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  1. WarriorDog

    Wheel Size

    Any idea on a source for the hub cap clips??? A reasonably priced source? I've seen or heard that VW clips will work?
  2. WarriorDog

    Front axle castle nut

    Don, Do you have the part number for the rotor you used on your application?
  3. WarriorDog

    Front axle castle nut

    What rotor does your kit use? Cant remember which rotor is used on Rusty Hopes kit. The space between the inner and outer bearings has to be closer in order for the nut to get on the shaft further. The bearings will have to be 1/2 inch or so closer.
  4. WarriorDog

    Lower bed side panel parts

    Are you talking about the corner angle strips that attach to the bed sides? They are used to support the bed sides that sit on the wood bed platform? http://www.mar-k.com/catalog/index.aspx?LID=130
  5. Yes. Just put the new shiny parts in a container with some muriatic acid. It will remove the Zinc coating and the new will not look so "new" anymore. They will start rusting very quickly - almost immediatley. You can soak them in some baking soda water after that to neutralize the acid. I did this with all the Zinc coated parts I took in for powder coating. His rinse bath before he powder coats can't deal with the Zinc coating.
  6. Muriatic acid will get the Zinc coating off. They WILL begin to rust after that!!!
  7. Living in Memphis? I was lucky to stumble on one from Hamilton County AND it's a truck tag, too.
  8. Any ideas on how to secure a vintage license plate on the truck to prevent someone from stealing it? I purchased a 1950 Tennessee tag, that happens to be from my county, and will run this tag on my truck. Tennessee allows you to register an old tag to the current "Antique vehicle" tag. You can put the vintage tag on the vehicle and carry the newly issued "Antique Vehicle" tag in the cab. The vintage tag has to be from the same year as your truck model year. I want to run this tag but need a way to mount it securely so it can't be stolen. Here's some examples from Ebay pics. Also, does any one know of a vendor that will refurbish an old tag? I Probably won't have it refurbished and just leave it original as it's in pretty good shape.
  9. WarriorDog


    I was thinking of cutting up some of the old Radiator hoses to make the pads. Has anyone tried this idea? Conveyor belting is an idea also.
  10. WarriorDog

    B1B Project / progress thread

    WOW!! Very nice work.
  11. WarriorDog

    Anyone 'yabadadoo' their truck?

    Very nice truck!!!!!

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