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  1. B1Dallen

    Suggestions for 6x7.5 lug pattern

    Thanks for all the suggestions. Hopefully I'll have some luck with the truck centers. There are quite a few of them along I35.
  2. B1Dallen

    Suggestions for 6x7.5 lug pattern

    Thanks, maybe the proper terminology will help when I call around. The lock ring has a split in it so I assumed it was a split ring.
  3. I finally got my 1948 B1D moved from my parents house to mine. The tires are literally falling apart. Thank goodness for the tubes still holding air or it would have been hard getting it on a trailer. So first I really want to get some cheap tires on it so I can move out of the way sometimes. But it is proving to be a challenge here in Waco TX. Only one tire shop has said they think they are willing to put a tire on a split ring rim, but they didn't sound very positive. I have no experience at all putting tires on wheels so i'm not willing to take the risk either. It would be nice if i could take it to any old shop, so I started looking around for newer wheels. But now the problem is that the lug bolt pattern is bigger than anything I have found on the internet. Mine has 6 lugs on a 7.5 inch diameter. the closest i have seen in a modern wheel is 6x6.5. Has anyone else found this to be a problem? If so, what did you end up doing? It isn't such a big deal if at least one shop is willing to put tires on these wheels, but I am thinking down the road when they finally stop doing split rings I will be back in the same boat again.

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