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  1. Southern AZ B2B Build Thread

    Excellent results!! Nice job.
  2. Draft tube

    I'm watching this, also. I would like to remove the draft tube and somehow recycle the crankcase fumes out the exhaust pipe. Any suggestions. I don't have a threaded fitting on the intake manifold.
  3. Steering wheel removal tips please

    I used a bearing splitter and a 3 fork puller. After about a 1/16 of a turn of the puller, the wheel popped off. Sixty dollars for the splitter and puller for a half second job. Any one know of a decently priced vendor that will refurbish the wheel?
  4. New Flat Truck Owner

    Nice score
  5. Looking at disc conversion

    Interesting - Good stuff - Thanks
  6. Where is reverse b2b

    Its a simple "H" pattern just as it is on any 3 speed floor shifter. Just moved to the column.
  7. Any gas tanks close

    Why Not? Make a little extra side money. I do stuff like this for my motorcycle trip money. It's paid for 4 NICE week long motorcycle rides/trips just this year. I'm heading to the Ozarks soon for a week. Alaska next year for 5 weeks. Several different items will start to add up.
  8. Any gas tanks close

    I thought about doing just that, but didn't have access to the machine shop stuff. Excellent idea and too bad that Tanks, INC. doesn't sell that style adapter piece for their tank.
  9. Leave it or paint

    WOW!!!! Turned out nice. How did you apply it?
  10. Leave it or paint

    Do you have any pictures of your truck before you applied the corroseal?
  11. Leave it or paint

    Leave it and drive it
  12. Any gas tanks close

    Oh yeah, Get this part too "BF56" if you're gonna use 5/16 fuel line. I spent way more than $12.00 in time and fuel driving to Ace Hdwe, NAPA, International Truck dealers, etc. looking for this fitting. They have it. Buy it there and be done with it. http://www.tanksinc.com/index.cfm/page/ptype=product/product_id=554/category_id=167/mode=prod/prd554.htm
  13. Any gas tanks close

    I used this one on my 1950 B2C http://www.tanksinc.com/index.cfm/page/ptype=product/product_id=349/category_id=68/mode=prod/prd349.htm Kinda pricey, BUT, it's one thing I won't have to revisit, EVER in my lifetime. (I hope ) I had to cut a slot about 4 inches out of the floor so the spout wouldn't hit the cab floor as it sticks through the floor. I used the front mounting bracket to the frame and then took the rear bracket off the frame. i attached the rear bracket to the new tank and then mark the alignment holes up on the frame. I drilled new holes in the frame (about 2 inches forward of the original holes) and put the bolts in the new holes. I used new stainless bolts and hardware all around. Not sure if the stock fuel sending unit will fit or not. Mine was not salvageable. I went ahead and bought the new sending unit for the new tank also. Easy install if you've got a grinder and 3" whizzer wheel.
  14. Southern AZ B2B Build Thread

    I use the feed grade stuff from Tractor Supply. NOT the table variety.
  15. Southern AZ B2B Build Thread

    Very nice job!!! I've used molasses on motorcycle tanks with excellent results.