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  1. Hey thanks with the response. What is static time? And what else is splash fouled the spark plugs. I dont know the compression. The tune up isnt old Just done a about a year ago. And I'm messing either the points because spark wasn't good. I just am curious of anyone has a wiring setup on a engine similar to mine
  2. I have a really good fire extinguisher. Though the wire on the inside of the loom is clean and looks new. It was all checked but ima wrap and shrink all the ends that werent done. The thing is this car has been driven on this wiring for so many years. The oringal motor recently gave out because of an internal engine problem with the valve. Then my brother placed in the new motor than I took owner ship of the car and have been trying to get to start. It cranks very well and none of the wires are touching. I just want to know if everyone notices any wires that are mixed
  3. I have a 48 Plymouth special deluxe and havent been able to get this motor to start. It cranks and I put gas in the carb trying to get it to start. Though when I was working on it my stud that the positive cable bolts to got really hot. Wire isnt hot but just the bolt. I get the motor to crank and sounds like it wants to start because it does pop but cant get it to run.
  4. I recently found these parts and don't know where the spring and middle part on the right go. I also think the rod was just extra but if it may fix the problem I'm having please let me know
  5. They sell springs at any auto store. You can either buy one or an assortment of them as well. That's what I recently did.
  6. Can you send me a picture of the return spring for the pedal just so I can see if that's what broke off. Also for anyone one else this is the setup
  7. Can you send me a picture of the return spring for the pedal just so I can see if that's what broke off. Also for anyone one else this is the setup
  8. Yes the pedal was all the way up before I pushed on it. Car has been sitting for about 8 years but when ever I would push it around they pedal would come up. I would say the pedal stopped coming up about 6 months ago and just haven't touched it since. Everything seems connected. It engages the clutch but just doesn't return. I'll send pictures in a little and maybe you can tell me what I'm missing. I'm farely new to these old cars.
  9. I have a 48 Plymouth and when I pushed on the clutch and the pedal doesn't come back up at all. Have been messing with it for a couple weeks but can't seem to find the problem. Been looking for springs that might of broke off but I can't find it. Any help or guidance will be great. Thank you
  10. The car does have a generator and thanks for the tip, I will buy that manual. And thanks for answering the main question, i wasnt really sure on that.
  11. Im new to working on cars and i have a 48 plymouth special with a straight six and want to know if you to time the belt you put on water pump and alternator and the other pulley at bottom of motor or if you can just put it on. Thank you for help. I know i sound like a real noob
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