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  1. You need two resistors connected in SERIES and tap from the centre connection of the resistors to drop the voltage of the 12 volt supply to 6 volts.
  2. The wiper motor probably draws up to 5 amps (just a guess here) depending on how smooth the mechanical action is and the resistance from the wiper blade on the screen. The little hotrod style wiper on my '28 screen only draws 2 amps. You would need a resistor/s that is fairly large in its power dissipation (wattage). The one pictured in post #4 would be more than capable, being 55 watts.
  3. maok

    Need help , Engine misses / stumbles

    Try it with the vacuum advance dis-connected. Block the hose coming from the manifold.
  4. maok

    48 Plymouth flathead starting problems

    If your starter is turning very slowly, check your battery and all your cable connections.
  5. Hopefully I will have some more updates soon'ish...😟
  6. maok

    Chrome alternative

    WoW! If that is true, that is absolutely remarkable.
  7. maok

    Door hinge and hinge pin request

    Have a helper lift the door so the weight is released from the hinge. Then tap the pin out with a punch.
  8. WoW! Love the colour. Is it a series 60 or 62? If its a 60 then it would be a 1926/27 model. We would love to see more pics. Regarding the fan, this bloke maybe able to help - Jay Astheimer astheimer@ptd.net 610-863-6955 He apparently has lots of pre'30 Chrysler parts.
  9. Thanks Andy, I have as much hair as the great HOMER from trying to figure out the angles and the pulley alignment. I have had it idling for a few minutes now and the fan belt seems to be relatively aligned, there is no heat in it from mis-alignment, but the real test will be when I drive it at speed. I haven't connected the alternator electrically as yet, fingers crossed that it is not a DOA.
  10. Here are some pics from my conversion' A flat seat secured by two sump bolts and flush with the small base on the block. Stepped bush was made to fit into the 3/4" hole for a bolt. The base bracket for the universal adaptor that came with the alternator. Unfortunately with this universal bracket the slots were not aligned and would not bolt up straight, so we had to make adjustments to it. Top adjusting bracket from an old truck according to the bloke from the wrecking yard.
  11. maok

    6V Battery Cables

    I agree Plymouthy, I understand what you did. The other thing to consider is, what will the current draw be if the starter was not connect to the engine, ie the starter was free spinning on a bench? Very little. So for any given engine, it will be somewhere in between these figures. The question is, on the same engine and same starter motor, will there be less, same, or more current draw with 12 volt battery compared to a 6 volt battery? I say its the about similar (actually probably little more because of the extra friction generated) due to the starter spinning about twice the speed and hence twice the power consumed from the 12 volt battery. Unfortunately I don't have a 6 volt battery to test with my '28 Chrysler that has a 6 volt starter but is starting and running on a 12 volt battery, so I cant do the test. Post #14 shows actual figures from a reasonably fair test that was performed by a member of the AACA.
  12. maok

    6V Battery Cables

    Plymouthy, what you are referring to is when the starter motor CANNOT turn the engine over at all, which is the stall of the starter motor. We know that the starter will turn the engine over, and so, the simple ohms law doesn't work. If it was the case, then you would need larger cables for 12 volts and smaller for 6 volts.
  13. maok

    6V Battery Cables

    Thank you for the more technical explanation. So, will it draw less current when 12 volt battery is applied to a 6 volt starter motor than 6 volt battery is applied? Or will it be about the same?
  14. maok

    Electronic ignition

    Great thing about the Pertronix conversion is that if it does fail, you can swap back to points on the side of the road within minutes. No need to keep a spare distributor in the trunk.
  15. maok

    Electronic ignition

    Nothing wrong with the Pertronix modules, very simple to install and has worked well so far for me IMO. I installed one in my '28 Chrysler where there wasn't one available for it specifically. Just get the right voltage (12v/6v, +ve/-ve ground) and a lobe sensing version, remove the the module off the plate it comes with and screw it onto your breaker plate.

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