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  1. maok

    starter slipping

    Check the ring gear on the flywheel for damage.
  2. To be constructive and not negative, whatever your budget is, double it, and whatever your time frame is, triple it. That time and money is being robbed from your family from enjoying it the way it is, IMHO.
  3. maok

    How to change your oil

    @Don Coatney can you please elaborate further on this, I have never been able to not drop it in the pan.....lol
  4. maok

    6vdc fan motor to 12vdc

    I can assure you, the locals have no idea how to go around one either...lol
  5. maok

    Electronic ignition again

    I have run Pertronix In my '28 for a couple years with no issues and I do wedding gigs most weekends, so reliability is very important to me. I do keep the points and condenser in the trunk just in case, it's a 10 minute swap back. Yes, having the correct ohm coil is important according to Pertronix.
  6. maok

    6vdc fan motor to 12vdc

    Good luck passing a BW like that Don....:)
  7. maok

    Water pump grease?

    I used Penrite water pump grease in my '28 but I cannot find it on their website. Someone on another forum mention that it was discontinued...☹️
  8. maok

    48 Chrysler New Yorker starting issue

    You could also just spray some 'start ya bastard' down the carb.
  9. maok

    218 Timing Issues

    It sounds to me like you just need to advance or retard the distributor to make it run properly.
  10. maok

    218 Timing Issues

    You really need to examine the breaker points and see why they are not opening with the distributor cam lobe, it may not be installed correctly. Also, your coil will get hot if the points do not open at all. As Don implied, there will be no spark if the points do not open at all. Any pics of the points?
  11. maok

    Amp meter on 39 Desoto not working

    Most likely the generator or regulator not supplying any power to the battery. Does the amp meter needle sit steady on the discharge side? Say at about 7-10amps?
  12. Question is, why would you need to or want to?
  13. You need two resistors connected in SERIES and tap from the centre connection of the resistors to drop the voltage of the 12 volt supply to 6 volts.
  14. The wiper motor probably draws up to 5 amps (just a guess here) depending on how smooth the mechanical action is and the resistance from the wiper blade on the screen. The little hotrod style wiper on my '28 screen only draws 2 amps. You would need a resistor/s that is fairly large in its power dissipation (wattage). The one pictured in post #4 would be more than capable, being 55 watts.
  15. maok

    Need help , Engine misses / stumbles

    Try it with the vacuum advance dis-connected. Block the hose coming from the manifold.

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