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  1. garyp

    1939 business coupe build

    Interesting tailights don't think I've ever seen them before.
  2. garyp

    PART NUMBER Look-Up Thread.

    I am looking for a right side anti sway bar link for my 39 dodge business coupe and was wondering if you could find the part number for me have been looking for a long time now. Thanks Gary
  3. garyp

    1939 business coupe build

    Nice car I am restoring a 39 business coupe and also used to go to Island dragway in Great Meadows NJ
  4. garyp

    Chrome alternatives

    While repairing a couple of my grill pieces on my 39 Dodge I found they are brass anyone ever refinished them to brass or any reasonable chrome shops or alternitives out there? Thanks Gary
  5. garyp

    39 dodge business coupe taillights

    Thanks Rich I just bought it thanks 1 down 1 to go took the car out for a drive around the neighborhood runs great its hard to believe I took it down to the frame and put it all back together by myself. Gary
  6. garyp

    39 dodge business coupe taillights

    Rich I already have the new lenses I paid 10 bucks for a pair on e bay what I need now are the correct bezels the ones I have are for a 50 wayfarer.
  7. garyp

    39 dodge business coupe taillights

    I have turn signals signal stat 900 series it was on car when I bought it but wires were installed half assed so I cut all the wires and started from scratch and ran them the correct way just hope I got them right trying to get the correct diagram for a 8 wire 6 volt positive ground was a bugger I hope it was the right one.
  8. garyp

    39 dodge business coupe taillights

    My car has lights on the top of the fender and also in front of the fender down a little and in a little from the headlight I was going to use the one on the front of the fender for turn signal but if you say the top I will go that route I just finished running all of the wires out to the fender so I can put them anywhere.
  9. garyp

    39 dodge business coupe taillights

    Do you need 2 bulbs for signal lights?
  10. garyp

    39 dodge business coupe taillights

    My reinforcement bars and buckets are in great shape and I can use them with correct bezel my question is Brian's pics show 2 bulbs per light but mine only have 1?
  11. garyp

    39 dodge business coupe taillights

    Great pics I can use my old buckets they are in good shape your taillight looks like mine but upside down. I am restoring it to its original condition as best I can getting close to paint but the guy who is going to paint it can't do it till end of summer 6 grand and it will be better than it came out of the showroom he said I have seen his work and it is beautiful so we will see. I might have to put the ones I have temporary so I can at least drive it this summer. Thanks Gary
  12. garyp

    39 dodge business coupe taillights

    I am having trouble downloading pics from my phone I will post when I can any photos would be a help. Thanks Gary
  13. garyp

    39 dodge business coupe taillights

    Rjch I will take a couple more pics after I finish my plowing this morning' Gary
  14. garyp

    39 dodge business coupe taillights

    OK Rich what I have are 2 chrome bezels they are marked Dodak CB 17293 LH on one and the other is Dodak CB 1729? RH the last number is gone. I have the buckets for them they are ok I checked and it says they are for a 50 dodge wayfarer and I want to have the correct ones for the car. The pics I just posted are the ones I got the numbers from. Gary
  15. garyp

    39 dodge business coupe taillights

    Look real nice would love to go for a ride sometime. I kept mine original bought it out near you in Puxatawny Pa it used to be in the ground hog day parade for years.

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