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  1. Fiddy B2C

    Motorola 802 radio, any good?

    Does it work? Pictures sir, please post pictures!
  2. Fiddy B2C

    Coffee cup holders

    I like this, does it attach to the seat or does it just sit there?
  3. Fiddy B2C

    Scare of my life.

    Hahaha, any more precision parking exercises like that and my heart is going to give out....
  4. Fiddy B2C

    Scare of my life.

    Please post the results of this hard stop testing. I have read several places that identify that the rear brakes tend to lock up when even, hard stopping is applied. During “non oh crap stopping,” the truck stops clean and in a straight line. I’d like to hear how your truck handles.
  5. Fiddy B2C

    Scare of my life.

    The front did not lock up, but when the rear did, I eased up on the brakes and steered to clear the car in front of me...and mind you, when I stopped, there was a 6” curb about 2” from my right tires, and the other vehicle was about 4” from my left fenders...
  6. Fiddy B2C

    Scare of my life.

    Thanks for the advice folks. I have inspected and adjusted the brakes, and mechresto, I agree that these beasts were designed with load in mind. Driving the truck at 25 mph and standing on the brakes, she stops in a straight line, but the rear locks up, which stands to reason there is no load. My solution to this problem...get a friggin cup holder and pay more attention...
  7. Fiddy B2C

    Scare of my life.

    I took ole Fiddy out the other day just to knock around in the cold and heat the old girl up. Driving along, I drop my cup and am bending over to retrieve it, and when I look up, there is a car stopped in the middle of my lane. I’ve got about 25 ft to stop while going 40 mph. So I hit the brakes, the back locks up and I’m thinking, wow I probably should have installed seat belts at some point... Without panicking, I swerved to the right in the shoulder of the road and came to a stop right next to the car...a Fiat... if I would have hit her, there would be nothing left of that car, but worse yet, it would have scratched the paint on ole Fiddy’s bumper. Anyway, I need to do something about the rear end locking up and I’m thinking a proportioning valve is the way to go? What are your thoughts on this and are there any recommendations where to find one that would work with an original set up brake system?
  8. Fiddy B2C

    A place for the spare

    So I have a new wheel and I’m getting a tire for it. I’d like to mount it on the passenger side, but I need some pictures of the mounting bracket that you guys have. Can y’all post some of those pics, or if you have a mount you wouldn’t mind parting with...pm me. Thanks!
  9. Fiddy B2C

    Sorting out the seats

    Merle, this explains everything. I like the hook attachment system without the loops. It looks like my truck has older seats than what originally came with it. The more I dig into this truck, the more I realize it was a pieced together truck.
  10. Fiddy B2C

    Sorting out the seats

    Really! There is nothing on my frame. Are these welded on? And this begs the question...what fool would remove them?
  11. OK, I've been trying to figure out my seats. I sit on the left, and the right side comes up, and vice versa. There must be a way that the back is anchored to the frame. The bottom fits in the pins in the track, and a piece of metal with the hook that is attached to the bottom of the back cushion fits into a hole in some metal on the bottom seat, but there must be some kind of way that the back is attached to the frame? Right? There are a couple of brackets on the back of the seat that go to absolutely nothing on the seat frame (see pictures below). So what am I missing here? What are these brackets for? I assume there is supposed to be something on the frame they attach to? Could someone send me some pics on what is really supposed to be there? Thanks!
  12. Fiddy B2C

    Interior panels

    Does anyone know if templates exist for the door, kick, or any other of the interior panels on a 50 B series? My truck's got nothing but bare metal, and I've done some upholstery work in the past, I'd like to try making some panels. Are there templates somewhere?
  13. Fiddy B2C

    A place for the spare

    Nice pics, thanks. So if you are unfortunate enough to have a flat, you will be on your back in the rain/mud/snow/gravel or at best pavement loosening the wing nuts to retrieve the spare. Because you know, flats never happen on a nice day. I'm not sold on the underneath location, however it is original to the truck. Eh, I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.
  14. Fiddy B2C

    A place for the spare

    Dang, now that there is a sharp looking truck! I'm thinking passenger side as well.
  15. Fiddy B2C

    Update on Fiddy

    I would like to restore to 100% eventually, but she has a 1952 T310 230 engine with dual carbs and a dual exhaust already. They are period correct I suppose, but Fiddy will never be like she came from the factory. For right now, I'll save some money and put the marine grade ply in to get her structurally sound and then think of changing it out when I have the time and cash to support better lumber. So I'm thinking Mar-K will be getting my business as well.