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  1. Help !! truck shipping

    thanks for info,I guess I have more homework to do..I thought shipping would be simple, surprise..
  2. Anybody shipped a vehicle? I bought B1Bkeven truck trying too get it shipped is a joke.. B1B keven has been patient while I try to ship truck.. anybody know a carrier that isn't run on dreams and wishes. I need to ship this truck ASAP...Help thanks chuck
  3. Assigning a value to a Pilot House

    if you want to know the value, ebay with a 25000 reserve, run ad as long as possible.. the people that are looking are alway looking and ebay covers a lot of area..and you don't have to sale... ad is just a few bucks. if bids are low, wait 6 months run it again.. I won't take less than 14000 the two color will knock value a little. nice clean truck.
  4. a brake problem

    jeep brakes are self energizing don't need much wheel cylinder size .. you need to find a smooth dirt road, roll along about 10 mph panic stop, get out look at skid marks on all 4 tires? the fronts skid mark should longer than rears .. if brakes lock on this test they should lock up on pavement if not, air in system, this truck has a mushy pedal. yes/ no. or your not on the brake pedal hard enough ..
  5. just raise wire up out of coil socket, so you can see it spark but I don't think its a spark issue .. Runs great in reverse. As I go through gears 1st is ok. , almost every trans I've seen 1st and rev. are the same.. there a few that a different . but not on an old dodge " When I release rev'd throttle goes back to idle ,As I go through gears 1st is ok, 2nd is dogged and 3rd if I baby it will get up some speed."... this is a classic fuel volume issue. as we go along more info comes out. to diag ,pull gas line from fuel pump output to carb input, add a short piece of hose to a catch can .. spin motor. is fuel pump volume there, 3 or 4 strokes of fuel pump should output 1/4 cup of fuel + / - . if it does carb jets are clogged/ or float stuck up Like t..ihis if there is low volume need to check fuel line to to tank/ fuel pump check ball . if fuel pump diaphragm goes bad it fills crankcase with fuel. wish vehicle was in front of me .. Like t hope this helps
  6. backfire as exhaust pop, then the point breaker plate might be losing ground or points /condenser problem. did you check coil output ?, lift coil wire up 1/2 in start motor, will it arc a spark to wire.. with coil wire raised, rev motor to point of problem.is spark consistent. if it passes test ,than problem is carb and/ or fuel level. when you rev motor and release throttle does it stall or just return to idle? sure acts like a wet dist. , the cap comes off ez,, I would look.while the cap is off check for loose /broke wires. your down to a couple things for a motor to run. all thats left is spark and fuel.
  7. symptoms of an accelerator pump problem . will truck rev better w/ half choke. next remove air cleaner ..engine off.. look down carb. push linkage to full throttle. is there fuel squirt..yes/no. no/ you need to check accel. pump cup.. old stuff doesn't like 2017 gas.. take the top of carb. off to see pump cup ,pump well and check ball and look at fuel level and trash in bowl.. yes/ it squirts fuel I'd head to compression next , static and running . if ok, look for a runs lean problem . at low rpm , timing doesn't change much until higher rpm. as long as the basics are covered : point gap,dwell base timing.. was this truck running for a while ,or just got started after pulling from barn? not enough info for diagnosis. or you got a wet dist. cap.
  8. Any experience about?

    i don't think a filter can suck air on the pressure side of pump , that would be leak .Ha Ha. If you a problem at top of second it is usually a fuel volume issue , a dirty filter, low float level , air leak in suction line, clogged suction line , fuel pump.. Did the motor stall?. Not a big fan of fuel filter on suction side. Closer to carburetor , I think is better.
  9. disc brakes for my b3b

    garage gremlins, gotta' hate them.
  10. I got to chime in on this problem, new guy here. have been making a living working cars since '76 . My opinion is, none of the exhaust valves are seating, all valves are the wrong color, exhaust valve should be tan,intakes should be dark gray.. looks to be a guide problem. some of the valve are sunk. this raises hell on seat pressure. how many strokes to get compression reading you got , do you remember the first stroke psi ? I guess 40 psi, if it wasn't 60 to 70 psi you have a valve and/or ring problem .. the fuel mixture is waaay too rich. the black color in chamber. this is a float level problem and/or needle and seat. notice fuel wash marks on piston edges. A problem in combustion chamber , could cause gasket fail, it doesn't look to be a warp head or block. the head gasket looks to be thick enough everywhere. well as much as I can tell from pictures. this motor was pinging, weather? or not you could hear it or not . the motor might of been rebuilt at some point, but it sat somewhere for along time without moving. the rust marks on cylinder wall.. also the fuel we have today doesn't have a lot of ash, so if you have a carbon build up then , there is oil in combustion chamber. From past experience if you don't fix the problem, it won't go away. doctors fix the symptoms ,mechanics fix the problem..hope you get it straighten out. feel free to pick my theory apart. the INTERNET is a harsh place.