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  1. Hesitation woes continue

    Is it surging or hesitating?
  2. Electronic distributor

    Pertronix is very simple and quick to replace back to points. Shouldn't take no more than 10 minutes. So just keep your old points in the trunk/boot in case of the pertronix failure.
  3. 1955 plymouth V8 does not start when hot

    Have you checked your generator/alternator, it may not be supplying enough charge to your battery enough while running.
  4. Fuel Gauge Voltage

    To test the new sender unit, pull it out of the tank, connect your ohm meter on its terminal and its case (ground). Now move the float up and down to see if the resistance value changes with the movement. It should have an approximate range of 10-100ohm, but could be less or more . The sender unit is just a simple varying resistor. If its consistent and smooth then your problem lies else where. Your 3.7 volts seems too low at the sender, I would have thought that there shouldn't be that much voltage drop from before and after the fuel gauge.
  5. Grease..........is the word.

    You blokes need to invest in an older Mopar, none of that new stuff that you have. Its a lot easier on my '28...:)
  6. Just use the 4psi pump attached close to the fuel tank with an inline fuse.
  7. 4psi Will it be used full time or just as a primer? If its full time then a regulator would be a good idea as well.
  8. This is the 2 piece lifter;
  9. OK, mystery solved. The lifter rack is removed by screwing in a bolt into the spacer/towel that holds up the rack on the side of the block and pulling this spacer out. And also, the lifters are 2 piece units. Can you spot the broken one?
  10. That means I need to use logic, in the words of the sage Homer - DOH!
  11. I will have another look today, hopefully its only some sludge or debris that is stopping it from going lower. But it feels a bit too high to be just sludge because the side of the cam journal is making contact with the side of the lifter head, not the face of the lifter. Regarding the removing the rack with all the lifters together, no such luck because the lifters protrudes up into the block ie, the block is cast around the pairs of lifters. So pulling the rack side ways causes the lifter heads to make contact with the side of the block.
  12. Sorry, I've used the wrong term. The cam journal is making contact with the lifter when the cam is pulled forward. So the lifter in its lowest position (the block is upside down) is not clearing the journal of the cam.
  13. I prefer to think more of it as 'character' building....
  14. Well, another mystery. Its either a 2 piece follower/lifter or its broken. It does feel like they integrate together. This one that has dropped is not the offending one, its the one just forward of it. While I was removing lock nut and bolt, it started to come apart from the 'head' of the lifter. It will re-attach by pushing it back up and twisting. It doesn't seem to be a full length of thread though. I cannot seem to de-attached any of the others because I cannot get enough grip with my finger and thumb over and around the cam to hold on the head of the lifter to twist apart. I'm guessing that the lifter that is fouling the cam (bearing) journal is sitting a little high and hence catching the cam (bearing) journal. Its a catch 22 situation. I cant remove the cam because the lifter is in the way and I cant remove the lifters because the cam is in the way... Any suggestions?
  15. Ok, mystery solved not but the problem. I don't know why, but it seems like the 2 inner cam (bearings) journals are fouling on the 2 followers forward of them. When I spin the cam when its in the most forward position by 5mm it will spin the follower. How could this be? Surely all the followers when in the lower position (when upside down) should clear the cam (bearings) journals when its being pulled forward out?