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  1. 51custom

    51 Plymouth concord business coupe free

    If I had the room for it I'd gladly help you out.
  2. 51custom

    Carlisle Chrysler show

    He was the main reason why I was going. I guess it'll just be a family outing then.
  3. 51custom

    The Rusty DeSoto Lawn Ornament

    Today I put the car on jack stands and began to remove the old undercoating and 65 years of grease build up around the suspension components. I also removed the wheel hub caps and put them in storage as they as still shining like new. I am getting ready to determine what will be required for the brakes and suspension pieces. More than likely i will replace all brake components as its better safe than sorry. The only thing I'm worried about is the condition of the backing plates as they look incredibly corroded and could possibly fall through when i start shaking things up. The suspension components ill either rebuild with new rubber and some components or source NOS complete suspension (this will probably turn into piece meal.) This weekend i would also like to drop the gas tank following the instructions laid out above. Granted this all depends on the fiances ability to tolerate my shenanigans this Easter weekend.
  4. 51custom

    23" and 25" engines

    Aftermarket for the 251 is pretty much nonexistent as its mainly old stock that is randomly sold on ebay and or having it made. AOK in Western PA still makes intakes for the 251. From what I've read and what has been described above the 251-265 are more powerful than the 230 and other non chrysler/desoto brands. Basically outside of this forum the mopar flatheads are regarded as strong and reliable but not as powerful as the their ford/chevrolet counterparts. Don has a wealth of knowledge on the 25 inch desoto/chrysler block.
  5. 51custom

    The Rusty DeSoto Lawn Ornament

    Also, my grille for the car is finally not in shambles. I'd like to get it rechromed but cost is an issue currently. How it came when I got it Vs now
  6. 51custom

    The Rusty DeSoto Lawn Ornament

    Also a few things showed up yesterday. A new battery tray and an original mopar 814 which doesn't look to bad.
  7. 51custom

    The Rusty DeSoto Lawn Ornament

    I use torin 6 ton lockable jack stands as I have an f350 that requires I use such devices.
  8. 51custom

    The Rusty DeSoto Lawn Ornament

    Thanks that's what I'll do this year. I'm used to having a concrete garage to work on vs the driveway that I now have.
  9. 51custom

    The Rusty DeSoto Lawn Ornament

    This car will never be as it was on day one. The more I get opinions from those who are in the know the more likely the body will remain on the frame. I will be replacing all of the rubber body mounts just as did with my old truck about a decade ago. If I was capable of doing concours quality work I'd hope I'd know how to weld by now....hahaha
  10. 51custom

    The Rusty DeSoto Lawn Ornament

    Thanks for the faith!
  11. 51custom

    The Rusty DeSoto Lawn Ornament

    As soon as I figure out how to not make my jack stands sink into my pavement like last year I'm going to drop the tank and clean it out plus install a new fuel line. The carburetor is currently being refurbished as it was well beyond an at home job.
  12. 51custom

    The Rusty DeSoto Lawn Ornament

    For reference as to what I have to deal with. If you were in my predicament and had the knowledge to accomplish the task does this look even remotely doable. Once again I specialize in modern vehicle electronics when I'm working on cars and engines...metal work which is an art...baffles me. I will be looking into taking classes for welding but as of right now with starting a new job soon I have no idea where that training will place me in the United States. I'll put the metal work on hold and work on getting the fuel system up and running again. Furthermore, in regards to vehicle build threads I'll probably just continue using this one as the lawn ornament title fits this car pretty well. As it sits currently after this weekends shenanigans involving a couple cold ones. Drivers side Drivers side under the Pedals Drivers side Passenger Front footwell Drivers side from passengers viewpoint, ignore the random chair. Passengers Side
  13. 51custom

    front end kit

    Curious about this myself
  14. 51custom

    The Rusty DeSoto Lawn Ornament

    I really appreciate the suggestions. In regards to taking the body off, it was more or less to clean up the frame and reseal/undercoat it and to re run all of the lines (electrical/brake/fuel). I am aware that I could do this without removing the body but I am also one of those anal retentive people unfortunately. The welder aspect, I completely understand. I had a lincoln electric mig welder fall into my lap so I've been "learning" with that. Also I am not going to tear anything apart Structural wise until I feel comfortable in my ability.
  15. 51custom

    The Rusty DeSoto Lawn Ornament

    Will do thanks

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