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  1. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    We haven't won a drag race at Willowbank Raceway as yet, but with a pertronix module in the delco remy and fresh Firestones in the rear, we now have our max. MPH up to 39mph....:)
  2. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    It looks very 'loved' considering how long you have had it for, and how much you have driven it. Its a credit to you Andy.
  3. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    Ok, I will be the first to post a REAL vintage mopar. Driven every weekend for weddings and art deco tours.
  4. 1950 Distributor on a 1948 P15

    You seem to have a screw loose/missing...:)
  5. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    It would be wise for Scott to do a list and the cost of all the required parts need to do the swap.
  6. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    It adds up very fast, even when one does all of the labor.
  7. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    Will the steering work? Pedal assembly? Hand/emergency brake? And how long will it take?
  8. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    So $500 for the 318/904, how much do you have for the rest of the conversion? $2000, $4000?
  9. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    The only relevance the recent above comments have to the topic is that you blokes are anticipating that this will be the domestic situation of the OP when he commence his engine swap...:)
  10. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    How much are you budgeting for this swap?
  11. 218 engine upgrade questions

    I also did the Pertronix conversion on my '28 Chrysler even though there wasn't a kit available for my 631 delco distributor. Very simple to do and only a keen eye would only notice that its inside the distributor. One regret, I should have done the Pertronix II module. Now I can get to 32mph down hills...:)
  12. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    Th 1949 Busy Coupe update thread will be a good indicator of the time and effort required to doing the swap. It took 3 years.
  13. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    Don't get me wrong, I have no issues with people modifying their cars, after all it's their car to do what they like. But @Pushrod Scott mentioned that his budget was limited (probably not as limited as mine), and he didn't want his car to sit around accumulating rust. So my comments were about doing it at a budget and a reasonable time frame. IMHO, best option would be a good running flat head for that car. Finding one might take upto 12 months, but once you find one, its a weekend swap over. What would a good running flathead cost, $1k? What would it cost to do the SBC & TH350 swap? $2k? $4k? And if you are doing it yourself with limited experience, how long would it take?
  14. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    @Wiggo Maybe you could list all the required work that has been done to yours to make the SBC&th350 work on your car. This will give Scott some idea of what is required for the swap.
  15. 218 engine upgrade questions

    But use - Pertronix