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  1. So, COTM (Chrysler on the Murray) next year?
  2. I cant recall when Chrysler went to all steel construction maybe 33-34, but this 77 is a timber construction with a steel veneer outer sedan body. The 77 with the "Pennon" type hood is my favourite model of all time, the art deco interior makes one feel like a gatsby.
  3. There must be two versions of the 77, I always thought that the hood sides had a different style of grilling to what you have pictured above.
  4. Vintage Power Wagons have quality period style of used by-pass oil filter housing and elements at very reasonable pricing. It wont hurt to install an oil filter.
  5. What is your oil level in the gearbox?
  6. It's not hard to swap the housing bodies over, the most difficult part is removing the field coil screws, the large screws in the housing.
  7. So he drove them one too many times? surely he would have learnt after the first two times.
  8. Just before a rod goes through the side of the block....🙄
  9. If you look at the timing gears, the Cam gear has twice the gears than the crank gear. So the crank gear turns two times for one turn of the Cam gear. Hence 720
  10. Does the crank have two key ways? One for the gear and one for the fan belt pulley?
  11. I'd say that crank gear is stuck tight without being keyed, and the dots probably line up reasonable well if the crank gear was positioned correctly. Pure luck.
  12. Doesn't look good at all. Pull it apart, start again.
  13. I had a similar issue on my '28, but this was a constant discharge of about 10amps. It would only happen when the lights were switched on. After disconnecting each light plug one after the other, the left front headlight was where the short was. The parking light socket and its spring were rusted and shorting on the power wire. Be systematic with your diagnosis, otherwise it will test your character and soul.
  14. Well, seeing as your lights are flicking, if it was me, I would start with the lights and its circuit. I would check, Light globes (front and rear), their sockets and connections, Wiring to the lights, Light switch and dimmer, if it has one. The amp meter showing a discharge indicates there is a short somewhere.
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