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  1. carb

    this way that way , you can still operate float with top off .. just had top off carb. on truck I recently acquired.
  2. carb

    The float stuck up is going to stop fuel, ..IE: dry bowl.. take air cleaner off look down carb, KOEO , is fuel dripping on throttle plates?.. yes/no, if no fuel present fuel pressure OK .. if yes than you have too much fuel pressure and/or trash in needle and seat... from your symptoms[?] the float is stuck up, just remove carb. top and float clip remove float, remove needle and seat . clean clean clean I'll bet the needle sides are dirty and sticking . clean seat ,I use scrubby pad strip ,stuff it in and turn with small screw driver ,be careful don't scratch with screwdriver,. reassemble needle ,float and pin... hold down on float clip with finger and push on float over needle and seat, does it move freely up and down.. install carb top .. your ready to go.. hope this makes sense.. todays fuel doesn't age very well..
  3. gray silicone [semi-rigid],, is the greatest , a light skim coat is all thats needed... over the years I learned to let the silicone dry to about 75% hardness or about 20 minutes .. no goop squish.. the oil pan at the top has a couple of problems .. somebody didn't let silicone dry enough and the block wasn't oil free.. Also keep out of blind bolt holes, it will ruin your day..
  4. 4 spd swap

    Awww, I love that stuff
  5. 4 spd swap

    I have driveshaft and axle from same truck.. those ujoints are overly complicated, happy to see them go..
  6. 4 spd swap

    not having to double clutch every gear and get rid of the u joints. I was hoping the sync. trans. would shift easier at least in the top gears.. ok can you tell me what you know about this crash box trans. not afraid to learn. searched forum / no comparison on both trans... am I going from bad to worst?
  7. 4 spd swap

    Hi, I have question on a B1C trans swap, will '49 non-synchronized angle drain plug trans swap with a '52ish synchronized horizontal drain plug trans? the bolt pattern looks the the same. I looked up input shaft , they look the same ... any thoughts? thanks
  8. Help !! truck shipping

    Truck showed up Tuesday afternoon...nice driver.. the truck is in better shape than expected . the interior is so perfect . good job .thanks for the great deal. it was worth paying the shipping. truck was well packed , I was looking thru stuff, there is a lot in the bed..I need to get cab sealed up, is there enough in bed to do this.. or do I need more things? rubbers, windows , doors. even the motor looks like it will run , has new head gasket. . Thanks again , chuck
  9. Help !! truck shipping

    I thought about a road trip but it's cold on the way, I mean like serious cold. , could not sleep in truck. I'am a florida boy ,, don't own any coats.. B1B keven, Glad the truck is out of your hair, sorry for the delay ..It's been an adventurer. I did learn not to ship vehicles, if I can't drive there I don't need them.. Lessons are fun !! It ended up costing 50 cents a loaded mile..$1500 total, 500 more than planned ,but 500 less than uship.. But it's on the way thats good.
  10. Help !! truck shipping

    I thought about AAA tow it from there to here 100 miles at a time..AAA don't think that was funny
  11. Help !! truck shipping

    it has to do with pickup, I don't understand it...
  12. Help !! truck shipping

    thanks for info,I guess I have more homework to do..I thought shipping would be simple, surprise..
  13. Anybody shipped a vehicle? I bought B1Bkeven truck trying too get it shipped is a joke.. B1B keven has been patient while I try to ship truck.. anybody know a carrier that isn't run on dreams and wishes. I need to ship this truck ASAP...Help thanks chuck
  14. Assigning a value to a Pilot House

    if you want to know the value, ebay with a 25000 reserve, run ad as long as possible.. the people that are looking are alway looking and ebay covers a lot of area..and you don't have to sale... ad is just a few bucks. if bids are low, wait 6 months run it again.. I won't take less than 14000 the two color will knock value a little. nice clean truck.
  15. a brake problem

    jeep brakes are self energizing don't need much wheel cylinder size .. you need to find a smooth dirt road, roll along about 10 mph panic stop, get out look at skid marks on all 4 tires? the fronts skid mark should longer than rears .. if brakes lock on this test they should lock up on pavement if not, air in system, this truck has a mushy pedal. yes/ no. or your not on the brake pedal hard enough ..