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  1. Can't seem to find a wiring diagram for my 39 dodge duel horns all I seem to find are ones for newer models on mine the realy is mounted on the horn bracket directly under the 2 horns I have made up new wires and know that one wire goes between the 2 horns but not sure on the others please help. Thanks Gary
  2. garyp

    39 dodge duel horn wiring diagram

    Rich I have a manual for a 38 dodge and a supplement manual for a 39 but the 39 supplement does not show much and the 38 manual does not have what looks like a fuse connection on the relay like mine does I was just looking for a pic for a 39 dodge with duel horns. I looked for you at Hershey on Sat but you had already left. Gary
  3. garyp

    Trunk Weatherstripping

    It went in the channel and fit great the trunk lid rests on top of the rubber and I got it from Roberts motor parts I hope this helps.
  4. garyp

    Trunk Weatherstripping

    I just put new weatherstrip in my 39 dodge business coupe but mine was flat and just fit in the trunk rail nice it was about 1/2 inch thick and the trunk shuts nicely. Gary
  5. garyp

    39 Plymouth Weatherstripping Placement?

    I am doing this on my 39 Dodge business coupe could someone please post a picture of the weatherstripping in the door I am having a hell of a time figuring it out. Thanks Gary
  6. Just got her back from paint
  7. garyp

    a couple more pics

    It is air cruser red a color from 1939 it was marine beige b4 but it was fugly so kept it original.I will post more when I get it home and put some stuff back on. Thanks
  8. garyp

    Chrome alternative

    I have read many articles about chrome alternatives but tried my own idea and it works great. I did both bumpers on my 39 Dodge and they turned out beautiful I have had many people look at them and can't believe they are not real chrome here is what I did. First I used my angle grinder with a flapper disc and ground all of the old chrome and chrome residue off them until they are bare metal make sure you get along the edges real good, then I used 80 grit sand paper and smoothed them all out then 150 grit sandpaper getting all of the deep scratches off before going to 220 grit and sand until there is no scratches they should be looking real good at this point I used 800 grit to polish them up nice and again make sure there are no scratches then I used mothers metal polish with 0000 steel wool and buffed them until they shine beautifully and I used a product called floods oil paint infuser and put that on with 0000 steel wool and wipe it off right away and when you are done they will look just like chrome but it take a boatload of hours of grinding and sanding to get it done but to me the results will be worth it. Good luck
  9. garyp

    Chrome alternative

    Here are some pics of the bumpers I finished and the can of flood pentrol I used I tried to post a couple of more of my car getting painted almost done pick it up tomorrow start to put it back together long road 2 years did all the work myself except for paint and the engine rebuild. Gary
  10. garyp

    Chrome alternative

    I check the Alsa chrome and found it was very expensive also that is why I did it the way I did I will takes some pics and post tomorrow. The product from Flood is an oil infuser for paint but the oil in it protects the metal from rusting for a year then just apply another coat I bought a can for 7 or 8 bucks at the hardware store and only used a fraction of it. Listen I would not be telling you guys this if it did not work the only drawback is it is a lot of work the more you sand the better it looks and as you get closer to the end most of it is by hand it is not easy. Garyp
  11. Guys I had the same problem but I sanded all the chrome off using a angle grinder and flapper disc then started with 80 grit sandpaper and worked my way up to 1500 grit and by this time the bumpers were shining great then I used mothers polish and a buffing wheel and had those babys looking exactly like chrome everyone that see's them can't believe they are not chrome. Ifinished them off by applying a product from flood that is an oil based product and applied it with 0000 steel wool and wiped them off right away for a beautiful shine and it will protect them from rusting for at least a year b/4 you have to recoat. Just a warning this is not an easy process and will take you many hours of sanding polishing and buffing make sure that with each grit of and paper you use especially when you start make sure you get all the old chrome off of them it is very important you do this it will save you much time and aggravation but when you see the results it is worth it. Gary
  12. garyp

    Phony business scam

    Everyone out there do not purchase anything from a company called tilecshop it is a phony company I bought a pair of taillight bezels from them for 45 bucks and found out they took out 68 bucks from my account and they are a Chinese company that is a scam. Beware Beware Still looking for tail light bezel for my 39 Dodge
  13. garyp

    Phony business scam

    I used a credit card and they are investigating it the worse part is my tail light bezel I did not get them and the car is being painted right now.
  14. garyp

    Phony business scam

    The name of the phony company is titecshop not tilecshop sorry. got the info from casper 50 but I am sure he did not know it was phony I don't think anyone on this site would do this.
  15. Coming home from paint shop soon and still can not locate a tail light bezel part # 691755 I have checked everyplace I could only find 1 and really want to get her on the road as soon as I can. Please if anyone can help me I would be so grateful. Freaking out in PA!
  16. garyp

    My 39 Dodge business coupe

    Casper 50 you are officially my hero thank you so so much I just ordered them how did you find that web site I have searched google and e bay every day for at least 6 months now and never found it. Again thank you very much for your help!! Gary
  17. garyp


    Has anyone tried any of these new paint coatings that are advertised all over the place some kind of nano tech if so any good ones or ones to stay away from..?
  18. garyp


    I was talking about the ceramic finishes from topcoat and several others that are supposed to protect for a long period of time
  19. garyp


  20. OK my car should be coming out of the paint shop any day now and the only thing I am missing is 1 tail light bezel part # 691755 I can not find one anywhere if there is anyone who has any ideas where to look or what to do or possibly has one laying around please please let me know frustrated in PA. Thanks Gary
  21. garyp

    1939 business coupe build

    Interesting tailights don't think I've ever seen them before.
  22. garyp

    PART NUMBER Look-Up Thread.

    I am looking for a right side anti sway bar link for my 39 dodge business coupe and was wondering if you could find the part number for me have been looking for a long time now. Thanks Gary
  23. garyp

    1939 business coupe build

    Nice car I am restoring a 39 business coupe and also used to go to Island dragway in Great Meadows NJ
  24. garyp

    Chrome alternatives

    While repairing a couple of my grill pieces on my 39 Dodge I found they are brass anyone ever refinished them to brass or any reasonable chrome shops or alternitives out there? Thanks Gary

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