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  1. Thanks Mike that's how I hooked them up hopefully its the same as yours. I am going to dive into the linkage hookup today and see if I can figure it out if you would send a pic that would be great thanks for the help. Thanks Gary
  2. Thanks guys Rich I would like to stop down and see you and your car how is next week for you let me know. My heater has 2 wires coming out one to the switch and the other is I assume the ground but my books have no info on it. Gary
  3. Can anyone tell me if my 39 Dodge came with a heater or was it an option I can't find any mention of it in my manuals I am trying to find out where the 2 wires coming out of it goes any help would be appreciated. Thanks Gary
  4. Putting my 39 back together and having a problem with the shifter linkage from the column to the trans doesn't seem to line up right and the pic I have in my book it looks like behind the shifter lever and the shifter cable there is a bracket between them and the trans but the pic is so hard to see I can't really tell and I don't have anything like it left over any pic's would be a big help. Thanks Gary
  5. Thanks guy's that is all I needed got the engine back from the machine shop and I didn't take any pic's of that particular area. I was hoping plugs went there I had no extra lines left over Don you saved the day again! Gary
  6. Can someone tell me what is supposed to be in the hole in the bottom of the block behind the generator and also the one just to the right of the oil filler and just left of the petcock I would appreciate any help. Thanks Gary
  7. Web master was correct it does fit in the timing cover thanks so much. Gary
  8. OK guys it looks like you are right but the only thing is the two holes on the one end that are close together no two holes line up for that but I will try and let ya know.
  9. I tried it on the timing chain cover but it doesn't fit there will check clutch dust pan in AM thanks.
  10. Anybody tell me what this is I can't figure it out. Thanks
  11. Thanks for the info guys but I got the washers from rkbender he is now my official hero!!!!
  12. Well Dpollo you know what is going to happen your washers and rekbender's will show up the same day there is no doubt but whoever's get here last I will return. Thanks again for all the help..Gary
  13. I am desperately looking for 2 bearing cap washers for my 39 Dodge flatty 6 these are the ones that go on the bolts that hold the bearing cap to the rod they are small and sit down in the bearing cap. If anyone has 2 of these please let me know and if you are close enough I will drive to get them or put them in an envelope and send them to me I will be happy to pay you my engine is done except for these 2 washers. Dpollo had sent me 2 of them but they are lost in the mail somewhere between Canada and here I gave him the wrong zip code [senior moment]. Thanks Gary
  14. I need to find a couple of lock washers that go on the bolts that hold the rod bearing cap to the rod they are thinner and smaller than a regular lock washer and have a 3/8 hole if someone has a couple laying around or if you know where I can get them please let me know I have been looking all over. Thanks Gary
  15. Great story and I bet you didn't take pic's either lol. A lesson learned the hard way.