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  1. maok

    Misses at higher RPM

    Why not run the Pertronix and keep the points&condensor in the trunk. If the Pertronix fails, you will be running in minutes...:)
  2. maok

    Why? Or why not?

    LS1 😯 Here is a link to the ad https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/waterford-west/miscellaneous-goods/trike-harley-for-sale/1184715173
  3. maok

    Why? Or why not?

    Yes, its one of a kind. But why? It's for sale in our version of craigslist - gumtree.com.au
  4. maok

    Misses at higher RPM

    Don't just adjust the points to spec, check the dwell angle is actually correct.
  5. maok

    Part #s for preferred 12v condenser

    If your concerned about the Pertronix module failing, which I am sure it can, they do seem to be very reliable, I have had one in my '28 Chrysler for well over 12 months, I do one, two or three weddings almost every weekend, so reliability is very important to me as well, you can keep the points and condensor in the boot/trunk for a quick roadside change. Seriously, its a ten minute change back to points. Great thing about the Pertronix module is, it keeps your dwell angle perfect all the time, set and forget.
  6. maok

    Part #s for preferred 12v condenser

    Why not just put a Pertronix module in the distributor, you wont have to worry about a condensor or points.
  7. maok

    Help with wiring a electric fuel pump

    It doesn't matter if the fuse is before or after, as long you have correct size fuse - 5 amp fuse should do the trick.
  8. maok

    My first classic

    This site only allows maximum of 3mb pics, I use Photoscape to reduce pics to size.
  9. maok

    6 volt battery 1947 Plymouth business coupe

    Attach a battery charger on it for a few days to see how it goes. Often fairly new batteries will recover. Our old cars don't do much for the battery life, especially if you leave it not running for a long time and the voltage regulators from the generator are not the best at keeping them charged well. I usual expect about 5 years from my a battery in a modern car.
  10. maok

    1/4" or 3/16" Brake Line?

    The volume of fluid that moves is based on the displacement in the master cylinder, nothing to do with the lines. The lines, regardless of the size will always be full of fluid. Unless there is air in there IMO.
  11. maok

    So whattya think of this--P18 with a /6

    I agree with your assessment 100%. Lack of good taste and judgment IHMO. Where did that steering wheel come from?
  12. maok

    Engine back finally

    Tell me about it. My Babbitt bearing pour alone is costing nearly $2400...:( I don't think I will get much change from $7k for the total build.
  13. Do you have a DMM (digital multimeter or an analog) or a test light? If not, go out and buy one (cheap as chips), its a great diagnostic tool.
  14. Thanks Andy for the lead. Which ever way I go it will still cost some $$$$....
  15. Yeah mate it is a lot. You should have seen my face when I did the grade 4 math. The problem is finding some on who can do it and has done it to an early Chrysler engine bearings. I have sent out a few messages to various vintage car clubs but no responses so far. Its a very slow process unfortunately. The bearings will take another 3 months or so and then I probably wont have an opportunity to do the engine swap until later this year. But yes, I will update this thread. The later 265 engine does not mount at the front like the early 65 or the 75 engines. If the 75 engine is all done then that would be a very good swap into your 65 series.

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