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  1. Sorting out the seats

    Merle, this explains everything. I like the hook attachment system without the loops. It looks like my truck has older seats than what originally came with it. The more I dig into this truck, the more I realize it was a pieced together truck.
  2. Sorting out the seats

    Really! There is nothing on my frame. Are these welded on? And this begs the question...what fool would remove them?
  3. OK, I've been trying to figure out my seats. I sit on the left, and the right side comes up, and vice versa. There must be a way that the back is anchored to the frame. The bottom fits in the pins in the track, and a piece of metal with the hook that is attached to the bottom of the back cushion fits into a hole in some metal on the bottom seat, but there must be some kind of way that the back is attached to the frame? Right? There are a couple of brackets on the back of the seat that go to absolutely nothing on the seat frame (see pictures below). So what am I missing here? What are these brackets for? I assume there is supposed to be something on the frame they attach to? Could someone send me some pics on what is really supposed to be there? Thanks!
  4. Interior panels

    Does anyone know if templates exist for the door, kick, or any other of the interior panels on a 50 B series? My truck's got nothing but bare metal, and I've done some upholstery work in the past, I'd like to try making some panels. Are there templates somewhere?
  5. A place for the spare

    Nice pics, thanks. So if you are unfortunate enough to have a flat, you will be on your back in the rain/mud/snow/gravel or at best pavement loosening the wing nuts to retrieve the spare. Because you know, flats never happen on a nice day. I'm not sold on the underneath location, however it is original to the truck. Eh, I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.
  6. A place for the spare

    Dang, now that there is a sharp looking truck! I'm thinking passenger side as well.
  7. Update on Fiddy

    I would like to restore to 100% eventually, but she has a 1952 T310 230 engine with dual carbs and a dual exhaust already. They are period correct I suppose, but Fiddy will never be like she came from the factory. For right now, I'll save some money and put the marine grade ply in to get her structurally sound and then think of changing it out when I have the time and cash to support better lumber. So I'm thinking Mar-K will be getting my business as well.
  8. Update on Fiddy

    Since you say only Midwest Military, I'm assuming the strips from Horkey's aren't right either?
  9. I'm trying to decide where to put the spare tire? Right now it's in the bed, but I have seen some photos of it mounted on the side of the bed. Any suggestions? If on the bed, which side?
  10. Update on Fiddy

    Man, I love my truck, and this forum ain't bad either! Fiddy was leakin antifreeze and gettin hot intermittently. Flushed her out, changed the thermostat and the cap, and she's running like a top. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that the rear carb (She has dual single barrels on an Offenhauser intake) was leaking. Kind of bleeding down the side of the carb, and I was worried about the fire thing so I decided it was time to rebuild them. The rear is a DTC-1 and the front is a DTE-2, but the same kit works for both. I got the kit from Mike's carbs (very nice folks) they wanted $36 bucks each for the rebuild kits, but since I ordered 2, along with a 20% military discount (retired Navy), they both ended up costing $40, shipping included! A great deal in my estimation! I've never rebuilt a Carter carb, so I thought I'd do one at a time and started with the DTC. Everything went fine, set it to factory bench settings and put it back together and then put it on. Took the DTE off and took it apart. The 2 ball, Ball and Ball carb turned out to be a 4 ball, as the previous rebuilder must have had extras and decided to put them in at random. A small ball was where the big ball was supposed to be and the big ball was at the base of the main tube... Anyway, I straightened that out then noticed that the accelerator pump spring was about 3/4 of an inch longer than what was on the DTC. I called Mike and he sent me a new one for each carb and since there was an extra bowl gasket with the kit, I could take the DTC bowl cover off and replace that one with no hiccups. Got the parts in 2 days, from the northwest corner of the US to the SW corner of the US...in 2 days, with no extra shipping costs! Anyway, got both fixed up and back on. Fired her up and dialed her in. She runs like a top! So I took her to work yesterday and she ran great, but a Florida monsoon hit in the evening on the way home and the wipers were inoperable. I found a YouTube video saying the spec sheet for lubricating these motors was to use brake fluid or some other light oil, then I saw a couple of posts here recommending to just disconnect the vacuum line at the intake and pour the oil down the tube while moving the wipers back and forth. So being the lazy guy that I am, I tried it and thought - there is no way this will work, it's too easy. I moved the wipers back and forth, then hooked the vacuum line back up, turned the wipers on and could not believe my eyes. Those dang wipers move so fast and smooth across the windshield that I thought they were going to fly off the posts! All in all, I must say, this truck is just a pleasure to work on. Next up, a completely new bed. This is a functioning work truck so I figure I'll get some marine grade plywood, cut it and paint it black, and get some regular steel strips and paint them black as well. Right now there is just a piece of 1/2 inch ply in there over the original bed...or what's left of the original bed. Look out Mar K, here I come, I hope you are as accommodating as Mike's Carbs was. Sorry for the length of the post here, I got a little carried away.
  11. Lets see pic of your trucks

    My baby. This is Fiddy. I had a 2005 Harley FatBoy, her name was Fatty.
  12. Cooling troubles, need help

    Nice to know it's of that age. now for the cap. I'm thinking I should replace the current one with an original style non-pressure cap. Any NAPA part numbers out there that would work?
  13. Cooling troubles, need help

    So do you think this is the original 1950 radiator, since it has been superseded by another part number?
  14. Cooling troubles, need help

    Ok, here are some pix, and from earlier posts, it looks to be an original. It has the honeycomb core as well. The only question I have at this point is with the cap. It looks to be a pressure cap, maybe it isn't original?
  15. Cooling troubles, need help

    Thanks, I'll take some pix tomorrow and post them.