts in the steering wheel. I have tried to hook up a horn button to the s terminal but don't know if I should hook up a wire from the other term on the new horn button and run it back to the s term on the relay or just run it to a ground. The service manual only shows 2 wires going to the horns the one from the voltage regulator and the one from the steering column but does not show where to hook them up. Please help me I am going crazy trying to get this right. Thanks Gary
  9. garyp

    4101 horn relay

    Thanks Plymouthy I have an ohm meter but have never used one before but I will go online in the AM and find out how to use it and run a check on it I just have never had to use one before.
  10. garyp

    4101 horn relay

    Yes I ran a new ground wire and no luck a new relay it is .Thanks DJ
  11. garyp

    4101 horn relay

    DJ I tried all the above I have power to the b term ran wire from battery ground and checked other terms but no sounds took cover off relay and checked but no action in relay when touching ground cable to other terms I am thinking bad relay what do you think. Gary
  12. garyp

    fuel tank sending unit

    Oh no I specifically asked if it would worked on my 39 dodge and he said yes it will I am going to call him Monday and find out what is going on. Thanks for your help Gary
  13. garyp

    heater wiring

    My 39 dodge buisness coupe has a switch on the far left side of the dash and has 2 wires and a bulb 1 terminal is marked bat and the other mot 1 goes to the heater motor which I guess would hook up to the mot terminal but where would the other wire from the switch go and where would the other wire from the heater go? Would the switch wire marked bat go to the ign switch and the other wire from th heater motor go to a ground? I can not find any markings on the heater as to what the make is I took the cover off and looked and looked but no make or model. Thanks Gary
  14. garyp

    41 Plymouth Door Seal

    I believe the rubber strip on the door sill make that seal at least it does on my 39 dodge business coupe.
  15. garyp

    heater wiring

    There are no markings on the heater at all it is too hard to see anything on the motor itself without taking it out but it looks in perfect condition I took the cover off and it looks like new inside in perfect condition. That is a good idea to hook it up to the acc side of the ign. will do. Thanks
  16. garyp

    heater wiring

    The switch has a bulb in it and a knob that goes over the bulb and seems to have 2 settings so the wire from the bat side of the switch goes to the ignition and I should put in a 20 amp fuse ok and the wire coming off the blower should go to ground. By the way it is a 6 volt pos ground. Thanks Gary
  17. Can't seem to find a wiring diagram for my 39 dodge duel horns all I seem to find are ones for newer models on mine the realy is mounted on the horn bracket directly under the 2 horns I have made up new wires and know that one wire goes between the 2 horns but not sure on the others please help. Thanks Gary
  18. garyp

    39 dodge duel horn wiring diagram

    Rich I have a manual for a 38 dodge and a supplement manual for a 39 but the 39 supplement does not show much and the 38 manual does not have what looks like a fuse connection on the relay like mine does I was just looking for a pic for a 39 dodge with duel horns. I looked for you at Hershey on Sat but you had already left. Gary
  19. garyp

    Trunk Weatherstripping

    It went in the channel and fit great the trunk lid rests on top of the rubber and I got it from Roberts motor parts I hope this helps.
  20. garyp

    Trunk Weatherstripping

    I just put new weatherstrip in my 39 dodge business coupe but mine was flat and just fit in the trunk rail nice it was about 1/2 inch thick and the trunk shuts nicely. Gary
  21. garyp

    39 Plymouth Weatherstripping Placement?

    I am doing this on my 39 Dodge business coupe could someone please post a picture of the weatherstripping in the door I am having a hell of a time figuring it out. Thanks Gary
  22. Just got her back from paint
  23. garyp

    a couple more pics

    It is air cruser red a color from 1939 it was marine beige b4 but it was fugly so kept it original.I will post more when I get it home and put some stuff back on. Thanks
  24. garyp

    Chrome alternative

    I have read many articles about chrome alternatives but tried my own idea and it works great. I did both bumpers on my 39 Dodge and they turned out beautiful I have had many people look at them and can't believe they are not real chrome here is what I did. First I used my angle grinder with a flapper disc and ground all of the old chrome and chrome residue off them until they are bare metal make sure you get along the edges real good, then I used 80 grit sand paper and smoothed them all out then 150 grit sandpaper getting all of the deep scratches off before going to 220 grit and sand until there is no scratches they should be looking real good at this point I used 800 grit to polish them up nice and again make sure there are no scratches then I used mothers metal polish with 0000 steel wool and buffed them until they shine beautifully and I used a product called floods oil paint infuser and put that on with 0000 steel wool and wipe it off right away and when you are done they will look just like chrome but it take a boatload of hours of grinding and sanding to get it done but to me the results will be worth it. Good luck

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