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  1. I've used 2 Daytona kits. They have a better design float valve that keeps the float level even.
  2. The T10 is a Borg Warner overdrive. I got my rebuild parts from Northwest Transmission. I don't have the address and phone number by the computer but can look it up if needed.
  3. When I rebuilt my R 10 overdrive I got all my parts from Northwest Transmission.
  4. I soldered a diode across the points of my P-15 clock to prevent arcing. It ran well for years and was still running when I sold it. I saw the diode trick in an article in the P-15 Driver newsletter that was available years ago.
  5. Looks like you're in good shape for cruising this summer.
  6. Merry Christmas to all and may you have a Happy New Year!
  7. Is the pressure relief hole in the bottom of the reservoir clear? If that's plugged one or more of the wheel cylinders may not release.
  8. I was working on the brakes on a 1931 Chrysler CM6 last spring. We honed the original master cylinder and put in a kit. We still need to pull the drums to check wheel cylinders and drums.
  9. I always use A Testors paint pen. It's a felt pen with enamel paint in it. They are sold at most hobby stores. Just fill in where you want paint and have a Q-tip or rag with solvent on it to clean up the edges.
  10. The overdrive on the 48 coupe used to give me an average 21.7 mpg.
  11. Mary and I plan on being there from Tuesday to Saturday. Looks like some nice tours. JohnS
  12. Go to the resources at the top of this page and open reference info on the drop down menu. There is a list of bulb numbers.
  13. I'll see you in Michigan. I just sent my registration in.
  14. Sorry to hear about your P-15 Bob. But the Barracuda will be a lot of fun. I sold my P-15 club coupe and drive a 1965 Barracuda with a slant six automatic. We drove it from Michigan to California on Route 66 in 2016. Maybe I'll see you on A bodies only or the early Valiant Barracuda site. You can also join the Plymouth BarracudaCuda Owners Club.
  15. My dad always said the roll down window was so you could pass beer to your friend in the rumble seat.
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